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Shakira, the internationally acclaimed pop star and philanthropist, is not only known for her catchy songs and stellar performances but also for her role as a mother. Fans and followers often ask – how many kids does Shakira have?

Shakira: A Devoted Mother of Two

Shakira is a proud mother of two sons. She shares her children with Spanish professional footballer Gerard Piqué. The couple welcomed their first son, Milan Piqué Mebarak, in 2013 and their second son, Sasha Piqué Mebarak, in 2015.

Shakira and Her Family Life

Shakira has often spoken about the joy of motherhood and her commitment to her family. Despite her demanding career, she always ensures that her children’s needs are prioritized. This focus on family showcases Shakira’s dedication not only to her art but also to her role as a mother.


How many kids does Shakira have?

Shakira has two children, both sons, named Milan and Sasha.

Who is the father of Shakira’s children?

The father of Shakira’s children is Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué.

When were Shakira’s children born?

Shakira’s eldest son, Milan, was born in 2013, and her youngest son, Sasha, was born in 2015.

Who is Shakira?

Shakira is a world-renowned Colombian singer, songwriter, dancer, and philanthropist known for her versatile musical style and belly dancing abilities.

Where does Shakira’s family live?

As per the latest information, Shakira and her family reside in Barcelona, Spain.

How does Shakira balance her career and motherhood?

Shakira has often talked about prioritizing her family life. Despite her demanding career, she ensures her children’s needs are met.

What is Shakira most known for?

Shakira is known for her hits like ‘Whenever, Wherever’, ‘Hips Don’t Lie’, and ‘Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)’. She’s also recognized for her philanthropic work through her Pies Descalzos Foundation.

Has Shakira’s family influenced her music?

Yes, Shakira has stated in interviews that her family and motherhood have profoundly influenced her music and songwriting process.

Does Shakira have any daughters?

No, Shakira does not have any daughters. She has two sons.

What languages do Shakira’s children speak?

Shakira’s children are being raised multilingual and are known to speak Spanish, English, and Catalan.

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