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Trae tha Truth, born Frazier Othel Thompson III, is an influential American rap artist hailing from Houston, Texas. With his raw, southern sound and lyrics portraying street life, Trae has built a dedicated fanbase and left an indelible mark on Houston’s local hip hop scene.

Introduction Paragraph

Trae got his start by selling mixtapes as a teenager in Houston’s northside neighborhood. His gritty lyrics about violence and crime quickly attracted attention, and he began collaborating with regional artists like Z-Ro and Paul Wall. Releasing a steady stream of mixtapes throughout the 2000s and 2010s, Trae built up a catalog of over 20 mixtapes portraying the daily struggles of Houston’s streets. His honest and uncompromising lyricism accurately represents his life experiences of poverty, injustice, and violence in Houston.

While staying true to his roots, Trae has shown a noble side by organizing relief efforts and community activism. After Houston was devastated by Hurricane Harvey in 2017, Trae coordinated disaster relief fundraising and rebuilt damaged homes. His philanthropic Trae tha Truth Foundation provides school supplies, hosts food drives for the homeless, and runs programs for at-risk youth.


Trae’s first album of original solo material, ‘Losin Composure’, was released in 2003. This album introduced the wider Houston scene to Trae’s perspective from the streets alongside features with fellow local rappers like Z-Ro.

His next albums ‘Life Goes On’ (2005) and ‘Restless’ (2006) further cemented Trae’s Houston street sound. Songs like “Swang” featuring Dougie D, Big Pokey, Paul Wall, and Lil’ Flip brought the emerging chopped and screwed sound to prominence. Trae continued to represent Houston in albums like ‘The Beginning’ (2008), ‘Street King’ (2009) and ‘Drankin’ and Drivin’’ (2013).

In 2015 Trae released the collaborative album ‘Against the Grain’ with longtime friend Dougie Do. This album was accompanied by an important community initiative called “Feed Tha Homeless” highlighting the ongoing struggle with poverty and hunger faced by many of Houston’s vulnerable citizens.

Most recently Trae has released ‘Exhale’ (2017) and ‘The Truth Pt. 3’ (2018), maintaining his signature Houston sound and streetwise lyricism that fans identify him with.

Throughout his catalog Trae has collaborated on over 300 songs with other notable Houston rappers such as Bun B, Scarface, Slim Thug, and more.


Trae’s music falls into the hip hop subgenres of southern rap, gangsta rap, and chopped and screwed. Drawing influence from Houston’s diverse hip hop community, his sound incorporates the chopped/screwed production style alongside hard-hitting bass rhythms and uncompromising lyrics examining street life.

While labeled a “gangsta rapper”, Trae strives to portray the reality of Houston’s streets rather than glorifying negativity – focusing on shining light on injustice and giving back to his community.


In additional to rapping, songwriting and performing, Trae has expanded his community involvement and philanthropic work in recent years.

After losing his house during Hurricane Harvey in 2017, Trae converted his misfortune into further motivation to help others. Expanding his longtime Trae tha Truth Foundation, he helped rebuild 20 homes destroyed in the floods and delivered relief items across the city.

The Trae Tha Truth Foundation continues to impact Houston communities through homeless drives, backpack giveaways, providing supplies to area schools and shoes for students. His annual Thanksgiving Super Feast has fed over 30,000 families in Houston.

In Summer 2020 at the height of the Black Lives Matter movement Trae led a peaceful march from Discovery Green park to Houston’s City Hall protesting police brutality and seeking meaningful legislation reform. His initiative brought together over 60,000 Houstonians as a force for positive change.


Trae signed his first recording contract with Houston based record label Divided Souls Entertainmen in 2002. This local label released his earliest albums ‘Losing Composure’, ‘Can’t Ban Tha Truth’, and ‘Same Thing Different Day’.

In 2005 he signed a deal with Rap-A-Lot Records, the influential Houston label founded by J Prince – known for Gangsta rap icons like the Geto Boys. Rap-A-Lot re-released his album ‘Life Goes On’, helping expand his growing fanbase.

Trae has since gone fully independent with his own ABN Entertainment record label founded in 2008. Distribution deals with Fontana/Universal have enabled him to reach wider audiences while retaining full creative control and ownership over his music and brand.

Staying fiercely independent for over a decade, Trae maintains integrity through his music not beholden to any major record labels. Fans recognize and respect his commitment to honest, streetwise rap.

Personal Life

Trae was born Frazier Thompson III in Houston’s Third Ward on July 3, 1980 making him currently 43 years old as of 2023.

He faced tragedy at age 19 when his girlfriend Zabora was killed in crossfire, setting his life down a destructive path seeking street justice documented in early songs like “6 Years” and “Still Watching”.

While Trae has endured unspeakable violence and tragedy in his younger years, recent years have shown him giving back to Houston as a community leader and humanitarian.

Trae has 4 children – 3 sons named Drayden, Layden and Noah and one daughter named Raylie. While fiercely protective of his family, Trae aims to break destructive community cycles by providing for Houston’s youth.

There is no confirmation publicly on Trae’s current relationship status. However his music and nonprofit ventures focus on helping Houston communities – seemingly the core priority in his life.

Net Worth

While figures vary, most outlets estimate Trae tha Truth’s current net worth at approximately $2 million. His assets come from his decades long rap career including independent album sales, performance fees, YouTube revenue, and more recently his fashion retail endeavors.

In 2013, Trae launched his “ABN” clothing line “loyalty over royalty” apparel – sold in local Houston stores and online. Expanding the brand allows Trae establish new income streams through retail sales.

Despite his rising fortune, Trae directs huge portions of personal income into his Trae tha Truth Foundation and community relief/youth programs. While passionate about obtaining wealth, he appears even more passionate about giving back.


While known for years locally in Houston hip hop circles, Trae’s popularity has grown exponentially in recent years driven by humanitarian efforts and community leadership.

His relief response during Houston’s 2017 Hurricane Harvey tragedy brought national attention and public praise from celebrities like Drake, Kim Kardashian, Chris Brown, T.I. and many more. Locally Trae is revered as a community hero using his platform to directly help struggling families.

In 2020, Trae’s visibility expanded again after organizing a historic Houston march of over 60,000 people protesting police brutality in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. On a national level, public leaders have taken note of Trae’s ability to channel Houstonans frustration into positive, powerful change.

Indicating his ever-growing fanbase – Trae’s Instagram boasts over 800,000 followers as of early 2023. Trae uses the account to promote new music, highlight his philanthropic efforts, support social justice movements nationwide, and provide inspiration to Houston youth.

Verified social media profiles:

Instagram – @traeabn – 815k followers
Twitter – @traeabn – 252k followers
Facebook – Trae tha Truth – 532k followers
YouTube Channel – Trae tha Truth – 247k subscribers

Famous Songs

Here are 5 of Trae tha Truth’s biggest tracks highlighting his signature Houston sound:

“Swang” (2005) – Chopped and screwed track featuring Dougie D, Big Pokey, Paul Wall & Lil’ Flip – Trae’s breakout single on Houston radio.

“I’m On (featuring Big Krit, Lupe Fiasco Jadakiss)” (2012) – Appeared on XXL Magazine’s 2012 Freshman Class mixtape

“Tricky” (2015) – Single from the ‘Against the Grain’ album featuring Houston legends Scarface & UGK’s Bun B.

“Try Me” Remix (2015) – High energy remix to Dej Loaf’s popular track cemented Trae as a Houston staple.

“In the VIP” (2022) – Recent club banger featuring Los Angeles rapper 2 Chainz and Trae holding down the Houston sound.

From early tracks like “Swang” to newer bangers like “In The VIP” – Trae tha Truth has established a reputation through honest lyrics, trendsetting production, and refusal to compromise his integrity.


While loyal to his roots portraying daily struggles in Houston, Trae ultimately strives to bring people together against injustice. Organizing relief drives, rebuilding homes, and feeding entire neighborhoods – Trae’s mission grows bigger than just music.

Fueled by personal tragedy and deep ties to Houston streets, his body of work gives an authentic glimpse into systemic inequality impacting communities nationwide. Trae won’t allow adversity make him bitter – instead he channels those experiences into creating positive change around him. After nearly 20 years dedicated to empowering others, Trae tha Truth’s says his movement continues to “go farther than far”.

Here are 5 FAQs related to Trae tha Truth:

1. Where is Trae tha Truth from?

Trae tha Truth hails from Houston, Texas specifically its northside neighborhood. Growing up in the city’s 5th Ward, Trae’s music authentically depicts the poverty, crime, police targeting, and street life in areas often neglected by society.

2. What record label is Trae tha Truth signed to?

While signed to Rap-A-Lot records from 2005-2008, Trae now releases music independently under his own ABN Entertainment imprint founded back in 2008. Distribution deals with Fontana allow Trae ownership and creative control over his entire catalog.

3. What happened with Trae tha Truth and Eminem?

In July 2022, Trae called out Eminem on Instagram for not making a statement addressing the police killing of unarmed Black males nationwide. He called Eminem’s silence “fake love” despite Eminem speaking out previously on racial injustice. The pair talked privately and Trae said they resolved misunderstandings – reaffirming Eminem as an ally.

4. Is Trae tha Truth married?

There are no public records indicating Trae has ever been married. While fiercely protective of his private life, it is known he has 4 children (3 sons named Drayden, Layden and Noah plus a daughter named Raylie). Information regarding Trae’s past or current relationships is not publicly available.

5. What charity work does Trae tha Truth do?

Through his Trae Tha Truth Foundation formed in 2011, the rapper has spearheaded enormous charitable community programs across Texas. This includes rebuilding homes post-Hurricane Harvey, food/clothing drives for struggling families, school supply giveaways, homeless assistance, and mentoring programs to invest in youth futures. In 2017 Trae’s relief support in Houston earned him a Billboard ChangeMaker Award for public service.