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Sada Baby, born Sa’D Muhammad on February 5, 1991, is an up-and-coming rapper making major waves out of Detroit, Michigan. With his distinct gravelly voice and unorthodox style, Sada Baby is creating his own lane in the rap game. This talented yet eccentric artist has caught the attention of hip-hop heads with popular tracks like “Whole Lotta Choppas” and “Bloxk Party.” Let’s take a closer look at Sada Baby’s background, discography, musical style, collaborations, and more.


Hailing from the McNichols and Gratiot area of Detroit, Sada Baby grew up in the midst of street life. He started taking music seriously around 2017, drawing influence from Detroit hip-hop legends like Blade Icewood and Doughboyz Cashout. Sada Baby is known for his witty wordplay, unique ad-libs, and an energetic delivery that commands attention. His subject matter touches on common themes like street life, hustling, women, and flexing his success. While his unpolished aesthetic may throw some people off initially, listeners are quickly drawn in by his charismatic presence and knack for crafting catchy hooks. Sada Baby has created a distinctive sound that relies on his gravelly vocal tones and dynamic flows. With two studio albums and a prolific output of singles and guest verses under his belt, Sada Baby is poised to become the next big thing out of the Motor City.


Sada Baby’s debut album, Bartier Bounty, was released in 2017. The album contains his breakout track “Whole Lotta Choppas” featuring fellow Detroit rapper Icewear Vezzo. This single blew up locally and helped put Sada Baby on the map.

His sophomore album, Skuba Sada 2, dropped in February 2020. It features the popular tracks “Bloxk Party” and “Pressin.” Skuba Sada 2 peaked at number 183 on the Billboard 200 chart, demonstrating Sada Baby’s growing national popularity.

In addition to his studio albums, Sada Baby has released several mixtapes including Big Skuba (2019), Brolik (2020), and Vibez (2021). These mixtapes contain many of his hit singles, remixes, and freestyles.

Some of Sada Baby’s most popular tracks include:

“Whole Lotta Choppas” ft. Icewear Vezzo
“Bloxk Party”
“Big Skuba”
“Little While”
“Big Body Benz”
“Actin Up”
With his third studio album in the works, Sada Baby continues releasing new music at a prolific rate. Each release adds to his growing fanbase and industry buzz.

Musical Style & Influences

Sada Baby has an unorthodox style that combines elements of Detroit street rap with a charismatic persona. His voice is deep, gravelly, and punctuated by ad-libs like “skuba” and “sheesh.” He raps about typical hip-hop themes, but does so in his own unique and captivating way.

Sada Baby cites hometown heroes like Blade Icewood, Doughboyz Cashout, Big Meech, and Fraud Beacham as musical influences. His style also draws inspiration from Detroit hip-hop staples like playful punchlines, exuberant flows, and repetitive hooks. While his music reflects his city, Sada Baby stands out by adding his own flavor and qualities.

His goofy, almost cartoonish style gives his music an accessible appeal. Songs like “Whole Lotta Choppas” showcase clever lines combined with a catchy chorus. Much of his music feels more lighthearted compared to the darker tones of Chicago drill rap. However, Sada Baby still pays respect to his roots in the streets with songs examining hustling and survival.

Overall, Sada Baby has found success by taking Detroit rap traditions and making them entirely his own. His vocal delivery and knack for melody help his tracks get stuck in listeners’ heads. While some critics dismiss him as just another street rapper, his quirky aesthetic sets him apart from what’s typical in the scene.


In the early stages of his career, Sada Baby frequently collaborated with fellow Detroit artists like Icewear Vezzo, Peezy, and FMB DZ. These collaborations helped expand his local following and influence.

Once he went national, Sada Baby started working with prominent artists outside of Michigan. In 2020, he was featured on the Eminem track “Lock It Up,” which appeared on Em’s Music to Be Murdered By album. This collab was a huge stamp of approval and exposed Sada Baby to Shady Records’ massive fanbase.

Other major collaborations include:

“Slide” with Nicki Minaj
“Whole Lotta Choppas (Remix)” with Nicki Minaj
“Twitter Fingers” with Royce da 5’9″
“Pittsburgh” with Wiz Khalifa
“Whipski” with Tee Grizzley
“Big Bank” with Rich The Kid
Sada Baby has proven he can hang with both veteran and mainstream artists. These high-profile collabs demonstrate his ability to adapt his style effectively to complement different rappers. Given his growing popularity, we can expect more big collaborations from Sada Baby soon.

Performance & Tour History

As his notoriety expands, Sada Baby has started hitting the road and performing at concerts. He’s opened for artists like Lil Baby, Moneybagg Yo, and Stunna 4 Vegas. Sada Baby also brought his animated show overseas, doing shows across Europe in cities like London and Amsterdam.

Some notable performances include:

The Flint & Detroit Holiday Music Festival (2018)
Birthday Bash ATL (2019)
The Big Show ATL (2019)
Lil Baby & Friends Concert in Detroit (2019)
Shady Convention Europe Tour (2020)
Verzuz battle against Big Boss Vette (2021)
In 2022, Sada Baby is embarking on The Skuba Sada 2 Tour. He’ll be hitting major venues across the United States to perform new music from his latest album. The tour demonstrates his growing ability to sell out larger venues as a headlining act.

Sada Baby is praised for his energetic stage presence and ability to engage crowds. During shows he runs around stage, gets fans hyped with call-and-response chants, and provides an electrifying atmosphere. His live performance matches the intensity of his recorded music.

Personal Life

Beyond his music, little is known about Sada Baby’s personal life. However, a few details have emerged:

His real name is Sa’D Muhammad and he is Muslim.
He is from the Westside of Detroit.
In his early life, Sada Baby was a skilled basketball player.
He reportedly has four children.
Sada Baby has gotten into legal troubles due to weapons and assault charges. He served jail time earlier in his career.
Sada Baby has chosen to keep much of his personal life private. Given his dangerous upbringing and ties to the streets, this secrecy around his background is understandable. His private persona contrasts with the animated, goofy character shown through his music.

Net Worth

Sada Baby’s net worth is estimated between $700,000 – $1 million as of 2022. His net worth has steadily increased since 2017 as his music has reached a national audience.

He primarily makes money through music streaming royalties, show performance fees, YouTube monetization, merch sales, and other business ventures. For example, Sada Baby appeared in a 2020 McDonald’s commercial which likely earned him a large promotional fee.

If Sada Baby keeps dropping popular projects, touring, and expanding his brand, his net worth could rise significantly in the coming years. The trajectory of his career so far shows huge promise.

Why Sada Baby is Gaining Popularity

There are several key factors that explain Sada Baby’s rise in popularity:

Unique style: His distinctive gravelly voice, quirky ad-libs, witty bars, and animated flows create a captivating style unlike anything else in rap right now.
Catchy songs: Tracks like “Bloxk Party” and “Whole Lotta Choppas” get stuck in people’s heads thanks to Sada Baby’s melodic hooks and chanted lyrics.
Charisma: He has an eccentric, larger-than-life persona that captures attention and exudes star power.
Storytelling: Songs like “Little While” detail compelling stories about his come-up that audiences connect with.
Hometown hype: Coming from a respected regional scene, Detroit rap fans showed him love first before the rest of the world caught on.
Co-signs from veterans: Collaborations with Eminem, Nicki Minaj, and Royce da 5’9″ provided huge signals of his skill.
As Sada Baby stays working and perfecting his craft, his fanbase and respect in the industry continues to expand. The rap game needs original artists like him to push boundaries and grow. Remember the distinctive name — Sada Baby is poised to become ubiquitous in the near future.

Top 5 Sada Baby Songs

“Whole Lotta Choppas” – His breakout hit featuring Icewear Vezzo put Sada Baby in the spotlight. Its catchy hook, witty lyrics, and back-and-forth flow with Vezzo make it an upbeat street anthem.
“Bloxk Party” – This Skuba Sada 2 single helped push Sada Baby’s name into the mainstream. Its infectious melody and chorus made it an instant hit at parties and clubs.
“Big Skuba” – The title track from his 2019 mixtape has one of Sada Baby’s most dynamic flows. It highlights his signature ad-libs and charismatic delivery.
“Actin Up” – Sada Baby shows storytelling ability on this track about getting caught up with notoriety and money. Its moody beat suits the reflective lyrics.
“Little While” – This detailed narrative of his come-up in the streets helped Sada Baby breakthrough as an artist with substance and real experiences.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Sada Baby:

What is Sada Baby’s real name?

His real name is Sa’D Muhammad. Sada Baby is his stage name.

Where is Sada Baby from?

He is from the Westside of Detroit, Michigan. He grew up in the McNichols and Gratiot area specifically.

How did Sada Baby get discovered?

Sada Baby started gaining buzz around Detroit in 2017 after releasing his debut album Bartier Bounty and breakout single “Whole Lotta Choppas.” This local hype eventually expanded nationally.

Who has Sada Baby collaborated with?

Major collaborations include Nicki Minaj, Eminem, Royce da 5’9″, Wiz Khalifa, Rich The Kid, and other Detroit-based artists like Icewear Vezzo.

What is Sada Baby’s net worth?

His estimated net worth is between $700,000 – $1 million as of 2022. This number continues to grow with his music success.

The Unique Rap Style of Sada Baby

Sada Baby came out of Detroit’s vibrant hip-hop scene to create his own distinct aesthetic and sound. While his gravelly voice and energetic ad-libs may seem unorthodox at first, they make him an engaging and captivating artist. Sada Baby combines witty lyrics, infectious hooks, and charismatic flows to craft hit songs that get stuck in listener’s heads. He adds a dose of quirky humor and personality to his music that shines through on tracks like “Whole Lotta Choppas” and “Bloxk Party.” Regardless of what the future holds, Sada Baby has already solidified himself as one of the most original new artists in the rap game.