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With his face tattoos, flavored braids, and geeky personality, Post Malone doesn’t fit the typical rapper image. Yet the Dallas native’s unique blend of hip-hop, pop, R&B, and rock propelled him to become one of the 2010s’ biggest breakout music stars. Though initially met with skepticism, Post Malone’s emotional songwriting and genre-bending sound ultimately captured global audiences. He transformed from an unknown teenager on SoundCloud to a Grammy-nominated hitmaker within just a few years.

Introduction to Post Malone

Post Malone is the stage name of Austin Richard Post, a rapper, singer, songwriter and producer from Texas. Born in 1995, Malone began uploading homemade music videos to YouTube as a teenager, before catching the attention of industry figures. After moving to Los Angeles, he broke through in 2015 with early hits “White Iverson” and “Too Young” that exhibited his melodic flow and blend of hip-hop with pop and rock.

Malone’s debut album Stoney solidified his uniquely atmospheric, melancholy style. With massive hits like “Congratulations” and “Rockstar,” his sophomore release Beerbongs & Bentleys topped charts internationally. Post Malone’s instant success and cross-genre appeal made him one of music’s most popular yet unconventional young stars. His vulnerable songwriting and unpredictable sound represent a new leading voice of hip hop’s evolving mainstream.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Austin Richard Post was born July 4, 1995 in Syracuse, New York. His family moved to Dallas, Texas when he was nine years old. Musically inspired by his father, Post began learning guitar at age 14 and formed his first band by 16.

As a teenager, Post idolized rock acts like Mac DeMarco and indie folk singer Bon Iver. He credited this varied taste in guitar-based music for shaping his eclectic approach to production. After unsuccessfully auditioning for the band Crown the Empire in 2010, Post began exploring writing and recording his own songs.

At age 16, Post began producing tracks and making music videos from his home under the name Post Malone. His initial independent releases like “White Iverson” mixed hip-hop beats with honest, vulnerable lyrics exploring heartbreak and struggles with substance abuse. He credited influences like Kanye West for combining raw emotion with hip-hop.

In 2015, Post’s track “White Iverson” unexpectedly went viral after he promoted it through social media. The song’s catchy melody and Post’s emotive chorus amassed millions of streams. This grassroots buzz attracted major label interest. Post was soon signed to Republic Records through Charlie Walk’s Five Kings management company. Just months after graduating high school, his unlikely career quickly accelerated.

Rise to Fame on Republic Records

Post Malone’s 2015 signing to a major label came just before his 20th birthday. His debut single “White Iverson” was re-released through Republic, ultimately achieving triple platinum status. Its success was followed quickly by October 2015 mixtape August 26th and breakout single “Too Young,” showcasing Post’s ability to write pop hooks as well as hard-hitting bars.

In early 2016, Post released his first major label studio album Stoney. Debuting at #6 on the Billboard 200, Stoney was propelled to popularity by smash single “Congratulations” featuring Quavo. Along with “I Fall Apart,” the album displayed Post’s blend of hip-hop production with the emotive songwriting of pop/rock. Stoney achieved triple platinum sales, setting the stage for even larger success with its 2018 follow-up.

Post spent 2017 guesting on tracks with artists like 21 Savage before returning in early 2018 with “Rockstar” featuring 21 Savage. The lead single from his second album Beerbongs & Bentleys, “Rockstar” topped the Billboard Hot 100 for eight weeks, even besting a Michael Jackson record. The album arrived in April 2018, breaking Apple Music’s first-day streaming record with over 64 million plays worldwide while launching multiple top 10 singles. Dominating charts globally, Post Malone cemented himself as one of music’s most unexpected new juggernauts.

Continued Crossover Popularity

Following the record-shattering reception to 2018’s Beerbongs & Bentleys, Post Malone collaborated with artists from various genres. In 2019, “Sunflower” – his contribution to the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse soundtrack – became Post’s fourth #1 single. He also explored a rock-leaning sound on hits like “Circles” and “Take What You Want” featuring Ozzy Osbourne and Travis Scott.

After delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Post returned in 2020 with his third album Hollywood’s Bleeding, featuring the #1 single “Circles.” Debuting again at #1 with nearly half a million first-week units, Hollywood’s Bleeding solidified Post as a global pop sensation blending genres seamlessly.

In 2021, Post extended this hot streak with guest verses on hits like Justin Bieber’s “One Right Now” and Doja Cat’s “I Like You.” His duet single “Motley Crew” hit #1 as anticipation grew for a fourth album expected in 2023. Despite criticism that he’s not a “real” rapper, Post Malone’s chart dominance and musical flexibility only continue to grow.

Unique Musical Style

Post Malone’s sound represents a melting pot of genres that formed his artistic instincts growing up. Core elements include:

  • Hip-hop production – Hard-hitting beats, vocal loops, and instrumental breaks rooted in hip-hop even as his songs branch out sonically.
  • Emotive singing – While capable of rapping, Post Malone’s most powerful tool is his soaring, heart-on-sleeve vocal delivery and lyrics about relationships and introspection.
  • Guitar riffs – From his background playing guitar, bluesy riffs and acoustic fingerpicking add additional musicality often absent in hip-hop.
  • Pop sensibility – Songs structured around unforgettable hooks that embed themselves into the mainstream’s psyche.

By merging the raw instrumentation of rock and folk with hip-hop’s rhythms and the infectious melodies of pop, Post Malone largely pioneered the emo-rap subgenre and expanded conceptions of what hip-hop could sound like in the mainstream.

Notable Collaborations

A talented collaborator, Post Malone generated multiple hits through songs with other contemporary artists:

  • 21 Savage – #1 smash hit “Rockstar” in 2017, helped cement Post’s rap credibility through cosigns from 21’s loyal fanbase. Also joined on songs like “Victory Lap.”
  • Swae Lee – Early track “Spoil My Night” exposed Post to the Rae Sremmurd rapper’s audience. The two later hit #1 together on “Sunflower” in 2018.
  • Justin Bieber – Teamed up for pop crossover “Deja Vu” in 2016 and followed with another top 10 at pop radio, “One Right Now” in 2021.
  • Ozzy Osbourne – Post tapped the rock legend for guitar and vocals on 2019’s “Take What You Want,” displaying his range.
  • The Weeknd – Post contributed vocals to the global smash “One Right Now” in 2020, branching out to more electronic R&B territory.

Despite criticisms, these high-profile collaborations with artists from various musical worlds showed Post Malone’s credibility and ability to create in multiple spaces.

Record-Breaking Accomplishments

Beyond topping charts, Post Malone’s quick ascent saw him breaking meaningful records:

  • Surpassed Michael Jackson for most simultaneous top 40 Hot 100 hits in 2018 with 14 tracks from Beerbongs & Bentleys.
  • Only second artist to debut multiple songs in the Hot 100 top 10 during the same week in 2018.
  • Achieved diamond certification (10 million units) faster than any artist in RIAA history with 2015 hit “Congratulations.”
  • Generated over 3 billion streams by age 24 – youngest artist ever to hit that streaming milestone.
  • Between 2018 and 2019, Post’s music videos amassed over 1 billion YouTube views in under 365 days.
  • First solo artist to earn 500 million streams across all catalog in a single week (2020).

By dominating charts and breaking multiple streaming records, Post Malone is statistically one of the most successful artists of the streaming era. His resonance with global audiences happens at a truly unprecedented scale for any genre.

Post Malone’s Personal Life

Despite being one of music’s most famous faces, Post Malone generally avoids discussing his personal life at length. However, some details are known about him away from the spotlight:

  • Born in Syracuse, NY and moved to Dallas, TX as a child. Often reps his Texas roots.
  • Legally changed his name in 2018 to Post Malone, abandoning his birth name Austin Post.
  • Has numerous face tattoos, most notably the words “Always Tired” under his eyes. Also rocks eccentric hairstyles.
  • Battled alcohol abuse issues early in his career. Remains outspoken about the dangers of substance addiction.
  • Publicly dated Korean rapper MLMA in 2018 before their amicable breakup. Otherwise stays private regarding relationships.
  • Known for quirky interests like professional Magic: The Gathering, NASCAR racing, and ghost hunting.

Though eccentric and colorful when performing, Post himself seemingly prefers privacy away from his rap persona and public image. This separates his professional celebrity from his core identity.

Net Worth

In just a few short years, Post Malone’s success has earned him an impressive net worth for one so new on the music scene. Some key sources:

  • Record sales – Over 75 million singles sold worldwide as lead artist. His albums sold around 16 million units combined.
  • Streaming royalties – Post’s catalog generates over 2.8 billion monthly listeners on Spotify alone, earning massive revenue.
  • Touring – His 2019-2020 Runaway Tour with Swae Lee grossed $86 million in America alone.
  • Business deals – Lucrative endorsement deals with companies like HyperX gaming and Arnette sunglasses.

According to financial estimates, Post Malone’s net worth sits around $45 million as of late 2022. With upcoming projects and continuous catalogue streams, his wealth will likely keep climbing dramatically. For a former teenager making songs in his bedroom, Post found unprecedented stardom and financial windfall.

Post Malone’s Legacy

Despite dividing critics, Post Malone’s cultural influence and legacy, especially among younger generations, feels undeniable just a few years into his career. Some key points of impact:

  • Helped pioneer emo-rap’s emergence into the mainstream pop landscape through vulnerable songwriting and genre-bending production.
  • Achieved one of music’s most rapid rises from obscurity to ubiquity almost entirely through grassroots online buzz driven by his audience.
  • Beat perceived “industry” odds as an unlikely rap star who found massive crossover success without typical hip-hop image or co-signs.
  • Expanded modern conceptions of melody and songwriting in hip-hop hitting the charts without sacrificing edge or attitude.
  • Became the face of a new generation breaking down walls between musical styles and embracing fluidity between genres.

While his technical rapping ability draws doubts, Post Malone’s resonance stems from articulating anxiety, heartbreak and substance struggles in a language Gen Z innately understands – through whatever sound best conveys the emotion. By following intuition over convention, Post uniquely impacted today’s musical landscape.


Transitioning from bedroom folk-rap tunes into one of music’s most ubiquitous and unconventional stars, Post Malone subverted the typical career trajectory for a hip-hop artist. Through the raw emotive punch of his vocal delivery and keen ear for pop songcraft, Post continually defied preconceived notions of what hip-hop could sound like at the top of the charts.

While his chops and credibility faced early skepticism, the undeniable results silenced virtually all doubters. His albums and smash singles generated unprecedented sales and broke various streaming records, proving Post’s ability to lead the hip-hop game in his own singular direction. Still early in his career, Post Malone’s talent for balancing hip-hop attitude with pop vulnerability promises even more groundbreaking sounds sure to dominate the late 2020s musical landscape.