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Jordan Terrell Carter, known professionally as Playboi Carti, is an American rapper, singer, and model based out of Atlanta. Since emerging from the underground Atlanta rap scene in the mid 2010s, Carti has become one of hip hop’s most unique and influential new voices. His eponymous 2017 debut mixtape brought widespread attention, while 2018’s Die Lit solidified his distinctive style and earned him a cult fanbase.

Introduction to Playboi Carti

Born on September 13, 1996 in Atlanta, Georgia, Jordan Carter grew up with aspirations in the music industry. He recorded his first demos under the name Sir Cartier in high school while working various retail jobs. Around 2015, he adopted the Playboi Carti moniker and cultivated his image on platforms like Soundcloud.

As his viral hit “Broke Boi” built online buzz in 2015, Carti quit school and jobs to focus solely on developing his craft. He amassed a loyal grassroots following attracted to his unique, mumbled delivery and affiliation with the booming underground Atlanta trap scene alongside rappers like Awful Records’ Father and ILoveMakonnen. This initial success landed Playboi Carti a record deal with AWAL in 2015 followed by A$AP Mob’s A$AP Rocky taking him under his wing.

In 2017 Carti gained mainstream notoriety releasing his self-titled debut mixtape, eventually signing with Interscope Records that year. His debut studio album Die Lit in 2018 peaked at #3 on the Billboard charts and earned widespread critical praise. Its singles “Magnolia” and “Wokeuplikethis*” achieved major commercial success as well.

After years developing his music independently, Playboi Carti’s unique style has positioned him at hip hop’s cutting edge. His heavily distorted vocal delivery over cloudy trap beats is often cited as inspiration by younger rappers. While his mysterious public persona and sparse social media presence have only added to his outsider mystique.

Playboi Carti Discography

In his short but decorated career, Playboi Carti has released two mixtapes, two studio albums and a series of singles along with non-album tracks:


Playboi Carti – 2017 – Debut commercial mixtape, peaked at #12 on Billboard charts

Studio Albums

Die Lit – 2018 – Platinum-selling debut album, peaked at #3 on Billboard 200

Whole Lotta Red – 2020 – Polarizing second album, topped Billboard 200 in first week


Notable singles include:

Magnolia” – 2017 – Breakout Billboard top 100 hit

Wokeuplikethis**” – 2017 – Collab with Lil Uzi Vert, also a hit

Shoota” – 2018 – Single featuring Lil Uzi Vert

@ MEH” – 2020 – Lead single from Whole Lotta Red

Sky” – 2022 – Latest single from upcoming album

Non-Album Singles & Features

earfquake” – Tyler, the Creator song featuring Carti from 2019 album IGOR

Pain 1993” – Drake song featuring Carti from Drake album Dark Lane Demo Tapes in 2020

Off the Grid” – Kanye West song featuring Carti and Fivio Foreign from West’s 2022 album Donda

Musical Style & Influences

At the core of Carti’s style is a blurred, repetitive vocal delivery reciting largely nonsensical lyrics over hazy productions. He often alternates between sluggish, trance-like mumbling and sudden loud shouts filled with ad-libs. Carti’s music has been described as psychedelic, punk-inspired “Soundcloud rap” though he rejects specific labels.

Production is a huge emphasis in Carti’s music. He frequently collaborates with underground producers like Pi’erre Bourne defining his early distorted trap sound. Lyrically, critics argue Carti uses his voice more as an instrument prioritizing vibe over dense rhyme schemes.

As for influences, Carti has cited southern hip hop figures like Gucci Mane and Young Thug as huge inspirations, along with punk bands like Blink-182. His affiliation with A$AP Mob has also linked him heavily to cloud and Soundcloud rap genres.

Labels & Record Deals

Carti has been associated with various labels during his rapid rise:

AWAL – Independent distribution company, 2015-2016

Interscope Records – Signed under a joint-venture deal with ASAP Rocky’s AWGE imprint in 2017. Reportedly worth over $3 million across 3 albums.

Carti is currently still signed to Interscope and AWGE long-term as he enters superstardom.

Collaborations & Key Relationships

A huge part of establishing his credibility, Carti’s collaborations have bridged connections into the mainstream:

A$AP Mob – Close affiliation with ASAP Rocky who oversees his AWGE label deal. Regular collaborator and mentor figure.

Lil Uzi Vert – Early crossover collab on mixtape hit “wokeuplikethis*” built loyal shared fanbase. Remain frequent artistic partners.

Pierre Bourne – Legendary underground Atlanta producer has crafted majority of Carti’s early hits. Key musical guiding force still to this day.

Beyond them, Carti has worked with contemporary stars like Drake, Kanye West, Gunna, Young Thug, Future, Kid Cudi, Travis Scott and a deep bench of current trap luminaries cementing him as a member of rap’s young vanguard.

Concerts & Touring History

Since achieving mainstream success with Die Lit in 2018, Carti has embarked on several headlining tours across North America, Europe and Australia:

Die Lit Tour – 2018 – Debut headlining tour across North America and Europe directly after Die Lit release

The Beautiful Thugger Girls Tour – 2017 – Carti among openers for Young Thug’s North American tour

Most recently, Carti co-headlined The Narcissist Tour across United States arenas in 2021 alongside hip hop duo EarthGang. He brings manic energy translating his loose recordings into concert experiences fans rabidly endorse.

Playboi Carti’s Personal Life

Extremely secretive about his off-stage life, only scraps of Carti’s background have emerged publicly:

Family – Has one son named Onyx with prominent Australian model [Iggy Azalea]. They split shortly after Onyx’s birth in 2020.

Legal Issues – Was arrested in 2018 on marijuana and firearms charges. Case was later resolved through plea bargain.

Other Relationships – He also dated model [Blac Chyna] and has been romantically linked to several high-profile celebrity girlfriends over the years.

Infamous for skipping interviews, award shows and avoiding the spotlight, Carti’s private personality maintains an alluring mystique many fans closely analyze for clues into who he really is.

Playboi Carti Estimated Net Worth

According to multiple outlets, Playboi Carti’s current net worth sits between $9-10 million as of 2022. However with lucrative festival bookings, touring schedules and a hotly anticipated new album in the works, Carti’s value should continue rising exponentially based on his meteoric career trajectory so far.

Playboi Carti’s Lasting Impact

In half a decade, Playboi Carti ascended from viral Soundcloud sensation to the bleeding edge of rap. His defiantly unique style has come to define the post-mumble rap landscape – languid flows, atmospheric beats and lyrics used more as instrumental texture. As one of few current artists balancing commercial success with uncompromising creative vision, Carti continually shatters traditionally “lyrical” rap molds.

For disenfranchised youth and chronic internet lurkers, Carti’s music gives a voice to outcast mentalities. His disjointed discography is less concerned with linear narrative than channeling broader vibes – angst, confusion, hedonism and loneliness as much as exuberance. He tackles depression and drug usage amid chaotic uncertain times. In the process, Carti makes it alright to feel unsure or not fit expectations.

While his unorthodox methods can polarize critics, Carti’s cultural influence is undeniable. His fingerprints are everywhere amongst current rising rappers and producers. Yet as others emulate, Carti continues evolving his style losing none of his outsider edge that attracted fans in the first place. Still only in his mid-20s with tantalizing glimpses of future sounds already emerging, Playboi Carti remains rap’s most exciting unpredictable auteur for years to come.

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