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OG Ron C

OG Ron C, born Ronald Rummell Coleman, has been a pillar of Houston’s hip-hop scene for over three decades. Known for his distinctive slowed-down mixtapes or “chopped not slopped” versions of popular tracks, his impact on the Southern rap scene and his influence on the international hip-hop community has been immense.

OG Ron C Discography

OG Ron C’s discography is both extensive and influential. Beginning with his early mixtapes in the 1990s, he has released over 200 projects, working with artists from across the hip-hop spectrum. His signature slowed down, “chopped not slopped” style has earned him a distinctive place in the mixtape culture, influencing both artists and listeners globally.

OG Ron C Origin, Date Of Birth, Genres, Occupation,Year Acive & Lables

OG Ron C Origin

OG Ron C hails from Houston, Texas. Growing up in the South Park neighborhood, he was exposed to the budding hip-hop scene from an early age. This environment played a significant role in shaping his unique style and ultimately, his contribution to the hip-hop genre.

OG Ron C Date of Birth

Born on June 27, 1973, OG Ron C grew up during a time of growth and transformation for hip-hop music. His formative years were spent immersed in a culture that would later heavily influence his career and his unique musical style.

OG Ron C Genres

While best known for his contributions to hip-hop, OG Ron C’s versatility spans several genres. From R&B to EDM, his talent for crafting unique, slowed down remixes of popular songs has allowed him to touch numerous music genres, thus expanding his influence.

OG Ron C Occupation

OG Ron C is a DJ, mixtape producer, and radio personality. His multifaceted career in the music industry has allowed him to influence the Southern rap scene significantly, particularly through his distinctive mixtapes and his role as co-founder of Swishahouse Records.

OG Ron C Years Active

Since the late 1980s, OG Ron C has been a dynamic presence in the music industry. Over three decades, his innovative remixes and dedication to the “chopped and screwed” technique have consistently made him a respected figure in the hip-hop scene.

OG Ron C Labels

Associated with labels such as Swishahouse Records, which he co-founded, and Chopstars, OG Ron C has used these platforms to introduce new artists to the world and further propagate the unique chopped and screwed style of music production.