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NBA YoungBoy, born as Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, is a young powerhouse in the hip-hop industry. Emerging from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, his unapologetic lyrics and passionate delivery have captivated audiences globally. Despite numerous legal issues and personal struggles, NBA YoungBoy’s determination to succeed has placed him among the contemporary greats in rap.

A Short Bio About NBA YoungBoy

NBA YoungBoy is an American rapper whose real name is Kentrell DeSean Gaulden. He was born on October 20, 1999, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, U.S. Learn more about NBA Youngboy Kids.

His songs are a raw and honest portrayal of his life experiences and challenges. The songs connect with a wide range of listeners, as they depict relatable themes that many people can identify with.

In his teenage years, he was arrested for robbery, which was the turning point of the NBA YoungBoy life. It was at this moment he started writing songs and planned his future and upcoming moves there.

Shortly after, he released his first Album, “Life Before Fame,” in April 2015, then the second album, “Mind of a Menace,” in December 2015.

The list goes on, and other albums got released, “Mind of a Menace 2”, “Before I Go,” and “38 Baby,” which succeeded in getting attention from the audience. As of now, he has released eight albums and 26 mix tapes.

Throughout his life, he faced numerous challenges; he was raised by his grandmother Alice Gaulden because his father was in jail.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Never Broke Again – Free Meechy

NBA YB Discography

NBA YoungBoy’s discography is an extensive compilation of music released within a relatively short period. With several studio albums, mixtapes, and EPs to his credit, the prolific rapper’s most acclaimed works include “Until Death Call My Name,” “AI YoungBoy,” and “38 Baby.

YB Origin, Date Of Birth, Genres, Occupation,Year Acive & Lables


NBA YoungBoy hails from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a place that significantly influences his music. His raw lyrics often depict the struggle of growing up in the marginalized neighborhoods of the city, giving his music a profound authenticity that resonates with many fans.

YOUNGBOY NBA Date of Birth

Born on October 20, 1999, NBA YoungBoy’s journey to fame has been remarkable given his youth. Despite being a young entrant into the music industry, he has managed to carve out a successful career with his distinctive style and lyrical prowess.

NBA YB Genres

Primarily grounded in hip-hop, NBA YoungBoy’s music often features elements of southern rap and trap. His raw and real storytelling combined with a unique blend of rhythm and lyricism situates him as a significant player in these genres.


While NBA YoungBoy’s primary occupation is that of a rapper, he is also a talented songwriter. His ability to write songs that resonate with a wide audience is one of the keys to his widespread success. His narratives often detail his personal experiences, creating a strong connection with his listeners.


NBA YoungBoy started his career in 2014 and has since been an active contributor to the hip-hop scene. Despite numerous setbacks, he has continuously released music, underlining his dedication to his craft and his fans.

NBA YB Labels

NBA YoungBoy has worked with several labels throughout his career. Initially, he released music independently before signing with Atlantic Records. His record label, Never Broke Again, has been instrumental in releasing his most recent projects, indicating his desire to control his musical output.

Juice WRLD - Bandit ft. NBA Youngboy

NBA YoungBoy’s most popular video is for “Bandit,” a collaboration with Juice WRLD. The raw, emotive visuals complement the powerful lyrics, illustrating YoungBoy’s experiences with fame, love, and adversity.

YoungBoy’s music transcends the boundaries of traditional hip-hop, venturing into the realm of crossover music. His collaborations with artists such as Drake and Lil Yachty have showcased his versatility and willingness to experiment with different musical styles.

Additionally, YoungBoy has demonstrated an uncanny ability to maintain a strong connection with his fans. He famously performed to a packed house in Orlando, Florida, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, showing his commitment to his supporters.

The Healing Power of Music

For YoungBoy, music serves as a form of catharsis—a means to express his emotions and experiences. His songs often delve into the struggles he’s faced, from navigating legal troubles to grappling with mental health issues. In one of his tracks, he has openly talked about suicidal thoughts, a testament to his vulnerability and willingness to address taboo topics.

In the wake of such challenges, it’s natural to question whether music remains NBA YoungBoy’s main focus. Despite the turmoil, his commitment to his craft remains unwavering. He continues to produce and release music prolifically, often from behind bars. His album “Sincerely, Kentrell,” recorded while he was incarcerated, reached #1 on the Billboard 200, underscoring his dedication to his art.