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Hailing from Sacramento, California, Mozzy has steadily built himself into one of the most respected and popular rappers on the West Coast hip hop scene. With his vivid storytelling, technical lyrical skills, and authentic representation of street life, he has developed a dedicated fanbase that continues to expand. This in-depth profile will explore Mozzy’s background, musical catalog, collaborations, touring, personal life details, and more. Read on to learn all about one of the most intriguing rappers putting Sacramento on the hip hop map.

Introducing Mozzy – The Real, Gifted Storyteller

Born Tim Patterson on June 24, 1987 in Sacramento, CA, Mozzy first started rapping and writing lyrics during his teenage years. The rap name “Mozzy” actually came from his childhood nickname “Mozzarella”, which got shortened over time.

After releasing early mixtapes independently, Mozzy started garnering attention in the early 2010s for his raw, detailed lyrics painting a realistic picture of growing up in West Coast poverty and crime. His 2012 mixtape Gangland Landscape first showcased his talent for storytelling and wordplay.

Over the next few years, he steadily built up his profile with mixtapes like Bladadah and Yellow Tape Activities. But it was his introspective 2016 album Beautiful Struggle that evolved his sound into a more melodic, personal direction.Tracks like “Sleep Walkin” and “I’m Just Being Honest” connected with audiences through their vulnerability and insight into Mozzy’s background.

Since signing to indie label EMPIRE, Mozzy has become one of the most successful independent rap artists. He’s collaborated with artists like Blxst, YG, Roddy Ricch, and Gunna while remaining dedicated to representing Sacramento and telling relatable life stories through his lyrics.

With several albums charting on the Billboard 200, million of streams, and sold-out tours, Mozzy has organically built up a devoted fanbase that continues to grow. His talent for slicing through surface-level tropes with nuanced, detailed lyrics has made him one of the most compelling storytellers in West Coast gangsta rap history.

Mozzy Discography Highlights

For an independent artist, Mozzy has been incredibly prolific over the past decade, with nearly 30 mixtapes and studio albums under his belt so far. Here are some highlights from his extensive discography:

Major Albums:

  • Beautiful Struggle (2016) – His introspective breakout album featuring the hits “Sleep Walkin'” and “I’m Just Being Honest.”
  • 1 Up Top Ahk (2018) – Debuted at #58 on the Billboard 200 and continued to showcase evolved, melodic style.
  • Beyond Bulletproof (2020) – Hit #36 on Billboard 200 along with lead single “Start This Party Right.”
  • Untreated Trauma (2021) – Most recent solo LP exploring mental health and toxic relationships.

Collaborations & Joint Projects:

With his steady work ethic, Mozzy continues to deliver quality full-lengths showcasing both his solo and collaborative skills. His diversity, from feedparser hip hop cuts to R&B crossover hits, keeps his catalogs fresh and engaging.

Mozzy’s Signature NorCal Sound & Style

Hailing from Northern California, Mozzy has cultivated a signature sound that pays homage to his hometown Sacramento. With melodic synths, funky basslines, and rich instrumentation, his production captures the atmosphere and landscapes of the West Coast.

Meanwhile, his lyrics tackle hardcore subjects like street crime, drug dealing, violence, prison, and paranoia in vivid detail. Mozzy is praised for not glorifying the subjects, but examining them thoughtfully from multiple angles. Clever wordplay and dense multisyllabic rhyme schemes reveal his technical prowess as a writer.

While he started in a raw gangsta rap style, Mozzy has diversified his albums with deeper confessionals, party anthems, and even some smoothed-out R&B crossover tracks. But no matter the sound, his music remains distinctly NorCal in flavor.

Influences cited by Mozzy include West Coast legends like E-40, Too $hort, and Tupac. Like them, he prioritizes lyrically representing his hometown culture and realism over trends. Mozzy has referred to his catalog as ‘diary entries’ documenting his lived experiences growing up on the West Coast streets.

Standout Mozzy Features & Collaborations

While fully capable as a solo artist, Mozzy understands the power of collaborations. He has teamed up with many big names on catchy features and singles over the years. Here are some of Mozzy’s top tracks featuring other artists:

  • Famous (Scenes)” feat. Gunna & Roddy Ricch (2019) – Triple threat collaboration was a fan favorite.
  • Big Homie From the Hood” feat. YG (2020) – NorCal meets SoCal team up.
  • Overcame” feat. Rod Wave, Blxst (2020) – Smooth track showed his R&B ability.
  • Bompton to Oak Park”” feat. Blxst (2021) – Single for their joint Kings & Queens album.
  • Same Gang” feat. ALLBLACK, E Mozzy (2021) – All-star Sacramento posse cut.

Whether getting out of his comfort zone or teaming up with streets rappers, Mozzy selects his features carefully. These collabs have helped expand his fanbase and showcase new sides of his artistry.

Performing Live & Touring Highlights

Mozzy has built up a reputation as an electrifying live performer feeding off the energy of crowds. While he first rocked small underground shows in Sacramento, his profile and ticket sales have gradually grown to arena-sized venues in recent years.

After honing his stage skills on tours like the Dreadlocks & Headshots Tour and Beyond Bulletproof Tour in 2019-2020, Mozzy was ready for his biggest challenge yet. In fall 2021, he joined J. Cole’s massive The Off-Season Tour as an opening act at arenas like NYC’s Madison Square Garden.

Alongside other West Coast acts like Blxst and ABN Hammo, Mozzy held his own on the big stages, with The Source praising his “high energy” set. In 2022, Mozzy is prepping his next solo headlining tour to support his recent album Untreated Trauma.

No matter the size of the venue, Mozzy connects with crowds through his charisma, non-stop energy, and performing hits like “I Ain’t Perfect,” “Famous” and “Big Homie from the Hood.” Fans flock to Mozzy shows to rap along and experience Sacramento’s reigning street rap king live in the flesh.

Mozzy’s Personal Life – Family, Relationships, and Fatherhood

While his lyrics are raw and revealing, Mozzy tends to avoid too many details on his personal life. However, a few facts are known about the man behind the music:

  • He is the father of six children – three boys and three girls born between 2009 and 2021. He had his first child at age 21.
  • Mozzy has said that fatherhood was his motivation to leave the streets and focus seriously on his rap career.
  • He came from a large family himself, with eight siblings that his single mother raised in Sacramento.
  • Mozzy has been romantically connected to Instagram model and entrepreneur Celina Powell but has never publicly confirmed.
  • He is a cousin of fellow Sacramento rapper Lavish D.
  • Despite his gang affiliations, Mozzy has advocated against gun violence and encouraged youth to avoid the criminal path.
  • He remains extremely proud to represent Northern California and put on rising talent from his hometown.

Mozzy lets his raw lyrics speak for themselves, preferring to avoid tabloid drama and focus on his music and family. His experience as both a father and son impacts much of the perspective in his songs.

Mozzy’s Net Worth & Wealth Breakdown

As an independent artist, Mozzy has hustled hard to build up his net worth and become commercially successful. Total estimated net worth: $2 million

Key Mozzy wealth contributors:

  • Album sales – He has sold over 300,000 albums worldwide. His 2020 album Beyond Bulletproof sold 30,000 units in its first week.
  • Streaming – On Spotify, Mozzy currently has 5.7 monthly listeners generating revenue. His songs have over 500 million streams across platforms.
  • Touring – Headlining his own tours, Mozzy can gross over $20,000 per show at mid-size venues. Even bigger as an arena opener for J. Cole.
  • Merchandise – Mozzy moves inventory of shirts, hats, hoodies, and other merch at shows and online.
  • Other business ventures – Mozzy invests in artists/companies and promotes cannabis products. Wise investments should grow his wealth.

With his own label, strategic partnerships, and diverse income, Mozzy has proven a rapper can still succeed independently. His fortune should continue increasing as his dedicated fanbase expands globally.

The Future and Legacy of Mozzy

Already with an acclaimed catalog and flourishing career, Mozzy still seems to just be getting started. He has emerged as Sacramento hip hop’s biggest star, with the respect of legends and newcomers alike.

But Mozzy remains hungry, focused on releasing even more honest music and forging his own path on his own terms. Upcoming projects like his joint album Reguarded with the late 2Pac show he still has groundbreaking moves planned.

Beyond music, Mozzy aims to keep uplifting his hometown and creating opportunities for marginalized youth through charitable initiatives like his Mozzy Records label. His influence as both an artist and community role model continues to expand.

At just 34, Mozzy still has so much left to say. With his technical pen and truthful point of view, the possibilities seem limitless. Regardless of commercial success, Mozzy has already cemented himself as the most vivid, important storyteller gangsta rap has seen in decades. His layered lyrics ensure his message will impact the West Coast streets and beyond for a long time.