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Lil Pump burst onto the rap scene in 2017 with his smash hit “Gucci Gang” ushering in a new generation of “mumble rap” and catapulting the teenage artist to fame. But excessive trolling, legal issues and delays in new music have threatened his long-term trajectory.


The man behind hits like “Gucci Gang” and “Esskeetit” was born Gazzy Garcia in 2000 in Miami, Florida. Lil Pump tapped into the emerging “SoundCloud rap” wave with his viral tracks full of boasting lyrics and infectious if repetitive flows.

Signing million dollar record deals before even graduating high school, Pump enjoyed breakout success with his 2017 self-titled debut album. But stalled follow-up projects, feuds with peers, and run-ins with the law have challenged the enigmatic young rap star to sustain that early hype.


Key releases in Lil Pump’s catalog:

  • Lil Pump (2017) – Breakout debut album spawning viral hits
  • Harverd Dropout (2019) – Debut studio album after delays
  • Singles: “Gucci Gang,” “Drug Addicts,” “Butterfly Doors,” “Be Like Me”
  • Collab Album: TBC with Lil Skies (TBD)

Pump vaulted to fame off viral tracks like “Gucci Gang” and “D Rose” driven by catchy trap production and his signature “Esskeetit!” adlibs. But he’s struggled to build on early momentum leaving his long-term viability in question entering his 20s.

Musical Style & Influences

Lil Pump’s sound typifies flamboyant “mumble rap” and “SoundCloud rap” styles that went viral in the mid to late 2010s among adolescent music fans.

His simple repetitive flows, overt lyricism glamorizing sex, drugs and money, punk rock aesthetic, face tattoos and rainbow dreads became iconic of an internet meme generation.

Pump claims he’s most musically inspired by rappers like:

  • Chief Keef
  • Lil B
  • Gucci Mane
  • 2 Chainz

Their trap house styles clearly influenced his own approach to image and lyricism.

Collaborations & Features

Lil Pump secured high-profile collaborations with hip hop stars during his meteoric rise:

  • Smokepurpp – Fellow “SoundCloud rap” pioneer and Pump’s early producer
  • Gucci Mane – Featured Pump on his song “Trap House”
  • Lil Uzi Vert – Teamed up on bangers “Multi Millionaire” and “I Can Drive”
  • 2 Chainz – Artists paired up on tracks “Iced Out” and “Too Much Ice”
  • Kanye West – Pump cameoed in “I Love It” performance at 2018 VMAs

But public falling outs with former collaborator Smokepurpp and peers like Lil Xan suggest struggles maintaining relationships amid controversies.

Touring & Performances

As his popularity exploded, Lil Pump hit the road for his first headlining tour in 2018 across the United States and select dates in Canada and Europe. Dubbed the “Harverd Dropout Tour,” Pump hit stages in major markets before drug charges led to tour cancellations.

Other notable Lil Pump live performances include:

  • Rolling Loud Festival (2017 & 2018)
  • Coachella Festival (2018)
  • Made In America Festival (2018)

Riding high off viral hits “Gucci Gang” and “Esskeetit” at just 17 years old, demand to see the burgeoning young rap star live boosted his early touring schedule and earning power out the gate.

Personal Life Controversies

No stranger to headlines, Lil Pump has stirred public relations dust-ups stemming from criminal activity, social media trolling, and bizarre behavior:

  • Arrested in 2018 for firing gun in home despite felon status
  • Temporary Instagram ban for racial slurs mocking Asian men
  • Endorsed Donald Trump for President in 2020 to troll fans
  • Kicked off airplane in 2021 for refusing to wear COVID mask

The controversies suggest emotional immaturity and ignorance have stalled his progress after early success. Public details on Lil Pump’s personal and family life also remain mostly unclear or disputed as he’s prone to trolling the media.

Net Worth

Lil Pump experienced a surge in earnings potential as a newly signed artist still in high school grounded in savvy distribution of his music on streaming platforms like SoundCloud and YouTube. Estimates of his current net worth stand around:

$8 Million

Key assets and income sources include:

  • Early record deal rumored worth over $8 million
  • Music streaming royalties
  • YouTube monetization
  • Concert tours and merchandise
  • Fashion and branding deals

A lack of new music and touring in recent years may impact his net worth trajectory moving forward. But the breakthrough success of “Gucci Gang” and his debut album enabled Lil Pump to amass small fortune for someone born in 2000.

Popularity & Legacy

At his commercial peak around 2017 to 2019, Lil Pump established himself as both a promising and polarizing hip hop figure ushering in the divisive “mumble rap” subgenre. Key markers of his temporary rise in popularity include:

  • First rapper born in 21st century score a Top 5 album
  • Gathered over 17 million Instagram followers and 15 billion+ streams by 2019
  • Earned praise from hip hop legends Gucci Mane, DJ Khaled and Elton John

However, public perception has soured amid stalled musical output, legal issues, inflammatory remarks, and touring struggles. Still boasting 26 million monthly Spotify listeners, Lil Pump’s long-term ability to channel early stardom into an enduring career remains uncertain entering his 20s.


Bursting onto the scene as a viral “mumble rap” sensation at just 16 years old, Lil Pump showed fleeting promise as hip hop’s new wild child. Hit tracks “Gucci Gang” and “D Rose” powered his rise. But the controversial Florida native has battled personal demons and industry challenges turning hype into sustainable rap stardom.

Still boasting a small fortune and strong streaming numbers, Pump hopes new music and maturity can write the next chapter. But his long-term legacy as either a hip hop footnote or pioneer grows cloudier by the year. Rappers rise fast often fade faster. Time will tell if Pump can buck that trend.