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Lecrae Devaughn Moore, known mononymously as Lecrae, is an internationally acclaimed Christian hip-hop artist. Since emerging in 2004, Lecrae has become the face of faith-based rap and a leading voice for Christianity in music. While faith serves as his guide, Lecrae’s worldly experiences growing up in poverty and struggling with abuse fuel his message. His raw style merges spiritual wisdom with social commentary touching on race, mental health, and overcoming hardship. With respected lyricism and production rooted in southern hip-hop, Lecrae balances religious conviction with mainstream sensibilities. His numerous accolades include two Grammy wins, ten Dove Awards, and multiple chart-topping albums. Lecrae continues redefining the limits of Christian rappers with his evolving sound and vulnerable storytelling.


Born in Houston, Texas in 1979, Lecrae endured a turbulent upbringing marked by poverty, abuse, and violence. As a teen he turned to drug dealing before finding faith at age 19. Lecrae co-founded the hip-hop record label Reach Records in 2004 and released his debut album Real Talk that year. While he started in the underground Christian hip-hop scene, Lecrae’s confessional lyricism and sharp flows quickly garnered widespread respect. His 2011 album Rehab became the first independent rap album to top the Billboard 200 chart. As Lecrae’s fame grew, he began advocating for social justice and mental health awareness while collaborating with mainstream artists like Ty Dolla $ign. After over 15 years cementing himself as the foremost faith-based rapper, Lecrae continues breaking new ground by uniting religion and hip-hop.


After honing his skills through features and church performances, Lecrae released his proper debut LP Real Talk in 2004 through Reach Records. The album introduced his sanctified lyrics and southern-influenced production to the underground Christian hip-hop scene.

He quickly followed with sophomore effort After the Music Stops in 2006 before his breakthrough third album Rebel in 2008. Rebel spawned his first hit single “Don’t Waste Your Life” and earned Lecrae a Dove Award for Rap/Hip Hop Album of the Year.

In 2011, Lecrae released his most successful album Rehab. Rehab debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, becoming the first independent rap album to top the chart. Popular singles included “Just Like You” and the posse cut “Background.”

Subsequent albums and mixtapes like Gravity (2012), Church Clothes Vol. 2 (2013), and Anomaly (2014) all charted in the Billboard top 10. These efforts cemented Lecrae as hip-hop’s premier Christian artist.

In 2016, Lecrae made his major label debut with All Things Work Together through Columbia Records. He’s since released Let the Trap Say Amen (2018) and 2019’s Restoration exploring redemption through his faith. His 2022 album All Things New promises Lecrae’s continued growth as an artist.

Musical Style & Influences

Lecrae’s flow, delivery, and production are firmly rooted in southern hip-hop and trap music. However, his lyrical content diverges into spiritual themes framed by his Christian faith and life experiences.

Early on, he was heavily involved with the underground holy hip-hop scene alongside artists like Trip Lee and Tedashii. This niche community allowed Lecrae to explore faith in his music.

As Lecrae grew into a global star, his production and features increasingly resembled a mainstream rapper. Songs like “Can’t Stop Me Now (Destination)” even incorporated EDM influences. Nonetheless, his message never waivers even as his sound evolves.

Influences Lecrae has cited include OutKast, Goodie Mob, Nas, and Tupac. His varied catalog proves he can blend religious views with any style from boom-bap to trap music.


A key factor elevating Lecrae is collaborative tracks exposing him to wider audiences. He frequently works with Reach Records labelmates like Andy Mineo, Trip Lee, Tedashii, and KB. These posse cuts showcase the breadth of Christian hip-hop.

In 2013, Lecrae collaborated with Mali Music on the inspirational track “All I Need Is You” which earned them a Best Gospel Artist Grammy. Other supportive features include Crowder, Tori Kelly, and Kirk Franklin.

Recently Lecrae has done songs with mainstream acts like Ty Dolla $ign (“Blessings”), Waka Flocka Flame (“Wishin”), and Zaytoven (“Get Back Right”). These looks help breakdown barriers between secular music and faith.

His 2016 track “Freedom” with fellow socially conscious rapper Diddy, as well as co-writing credits on Kanye’s “Jesus Walks,” further highlight Lecrae’s crossover ability. With an open mind, he skillfully conveys his message through diverse collaborations.

Performance & Tour History

An impassioned stage presence with mosh pit-adjacent energy, Lecrae has toured globally spreading his gospel since the mid-2000s.

His own headlining tours include 2012’s highly successful Unashamed Tour and 2015’s broader Anomaly Tour across North America. During runs he performs both intimate club sets and festivals drawing 50,000+ like AtlantaFest.

Overseas, Lecrae has done shows in South Africa, throughout Europe, and extensive tours across Australia and New Zealand. His international travels help grow the Christian hip-hop community abroad.

When not touring solo, Lecrae performs at some of the world’s largest Christian music festivals. These include Creation Festival, Cornerstone Festival, and the cross-genre festival Winter Jam Tour Spectacular.

In 2016, Lecrae even performed on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon showcasing his music’s expanding mainstream impact. Whether speaking to church youth groups or late-night TV crowds, Lecrae connects through compassion and conviction.

Personal Life

Beyond music, Lecrae is vocal about his troubled past and faith restoring hope. He grew up without an active father and endured sexual abuse from a babysitter at age eight. In his teens Lecrae turned to crime and drugs before finding religion.

While Lecrae is proudly Christian, he condemns self-righteousness and strives for empathy among all people. He and his wife Darragh Moore have three children together.

Passionate about community service, Lecrae does extensive work with the organization Live Free supporting victims of human trafficking. His nonprofit “reachLife Ministries” aids at-risk youth.

Lecrae is also outspoken on race, mental health, and political issues. His own mistakes and redemption fuel his message of strength through vulnerability.

Net Worth

In 2017 Forbes called Lecrae the fifth highest earning hip-hop artist thanks to an estimated $9 million yearly income. His net worth is estimated between $5-10 million accumulated through music earnings, touring, business deals, and wise investments.

In addition to album sales, Lecrae profits from touring, merchandise, sponsorships, and his nonprofits. His entrepreneurial ventures include a coffee company, luxury clothing line, record label, and art promotion collective.

Why Lecrae Matters

Beyond commercial success, Lecrae’s impact stems from:

Uniting religion and hip-hop in an authentic way
Combating outdated perceptions about Christian music
Open-minded collaborations expanding his audience
Vulnerable storytelling on difficult issues
Mentorship and community investment role model
Proving hip-hop can succeed independently
Inspiring worshippers that faith belongs in mainstream culture
In a genre saturated with materialism, Lecrae provides a thoughtful spiritual perspective. He demonstrates hip-hop’s power to enlighten, uplift, and heal.

Top 5 Lecrae Songs

“Just Like You” – Breakthrough crossover single about Lecrae’s past struggles.
“Welcome to America” ft. Andy Mineo – Provocative commentary on systemic racism.
“Tell the World” ft. Mali Music – Inspiring Grammy-winning gospel anthem.
“Blessings” ft. Ty Dolla $ign – Uplifting track uniting secular and religious artists.
“I’ll Find You” ft. Tori Kelly – Heartfelt worship song showcasing pop crossover appeal.


Where is Lecrae from?

He grew up in Houston, Texas but now lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

What label is Lecrae signed to?

He runs his own independent label Reach Records but signed to Columbia for a brief period.

Is Lecrae married?

Yes, he and his wife Darragh have been married since 2004 and have three young children together.

What religion is Lecrae?

Lecrae identifies as a devout Christian and got saved at age 19.

How many albums has Lecrae released?

He has released eight solo studio albums, three mixtapes, one live album, and dozens of features and singles.

Advancing Faith in Music

Far beyond just a niche “Christian rapper,” Lecrae transcends limiting labels by blending spirituality with universal messages. His storied journey provides inspiration to persevere through adversity. By fearlessly baring his soul and flaws, Lecrae shows the regenerative power of faith. With over 15 years of unwavering success, his pioneering career blazed trails uniting religion, activism, and hip-hop. By constantly challenging himself creatively, Lecrae continues finding innovative ways to spread light through his music.