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Brick Wolfpack are a rap collective out of Miami, Florida who have been repping their city hard over the past few years. With a gritty street sound reflecting the diverse Miami hip hop scene, Brick Wolfpack have carved out a name for themselves with stellar mixtapes and electric live shows. As their profile rises, the Wolfpack continue to prove themselves as one of the most talented rap crews emerging from the Sunshine State.

Background and History

Brick Wolfpack were formed in 2012 by high school friends Marcus “Big Lok” Lopez, James “Ghost” Casper, and Manuel “Dutch” Domingo. The trio began rapping and producing music together as teens influenced by Miami legends like Trick Daddy and Rick Ross.

The group caught their first break when Miami hip hop personality DJ Epps played one of their early tracks on a local radio show. This garnered major buzz around the Wolfpack’s hard-hitting street sound.

Brick Wolfpack self-released their debut mixtape ‘Brick Squad’ in 2014. The 13-track project featured production from Miami beatsmiths like Hi-Tekk and vocal features from Haitian rappers Vodou Kile and K-Dans. Singles like “Bricc Boi” and “Go Hard” highlighted the Wolfpack’s menacing flows and formed the foundations of their unique sound.

The group spent the next few years touring Florida’s club scene and releasing one-off singles. In 2016, they signed a deal with Miami indie label Slip-N-Slide Records and dropped their 15-track mixtape ‘Midnight Prowlers’. The project expanded the Wolfpack’s sound with R&B-influenced tracks like “Late Nite Lady” alongside uncompromising street cuts like “Brick City.”

Most recently in 2022, Brick Wolfpack returned with their official studio album debut ‘The Pack Is Back’ released via Slip-N-Slide. The LP shows the trio’s musical growth with more melodic flows and reflecting on their come-up days on tracks like “Started from the Bottom.” Guests include Florida heavyweights Kodak Black, Denzel Curry, and YNW Melly.

Musical Style

Brick Wolfpack have a diverse Miami street sound that blends elements of trap, gangsta rap, and dancehall reggae. Their production often features booming 808s, eerie synths, and samples of Caribbean music. Lyrically, they rap about classic hip hop themes like hustling, violence, and life in Miami’s rougher neighborhoods.

While rooted in contemporary trap music, the Wolfpack showcase various flows drawing from Miami’s diverse hip hop landscape. Big Lok spits bar-heavy verses with a deeper delivery, while Ghost has a more melodic bounce. Dutch often provides rough ad-libs and a toasted patois flow reflecting Miami’s Jamaican influence.

Sonically, the group channels Miami legends like Trick Daddy and Rick Ross but also aren’t afraid to get experimental. They’ve shown an ability to craft radio-friendly hits as well as uncompromising street anthems. As the trio continue to evolve, they’ve cited influences like Pop Smoke, The Diplomats, and reggaeton artist Anuel AA.


Although a relatively young group, Brick Wolfpack have consistently released quality music reflecting their continual growth and progression:


  • Brick Squad (2014)
  • Midnight Prowlers (2016)


  • The Pack Is Back (2022)


  • “Whip It Up” ft. Vodou Kile (2015)
  • “Late Nite Lady” (2016)
  • “Miami Nights” (2019)
  • “Started from the Bottom” (2021)

In addition to their original music, Brick Wolfpack have appeared on albums and mixtapes from fellow Floridian artists such as Denzel Curry, YNW Melly, Ski Mask the Slump God, and up-and-coming Miami rappers like Lajan Slim and Lito. These collaborations have helped expand their sound and fanbase.


The core trio behind Brick Wolfpack are:

  • Big Lok – As the group’s de facto leader, Big Lok handles a lot of the production and business operations. He’s known for his deep voice and technical rap skills.
  • Ghost – The most melodic of the trio, Ghost crafts catchy hooks and brings songwriting elements. He has a versatile vocal range.
  • Dutch – Dutch provides ad-libs and patois flavor. He shines brightest in a live setting hyping up crowds.

Occasionally the Wolfpack collaborate with affiliate members like producers Gwalla Gang and Durt Diggla as well as Haitian rappers from their local scene. But the core trio of Big Lok, Ghost, and Dutch remain the foundation.

Live Performances

As a group born from Miami’s vibrant club scene, Brick Wolfpack are known for their energetic live performances. They bring the electricity and showmanship of their hometown’s hip hop scene to every concert.

Some of their more notable shows over the years have included:

  • Club Lexx – Miami, FL (2014)
  • Rolling Loud Festival – Miami, FL (2017)
  • Club Cinema – Pompano Beach, FL (2018)
  • Revolution Live – Fort Lauderdale, FL (2019)
  • Flask Lounge – Tampa, FL (2020)
  • Howard Theatre – Washington, D.C. (2021)

The rap trio feed off each other’s energies to create moshpit-friendly sets featuring extended mixes of hits like “Bricc Boi” and “Late Nite Lady.” Dutch in particular is known for riling up crowds with his ad-libs. Their electric stage presence makes Brick Wolfpack a must-see act.

The Future

With their debut studio album ‘The Pack Is Back’ receiving strong reviews, Brick Wolfpack are focused on continuing to release quality music and touring heavily. Some of their goals for the future include:

  • Headlining a nationwide US tour to grow their fanbase
  • Landing a popular collab with a top-tier rapper like Drake or Lil Baby
  • Eventually launching their own Miami hip hop record label
  • Recording their upcoming album predominantly in Jamaica to explore their dancehall side

As brothers bonded through their journey, the members vow to continue repping Miami to the fullest and evolving both lyrically and sonically. The Wolfpack have proudly wave the flag for their city’s unique hip hop landscape. With their blue-collar work ethic, the group seem destined for continued success.

Brick Wolfpack have already accomplished a lot as a young rap group, but likely still have their biggest hits and most momentous moves ahead of them. Big Lok, Ghost, and Dutch are hungry to keep pushing their talent to the limits. Don’t be surprised if this Miami trio emerge as one of rap’s pre-eminent forces in the coming years.