Boss Hogg Outlawz – The Southern Rap Collective Taking Over the Game

The Boss Hogg Outlawz are a rap collective hailing from the southern United States who have been making major waves in the hip hop scene over the past few years. With a distinct style that pays homage to Southern hip hop legends, the group have crafted catchy trap beats and hard-hitting lyrics into a winning formula. As their fame continues to grow, the Outlawz are proving themselves as a rap crew to watch.

Background and History

The Boss Hogg Outlawz were formed in 2014 in Memphis, Tennessee by high school friends Duke Da Beast, Keezy Kash, and Big Baby Scrilla. The trio began rapping together and built a local buzz with mixtapes like ‘Outlaw Shit’ and ‘M Town Throwdown’. Their hard Southern sound quickly earned them a devoted hometown fanbase.

The Outlawz self-released their first studio album, ‘South Memphis Maniacz’ in 2016. Songs like “M Town Stamp” and “Dirty South” paid tribute to their Memphis roots while bangers like “I Ride” showed off their signature trap house flow. The album put the rap trio on the map, gaining millions of views on YouTube and Spotify.

Since their debut, the Boss Hogg Outlawz have continued to release new music at a prolific rate. They dropped the mixtape ‘Zero Fucks Given’ in 2017 along with their viral hit single “Trap House” featuring Lil Wyte. They followed up in 2018 with the full-length studio release ‘The New Cycle’ led by bangers like “Gettin’ Rich” and “Gas & Mud.”

Most recently in 2022, the Outlawz returned with their third album ‘Money Motivated’ which debuted at #38 on the Billboard Rap Albums chart. The trio’s grinding mentality shines through on cuts like “Ambition” and “Non-Stop.” Staying true to their talents for collaboration, the project also includes appearances from Juicy J, Project Pat, and Memphis legend DJ Paul.

Musical Style

The Boss Hogg Outlawz have crafted a signature sound that pays tribute to Southern rap legends while still pushing the genre forward. They effortlessly blend contemporary trap music production with old school gangsta rap lyricism.

Their beats often feature booming 808 basslines, synthesized horns, and eerie melodies – classic elements of the Dirty South sound. Lyrically, the members rap about tried and true hip hop themes like hustling, violence, money, and women. Their flows are aggressive, punctuated by call-and-response hooks.

While firmly rooted in Southern rap traditions, the Outlawz aren’t afraid to branch out sonically. ‘Money Motivated’ featured production from Mike WiLL Made-It and appearances from pop-leaning rappers like G-Eazy. As their stardom grows, the group continues to expand their musical horizons.

The Boss Hogg Outlawz have cited Three 6 Mafia, UGK, 8Ball & MJG, and Tommy Wright III as influences. As Memphis natives, the sound of Hypnotize Minds and Hog Mob production runs through their veins. They pay tribute to their forefathers while advancing their signature style.


The Boss Hogg Outlawz have consistently released music since their 2014 formation. They have 3 studio albums, 2 mixtapes, and dozens of singles to their name. Some highlights of their discography include:


  • South Memphis Maniacz (2016)
  • The New Cycle (2018)
  • Money Motivated (2022)


  • Outlaw Shit (2014)
  • M Town Throwdown (2015)
  • Zero Fucks Given (2017)


  • “I Ride” (2016)
  • “Trap House” ft. Lil Wyte (2017)
  • “Ambition” (2022)

The group have collaborated extensively with fellow Memphis rappers such as Skinny Pimp, La Chat, and Kia Shine. They’ve also worked with Southern legends like Bun B and Juicy J as their fame has grown.

While initially independent, the Outlawz signed a distribution deal with Empire Distribution in 2018 which has helped take their music to a wider audience.


The Boss Hogg Outlawz formed as a trio and remain so today. The current members are:

  • Duke Da Beast – Duke handles much of the production for the group’s beats. He raps with a gruff, reckless delivery and often contributes ad-libs and hype man vocals on tracks.
  • Keezy Kash – As the most lyrical member, Keezy raps with a rapid-fire flow and represents the group at battles/showcases. He serves as the principal songwriter.
  • Big Baby Scrilla – Scrilla is the “hype man” of the trio with an animated persona. He excels at crafting catchy hooks and brings energy to their live performances.

The Outlawz often collaborate with affiliate rappers from their native Memphis which essentially makes them an extended group. Regular collaborators include Skrilla Baby and Lil Buck.

Live Performances

The Boss Hogg Outlawz are known for their raw, energetic live performances. They often tour alongside related Memphis acts like Nasty Nation and Criminal Empire.

The rap trio have done shows across the Southern/Midwest club scene and college town circuit. Some notable live performances include:

  • Whiskey River Club – Memphis, TN (2015)
  • South By Southwest Festival – Austin, TX (2017)
  • The Rave – Milwaukee, WI (2018)
  • Exit/In – Nashville, TN (2019)
  • House of Blues – New Orleans, LA (2020)
  • The Blue Note – Columbia, MO (2021)

The group are known for their moshpit-inducing performances with crowds often chanting along to anthemic hits like “Trap House.” As their fame rises, the Outlawz have begun hitting larger venues and festival main stages. But they still know how to rock a small, packed club with chaotic energy.

The Future

With two successful albums in the past two years, the Boss Hogg Outlawz show no signs of slowing down. They seem focused on continuing to release quality music at a consistent pace.

Recent singles like “Ballin” and guest features on songs by Gangsta Boo and Drumma Boy hint that another full-length release is likely on the horizon.

The group have mentioned aspirations of one day running their own Memphis hip hop record label to sign local talent. They hope to help put their hometown’s rap scene back on the map.

As their profile rises, the Boss Hogg Outlawz have become major players in the resurgence of Memphis rap. With their trademark authenticity and musicality, Duke, Keezy, and Scrilla represent the best of contemporary Southern hip hop. Don’t be surprised if this trio continues leading the genre for years to come.