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Boe Sosa, real name Travon Williams, is a drill rapper from Chicago who’s quickly rising to fame with his unique style and gritty lyrics. Though still an independent artist, Boe Sosa has already collaborated with major rappers like Lil Durk and is becoming a staple in the Chicago drill scene.

Introduction to Boe Sosa

Hailing from the South Side of Chicago, Boe Sosa grew up surrounded by the city’s infamous drill music scene. While many rappers simply emulate the popular Chicago drill sound, Boe Sosa has developed his own distinct style that incorporates drill while also experimenting with melody and tempo.

Boe Sosa first started rapping and producing music around 2014, releasing tracks on YouTube and SoundCloud. His early tracks like “Opp Shoppin'” and “Hang Wit Me” displayed his talent for catchy hooks and hard-hitting lyrics. Boe Sosa quickly built a local fanbase in Chicago with his regular music releases and high-energy performances.

By 2018, Boe Sosa’s popularity was rising beyond Chicago. His single “On the Corner” racked up millions of streams, gaining the attention of established acts like Lil Durk. Boe Sosa’s rapid success landed him a record deal with Durk’s OTF label in 2021, providing a huge boost to the young rapper’s career.

Boe Sosa’s Discography and Musical Style

Though he has yet to release a full studio album, Boe Sosa has dropped numerous mixtapes and singles that showcase his one-of-a-kind flow and lyrics. Here’s a quick overview of his key releases so far:

  • Bang Out, 2016 – Boe Sosa’s first mixtape, featuring early tracks like “Opp Shoppin'” and “Hang Wit Me.” The tape introduced his signature Chicago drill sound.
  • “On the Corner,” 2018 – This single truly broke Boe Sosa into the mainstream, racking up over 5 million YouTube views. The track highlights his melodic style and detailed street lyricism.
  • OTF Affiliated, 2019 – After signing with Lil Durk’s OTF label, Boe Sosa dropped this mixtape as his first release with a major label. It features his hit “Big Homie.”
  • “Big Dreez,” 2021 – Arguably Boe Sosa’s biggest hit yet, this single landed him placements on major playlists like RapCaviar. The track shows his ability to blend singing and rapping.

Though deeply rooted in drill, Boe Sosa stands out for his versatility. Songs like “Big Dreez” and “On the Corner” have a melodic, sing-song style, while tracks like “Opp Shoppin'” exhibit pure drill aggression. Boe Sosa cites Young Thug, Lil Durk, and King Von as influences, and you can hear their impact across his discography. His varied delivery and willingness to experiment have quickly made him a standout in the Chicago scene.

Record Labels and Major Collaborations

For the first few years of his career, Boe Sosa released music independently without label support. In 2021, his rapid rise caught the attention of Lil Durk, founder of the famous OTF label. Durk officially signed Boe Sosa to his imprint under Alamo Records.

The partnership with OTF has led to several high-profile collaborations for the upstart rapper:

  • Lil Durk – As his label head, Durk has appeared on various Boe Sosa tracks like “Walk Down” and “Big Homie.” Their chemistry is seamless given their shared Chicago backgrounds.
  • King Von – One of Boe Sosa’s earliest collaborations was on the song “Crazy Story 3.0” with late Chicago drill legend King Von. Von’s cosign gave him a huge credibility boost.
  • Memo600 – Fellow OTF rapper Memo600 teamed up with Boe Sosa for songs like “DOA” and “24’s.” Their back-and-forth verses showcase the OTF crew’s talent.
  • G Herbo – Veteren Chicago rapper G Herbo lent a verse to Boe Sosa’s 2021 single “Untouchable,” exposing the young rapper to Herbo’s large fanbase.

These collaborations with some of the biggest names in drill music have been crucial to boosting Boe Sosa’s popularity both in Chicago and nationally. His OTF label deal opens the door for many more joint tracks with Durk and his all-star roster.

Concert Tours and Live Performances

As an independent artist, Boe Sosa spent his early years focused on building a local fanbase through concerts and shows in Chicago. His high-energy performances at venues like The Promontory cemented his reputation as an excitable emerging talent.

Since signing with OTF, Boe Sosa has hit the road for bigger tour dates across the country. Here are some notable shows in his blossoming touring career:

  • Lil Durk Birthday Tour, 2021 – Boe Sosa’s first major tour came as an opener on Lil Durk’s birthday tour in 2021. He brought hits like “Big Homie” to packed crowds from NYC to LA.
  • Lollapalooza, 2022 – Boe Sosa made his festival debut at Chicago’s iconic Lollapalooza in 2022, wowing hometown fans on the Lake Shore Stage.
  • OTF Tour, 2022 – Last fall, Boe Sosa joined Lil Durk, King Von and Memo600 for the nationwide OTF Tour. He showed off his stage presence at tour stops in Atlanta, Houston and more.

With his fanbase expanding, expect even bigger tour announcements from Boe Sosa soon. His high-energy live show makes him a perfect match for major hip hop festivals and tours. Now backed by a label, his touring schedule is sure to rapidly pick up pace.

Boe Sosa’s Personal Life and Background

Still just 21 years old, Boe Sosa’s real name is Travon Williams. He grew up in the notorious O Block neighborhood on 63rd Street in Chicago’s South Side, an area heavily associated with drill music.

Williams found music as an outlet from a young age. Though he’s stayed quiet about his personal life, his lyrics provide a window into his early struggles and losses to street violence. Like many Chicago drill rappers, he draws from the trauma and adversity in his upbringing.

While Boe Sosa has understandably kept details private, a few personal life tidbits are known:

  • He is believed to be single, with no known public relationships.
  • His music is his current main focus, with no known children at this point.
  • Boe Sosa has referenced deceased friends in songs like “Steven” and “Hang Wit Me.”

By channeling his difficult experiences into raw music, Boe Sosa has built a distinctive voice. His personal story gives his drill lyrics an authenticity that fans deeply connect with.

Estimated Net Worth and Income

As an independent artist for the first few years of his career, Boe Sosa built up his net worth through grassroots touring and music releases. However, his net worth has likely skyrocketed since signing a potentially lucrative deal with Lil Durk’s OTF label.

While his exact net worth is unknown, some estimates peg it at:

  • Approximately $500,000 as of 2022 – This factors in his indie career earnings plus his major label deal.
  • Potentially over $1 million by 2023 – With a new album expected this year, his net worth could quickly double.
  • Earnings from streaming royalties – Hits like “Big Dreez” have racked up millions of streams, bringing in steady revenue.
  • Income from shows/tours – His touring schedule continues to grow, especially with OTF label backing.

At just 21, Boe Sosa is at the very start of his rap career. His net worth stands to grow tremendously if he continues his current trajectory. An official studio album release would also massively boost his financial outlook.

Why Boe Sosa Stands Out in Chicago Drill

In just a few short years, Boe Sosa has emerged as one of the most exciting new voices in Chicago drill music. But what makes his brand of drill truly unique?

Melodic Style – Boe Sosa incorporates more singing and melody than most drill rappers. Tracks like “Big Dreez” and “On the Corner” have catchy sung hooks that stick in your head.

Range and Versatility – From ferocious bars to smooth R&B crooning, Boe Sosa has serious range as a vocalist. He can adapt his style to any beat or collab.

Vulnerable Lyricism – Unlike many drill rappers focused on tough talk, Boe Sosa writes lyrics exposing his vulnerabilities and personal struggles.

Independent Spirit – Boe Sosa built his early career completely independently, organically growing a fanbase from the ground up in Chicago.

With his diverse musical talents and relentless work ethic, Boe Sosa is poised to become a Chicago drill leader for years to come. At just 21, his career has barely scratched the surface of its potential. With Boe Sosa’s rare blend of melody, vulnerability, and non-stop drive, his rise seems inevitable.

Where to Learn More About Boe Sosa

To keep up with this fast rising young rapper, check out the following links:

  • Boe Sosa’s YouTube channel – Subscribe for regular music videos and singles.
  • Boe Sosa’s Instagram page – Follow him @boe.otf for updates, pics and more.
  • OTF label Instagram page – Get news on Boe Sosa’s label releases and tours.

Boe Sosa is still early in his promising hip hop career. Keep watching his socials and music channels to see what he drops next. At just 21, his best work likely still lies ahead as he continues growing into his one-of-a-kind style and sound.

Frequently Asked Questions About Boe Sosa

  1. Where is Boe Sosa from?

    Boe Sosa is from the South Side of Chicago, specifically the O Block neighborhood. Chicago’s drill scene had a huge impact on his music.

  2. How old is Boe Sosa?

    Boe Sosa was born in 2001, making him around 21 years old as of 2022.

  3. What label is Boe Sosa signed to?

    Boe Sosa is signed to his mentor Lil Durk’s OTF label, under Alamo Records.

  4. What is Boe Sosa’s biggest song?

    Boe Sosa’s track “Big Dreez” is likely his most popular so far, with huge streaming numbers on Spotify and YouTube.

  5. Who has Boe Sosa collaborated with?

    Boe Sosa has collaborated with many big names in rap, including Lil Durk, King Von, Memo600, and G Herbo.