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Big Hawk

Big Hawk, born as John Edward Hawkins, was an influential figure in the Southern hip hop scene, best remembered for his deep, relaxed vocals and powerful lyrics. Emerging from the culturally rich neighborhood of South Park, Houston, he left an indelible impact on the genre of chopped and screwed hip hop. His tragic and untimely passing in 2006 marked the end of an era, but his music and legacy continue to inspire and influence artists to this day.

Big Hawk Discography

Big Hawk’s discography reflects his incredible talent and influence in the world of Southern hip hop. From his debut solo album, “Under Hawk’s Wings” in 2000, to his posthumously released “Endangered Species” in 2007, Hawk’s music resonated with fans, establishing him as a cornerstone of Houston’s hip hop scene.

Big Hawk Origin, Date Of Birth, Genres, Occupation,Year Acive & Lables

Big Hawk Origin

Born and raised in South Park, Houston, Texas, Big Hawk was ingrained with the local culture, which heavily influenced his music. His Houston origins shaped his unique style and defined his place in the chopped and screwed hip hop genre, a signature sound of the South.

Big Hawk Date of Birth

Born on November 15, 1969, Big Hawk grew up during a dynamic period in music history, with the birth and growth of hip hop. His music and style reflect the cultural shifts and musical influences of his time, underscoring the significant contributions he made during his life.

Big Hawk Genres

Big Hawk was a prominent figure in the chopped and screwed genre, a style of hip hop known for slowing down the tempo of songs, creating a unique and hypnotic sound. His contribution to this genre is significant, helping to popularize this uniquely Southern style beyond regional borders.

Big Hawk Occupation

Big Hawk was a respected rapper and a founding member of the iconic hip hop group, Screwed Up Click. While music was his primary occupation, he was also known for his mentorship and his role in promoting local talent, embodying the spirit of community inherent in the Houston hip hop scene.

Big Hawk Years Active

Big Hawk’s professional career spanned from the mid-90s until his untimely death in 2006. During this period, he made substantial contributions to the hip hop genre, leaving behind a legacy that continues to influence and inspire artists.

Big Hawk Labels

Throughout his career, Big Hawk was associated with several labels, including Dead End Records and Game Face Entertainment. These associations facilitated his music’s reach and influence, extending the impact of his unique style to a broad audience.