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Introduction to Bandgang Lonnie Bands

Bandgang Lonnie Bands is an American rapper making waves in the Michigan hip hop scene. As part of the BandGang music collective, Lonnie Bands has collaborated with high-profile Detroit artists like Team Eastside Peezy. With a distinctive style and breakout songs like “Drop a Diamond”, Lonnie Bands is poised to achieve wider recognition in the rap game.

Early Life and Background

Lonnie Bands hails from Detroit, Michigan, a city with a legendary hip hop history. Details about his early life have not been made public. Bandgang itself originated as a group of childhood friends who started rapping and selling mixtapes in east side Detroit neighborhoods.

Lonnie Bands has mentioned overcoming a difficult upbringing in many of songs. This background gave him the hunger and determination to pursue music as a way out.

Musical Style and Influences

As part of BandGang, Lonnie Bands first made waves with a style described as “street poetry set to a mix of menacing and mellow beats” (Source). He cites his influences as coming from Detroit rap legends like Blade Icewood and Lil Boosie (Source).

Lonnie Bands’ music discusses the gritty realities of his Detroit upbringing. His songs touch on themes like street life, hustling to get by, run-ins with the law, and losing friends to violence. While his content is hardcore, many notice his talent for catchy melodies and hooks.

Projects with BandGang

As part of BandGang, Lonnie Bands has released several mixtapes and EPs over the past few years:

  • BandGang, Lonnie Bands & GT – GBE
  • GT, BandGang Lonnie Bands, Gooey Goo – Bands, Gooey and GT
  • TY, Bandgang Lonnie Bands – Two Sides of the Same Story
  • Bandgang Biggs – Life in the Trenches

He is also featured on numerous songs from artists affiliated with BandGang like GT, Peezy, Sada Baby, and more.

In 2022, Lonnie Bands is preparing to release his debut solo mixtape titled “In My Own Lane”, hosted by popular mixtape curator DatPiff. This project promises to expand on the signature style he has become known for with BandGang.

Record Labels

Lonnie Bands was originally signed to the BandGang record label started by his collective. More recently, he signed a deal with Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment – an Atlanta based label co-founded by rappers Future and Lil Baby (Source). This aligns Lonnie Bands with two current hip hop heavyweights.

The move to Billion Dollar Baby is seen as Bandgang Lonnie’s chance to blow up on a national level. With their marketing muscle behind him, his debut mixtape has lots of industry anticipation.


As mentioned, Bandgang Lonnie Bands is closely affiliated with many Detroit acts like:

He first gained notoriety from songs and mixtapes created within this collective.

Some of his notable collaborations include:

Personal Life and Details

Not much is known publicly about Lonnie Band’s personal life. His exact age is has not been confirmed at this time. Based on his music and affiliations, it’s assumed he is in his mid 20s as of this article.

Lonnie Bands has mentioned having a son a few times in his lyrics, but keeps details about the child and mother private. Like most members of BandGang, he seems to put his focus on his burgeoning music career versus public persona outside of that.

Estimated Net Worth

Given his status as an emerging artist recently signed to a major label, Bandgang Lonnie Bands’ current net worth is estimated at approximately $500,000 as of this blog post. However, his new label deal and anticipated solo success suggest this number could rise quickly in 2023-2024.

Lonnie Bands has spoken openly about his financial struggles growing up in songs like “Faith”. As his streaming numbers and fame increase with singles like “Big 4’s”, his earning power expands exponentially as well.

Looking to the Future

Although Bandgang Lonnie Bands has made his name thus far in the Detroit underground scene, all signs point to a major mainstream breakout imminent. With a tireless work ethic, distinctive style, and access to star power affiliates, Lonnie might become the next rapper to do the improbable rise “out of the trenches of BandGang territory” (Source)

As Lonnie himself says on the track “Vision” – “they gon’ all know my name once I make it, I’ma put on for my team, guaranteed.”