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Babyface Ray – The Emerging Face of Detroit’s Hip Hop Scene

Detroit, Michigan has cultivated a distinct hip hop sound and style over the years. Rising rapper Babyface Ray is the emerging face and voice of the current generation of Motor City MCs. Known for his sly delivery and clever punchlines, Babyface Ray strives to put his own creative spin on Detroit’s hip hop legacy.

Introduction to Babyface Ray

Babyface Ray (real name: Rodney Wayne Ray, Jr.) is an American rapper and hip hop artist hailing from Detroit’s Dexter-Linwood neighborhood. Born on September 16, 1990, Babyface Ray spent his early years immersed in the rich culture and musical history of Detroit hip hop.

Growing up, Babyface Ray was heavily influenced by Detroit pioneers like Eminem, Blade Icewood, and Slum Village. He later attended Southfield High School, where his first mixtape Team Be$t Buddie$ 2 gained some local notoriety. However, he did not begin taking music seriously until later on in his life.

In 2016 at age 25, Babyface Ray released his debut studio album Ghetto Testament under indie label Opposition. The album’s single “He’s So Wavey” helped launch his career as it gained some online buzz. This subsequently led to collaborations with Detroit veterans like Icewear Vezzo.

Babyface Ray’s gritty street storytelling and sharp wordplay soon earned him a spot on the XXL Freshman Class of 2022. He continues to gain popularity in mainstream hip hop circles. So far, his distinctive style and compelling charisma is putting the rapper on track to emerge as one of Motor City’s next big breakout stars.

Babyface Ray Discography and Projects

As an up-and-coming rapper, Babyface Ray has steadily built his repertoire over the past few years. So far, his catalog of singles, EPs, and mixtapes showcase his skill and versatility as an artist.


  • Team Be$t Buddie$ 2 (2018) – Debut mixtape featuring appearances from Icewear Vezzo, GT, Billi & Insane Poetry
  • Oh No (2021) – Features Denaun Porter, Trick Trick, Peezy, and more


  • MIA Season (2019) – Includes singles “Scripture” featuring Big Sean and “Stop Playin”
  • Unfuckwitable (2021) – Includes popular singles “WHAT HAPPEND TO VIRGIL” and “FACETIME” with Landstrip Chip
  • MY PRAYERS (2022) – Most recent and most successful project with singles “Paperwork Party”, “ZOOM”, and “EUROStep”

Studio Albums

  • Ghetto Testament (2016) – Debut album under Opposition
  • MIA Season: The H-BO Tape (2021) – First studio album under EMPIRE distribution


As a lead artist:

  • “He’s So Wavey” (2016)
  • “Scripture” ft. Big Sean (2019)
  • “FACETIME” ft. Landstrip Chip (2021)
  • “Paperwork Party” (2022)
  • “ZOOM” (2022)
  • “EUROStep” (2022)

As a featured artist:

  • Boldy James – “Boldy James” (2020)
  • Icewear Vezzo – “Showin Out” (2021)
  • Peezy – “Reminisce” (2021)

So far in his career, Babyface Ray has shown dexterity in crafting street anthems, hard-hitting club bangers, and even more emotional tracks addressing relationships and personal growth. His discography highlights both his technical skill and range as an artist.

Musical Style, Influences, and Collaborations

Hailing from Detroit, Babyface Ray has certainly been shaped by the city’s rich musical legacy. The slick wordplay of Blade Icewood, soulful production of J Dilla and Slum Village, and fiery delivery of Eminem have all influenced his style.

However, Babyface Ray also draws inspiration from beyond his hometown. He often references legends like Gucci Mane, Jeezy, and Master P when discussing his biggest inspirations. This blend of influences has led him to develop his own distinct style.

Lyrically, Babyface Ray excels in sly braggadocio rhymes and quick flexes anchored by repeated punchlines. His vocal tone has been described as “devious” yet charismatic. Many of his tracks also explore the duality between tough exterior bravado and emotional honesty.

On the production side, Babyface Ray leans towards minimal Southern trap beats mixed with sampled Detroit soul chops. These instrumentals allow his boisterous delivery and attention-grabbing lines to shine through. Frequent collaborators include producers like Cardo Got Wings, Icewear Vezzo, GT, and Helluva.

In terms of features, Babyface Ray has already worked with contemporary Detroit staples like Boldy James, Payroll Giovanni, Sada Baby, and Peezy. He has also secured co-signs from national stars such as Big Sean, 2 Chainz, and Lil Yachty. Based on his growing Rolodex of collaborators and co-signs, Babyface Ray clearly has his finger on the pulse of hip hop’s current landscape.

Labels and Business Ventures

The first label Babyface Ray was affiliated with was the independent Detroit imprint Opposition. His 2016 debut album Ghetto Testament was released via Opposition.

However, the rising MC is now signed to Empire Distribution – home to major acts like Tyga and Bay Area legend E-40. In 2021, Empire distributed his album MIA Season: The H-BO Tape which boosted Babyface’s visibility and streaming popularity.

Aside from music, Babyface Ray has launched his own merchandise brand called Wavy Navy. The clothing line offers t-shirts, hoodies, and accessories emblazoned with the Wavy Navy logo. He often sports pieces from the line in music videos and performances.

Babyface Ray’s Personal Life

Not much is known publicly about Babyface Ray’s personal life, as he tends to keep that side of himself very private. However, there are a few details that have emerged:

  • He has two daughters named Avi and Amari. He occasionally posts photos of them on Instagram, but keeps their privacy protected.
  • In several interviews and songs, Babyface Ray has mentioned spending time incarcerated earlier in life. Like many rappers, he chooses not disclose further details.
  • He is currently romantically linked to Instagram model Leah Monet. The two have appeared together in Ray’s recent music videos.
  • Aside from music and family, Ray seems passionate about designer fashion. His Instagram often shows off rare Jordan sneakers and luxury clothing pieces from brands like Chrome Hearts, Amiri, and Visvim.

By keeping his inner circle guarded, Babyface Ray can maintain his air of slick mystery and outsider detachment. This allows his sharp lyrics and enigmatic persona to shine through as his calling card.

Net Worth and Income Sources

As an rising rapper gaining mainstream momentum, Babyface Ray’s current net worth is estimated around $500,000 according to multiple net worth calculators and sites. While not verified, this seems plausible given his recent success and label deals.

The bulk of his income likely comes from music streaming royalties, performance bookings, merchandise sales, and record contracts. For example, after signing to Empire, his monthly Spotify listeners jumped from 200,000 to over 2 million. This directly translates to larger streaming payouts.

If Babyface Ray continues his current growth trajectory – scoring hits, collaborating with stars, touring successfully – his net worth valuation should rise significantly in the next few years. The 31 year old MC is just hitting his stride as Detroit hip hop’s next flag bearer.

Why Babyface Ray’s Buzz is Growing

Being named to XXL’s respected Freshman Class of 2022 is a major sign that Babyface Ray’s stock is rising fast. But what exactly is causing his accelerating popularity? There are a few key factors:

  • Co-Signs from Hip Hop Heavyweights – Major props from the likes of Big Sean, 2 Chainz, Lil Yachty, and Jack Harlow have given Ray the stamp of approval from commercial rap kingmakers. These looks have boosted his status and visibility immensely. Detroit pioneers like Icewear Vezzo and Boldy James have also affirmed his ascent.
  • Genuine Grassroots Following – While many new rappers aim to “go viral”, Babyface Ray has built a strong foundation locally first. Selling out shows in his hometown and developing a tight fanbase through constant touring has given his career legs. His rise feels authentic rather than manufactured overnight.
  • Unique Style and Delivery – In a crowded field, Babyface Ray stands out sonically. His lively vocal inflections, memorable Punchlines, and ability to ride any beat with character gives his music replay value. Fans are drawn to his charismatic and mischievous delivery just as much as bars.

As Babyface Ray drops more projects, shoots more videos, and does more shows – his feverish momentum will likely continue. The ingredients are there for the Detroit MC to sustain his rise rather than flame out as an overnight fad. With strong music and an authentic base behind him, the sky’s the limit for Babyface Ray’s growing fame and fortune.

Frequently Asked Questions About Babyface Ray

Babyface Ray’s rising notoriety means fans have plenty of questions about the Detroit rapper’s background, music style, record label deals and more. Here are 5 of the most frequently asked questions about him:

Question: What music artists does Babyface Ray cite as his biggest influences?

Answer: While Babyface Ray has his own distinct style, he often pays homage to Detroit hip hop pioneers who paved the way like Blade Icewood, Slum Village, and Eminem. He also frequently references Southern rap giants like Master P, Gucci Mane, and T.I. as inspirations.

Question: How did Babyface Ray link up with Empire Distribution?

Answer: After building buzz locally in Detroit and online, Babyface Ray began garnering major label attention. In 2021, he signed a distribution deal with West Coast label giant Empire. Empire is home to acclaimed acts like Tyga, Doja Cat, and Bay Area legend E-40. They are now responsible for distributing and promoting all of Ray’s new music.

Question: What is Babyface Ray’s most popular song?

Based on streams, Babyface Ray’s current most popular track is “Paperwork Party” off his My Prayers EP. Released in 2022, the song already has over 25 million plays on Spotify alone. Other top hits are “What Happened to Virgil” and “Zoom”.

Question: Has Babyface Ray ever been arrested or spent time in prison?

Answer: In past interviews, Babyface Ray has briefly mentioned serving prison sentences earlier in life to pay past debts and mistakes. However, he tends to avoid sharing explicit details about any criminal history or arrests. Like many rap artists, his past legal troubles largely remain undisclosed publicly.

Question: Where can I buy merchandise from Babyface Ray’s fashion line Wavy Navy?

Answer: Babyface Ray’s signature clothing brand called Wavy Navy offers hats, t-shirts, hoodies and more featuring his creative designs. Fans can purchase authentic Wavy Navy gear via the official online store to rep Ray’s movement. New merchandise is typically announced first on his Instagram page.

Hopefully this breakdown helps answer some of the most pressing questions about Detroit hip hop’s hottest rising rapper Babyface Ray! As his career continues to surge, interest and intrigue in the motor-mouthed MC will surely keep growing among hip hop heads.