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ABN (hip hop duo)

The ABN, or Assholes by Nature, is a prominent hip-hop duo composed of rappers Trae tha Truth and Z-Ro. Both artists have achieved individual acclaim in the southern hip-hop scene, and their collaboration as ABN has generated powerful and raw narratives of life in Houston, Texas. Their music balances hard-hitting themes with lyrical finesse, marking them as compelling contributors to the genre.

ABN (hip hop duo) Discography

ABN’s discography, although limited, is powerful. Their debut album, “It Is What It Is,” released in 2008, was an immediate hit in the southern hip-hop scene, combining Z-Ro’s melodic hooks and Trae’s gritty rap style. A sequel to their debut, “It Still Is What It Is,” is highly anticipated by fans, demonstrating the duo’s lasting impact.

ABN (hip hop duo) Origin, Date Of Birth, Genres, Occupation,Year Acive & Lables

ABN (hip hop duo) Origin

ABN originated from the rich musical landscape of Houston, Texas. Both Trae tha Truth and Z-Ro have strong ties to the city and have consistently used their platform to portray Houston’s realities. Their shared Houstonian roots have greatly influenced their music and image, earning them the respect of local fans and beyond.

ABN (hip hop duo) Date of Birth

The birth dates of ABN’s members, Trae tha Truth (born July 3, 1980) and Z-Ro (born January 19, 1977), reveal the artists’ experience and longevity in the music industry. Their shared histories in the genre have contributed to the authentic and mature sound that ABN is celebrated for.

ABN (hip hop duo) Genres

The ABN duo is renowned for their unique blend of genres. While deeply rooted in southern hip hop, their sound also incorporates elements of gangsta rap and screwed and chopped music. This fusion of styles results in a distinct sound that has been instrumental in shaping Houston’s hip-hop landscape.

ABN (hip hop duo) Occupation

As members of ABN, Trae tha Truth and Z-Ro have made their marks as rappers and songwriters. Their honest lyrics, coupled with impactful beats, showcase their talents and dedication to creating music that resonates with listeners and reflects their lived experiences.

ABN (hip hop duo) Years Active

ABN has been active intermittently since 2003, despite each member’s individual commitments and solo projects. Their infrequent collaborations have served to increase the anticipation and excitement surrounding their releases, cementing their status as influential figures in the hip-hop scene.

ABN (hip hop duo) Labels

ABN has worked with several labels throughout their career, including Rap-A-Lot Records and G-Maab Entertainment. These collaborations have helped the duo reach wider audiences and have supported them in delivering their distinct southern hip-hop sound to the masses.