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Choice (rapper)

Choice, as her stage name suggests, is a distinctive voice in the rap industry. As one of the pioneering female rappers in the 90s, she used her platform to challenge stereotypes and pave the way for future artists. Her legacy remains influential, inspiring new generations of rappers to express their thoughts fearlessly and authentically.

Choice (rapper) Discography

Choice’s discography, though brief, made a significant impact in the rap industry. Her debut album “The Big Payback” released in 1990, is often hailed as a classic, filled with powerful, explicit lyrics that boldly addressed the socio-political issues of her time.

Choice (rapper) Origin, Date Of Birth, Genres, Occupation,Year Acive & Lables

Choice (rapper) Origin

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Choice’s upbringing in the vibrant cultural hub greatly influenced her music. The realities of life in urban Texas, along with the dynamic Southern rap scene, provided a fertile ground for her provocative and groundbreaking artistry.

Choice (rapper) Date of Birth

Choice’s exact date of birth is not publicly known, adding an air of mystery to her persona. However, her emergence in the music scene during the late 80s and early 90s positions her as one of the trailblazing female voices in the rap industry.

Choice (rapper) Genres

Predominantly a rap artist, Choice’s music is known for its raw, unabashed honesty. Her audacious lyrics, delivered through her signature rap style, incorporated elements of hardcore hip-hop, emphasizing the themes of feminism and social inequality.

Choice (rapper) Occupation

Best known as a rapper, Choice has also ventured into other areas of the music industry. Her contributions go beyond performing, reflecting her deep-rooted passion for music and her commitment to empowering female voices in a male-dominated industry.

Choice (rapper) Years Active

Choice was predominantly active in the music industry during the late 1980s and early 1990s. During this period, she released powerful music that contributed significantly to the evolving narrative of female empowerment in the hip-hop genre.

Choice (rapper) Labels

Choice was signed to Rap-A-Lot Records, an independent hip-hop label based in her hometown of Houston, Texas. Rap-A-Lot Records played a crucial role in promoting Southern hip-hop, and Choice’s association with them further emphasized her contributions to the genre.