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Tracking His Expanding Family

Popular TV host and comedian Nick Cannon has confirmed he will soon welcome three more children, further expanding his already massive family brood to 12 kids total sometime in 2023.

Two babies on the way were announced in January 2023 by model Alyssa Scott – with whom Cannon tragically lost infant son Zen to brain cancer in 2021. Scott unveiled a maternity photo shoot showcasing her growing baby bump timed exactly one year after Zen’s death, captioned “a MAJESTIC day”.

Additionally, Cannon is also expecting his third child with DJ Abby De La Rosa in October 2023. They already coparent twin sons Zion and Zillion, born in 2021.

So to summarize, Nick Cannon has three children total on the way:

  • 2 babies with Alyssa Scott due 2023
  • 1 baby with Abby De La Rosa due October 2023

This will bring the 42-year old entertainment mogul’s incredible kid count up to 12 children ranging ages 0 to 11 years old with six different mothers.

Recapping Nick Cannon’s Massive Fatherhood Journey

Nick Cannon’s unconventional path to having an enormous family accelerated as his various relationships overlapped between 2014-2022 during which he welcomed seven children. His prolific fatherhood timeline has kept gossip blogs buzzing for years tracking his baby-making exploits.

Cannon first became dad to twins Moroccan and Monroe Cannon, born in 2011 with global superstar ex-wife Mariah Carey. After their split, Nick had son Golden Cannon (born 2017) and daughter Powerful Queen Cannon (2020) with Brittany Bell. Plus twins Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir Cannon arrived in 2021 via DJ Abby De La Rosa.

In 2021, Cannon also started expecting a son Zen with model Alyssa Scott that tragically ended just months later when Zen died at five months old from a rare brain cancer. The loss greatly devastated both parents. Now in 2023, Scott is pregnant again with Zen’s potential twin siblings – the eighth and ninth children for remarkably prolific father Nick Cannon.

While the TV personality practices safe intimacy measures now like celibacy and vasectomy consultations to limit further conceptions, his sprawling family still grows. And Cannon somehow keeps everything under financial control through his lucrative show business career spanning decades already.

Cannon’s Future Fatherhood Plans

Despite public scrutiny over continuing such an unorthodox lifestyle, Nick Cannon seems content with his destiny fathering a crowded brood. He finds profound purpose through the children enriching his life constantly with “new energy” despite losing son Zen far too soon.

In interviews the busy creator explains pragmatic reasons for having so many dependents – wanting enough kids to build a sports team he can coach someday or launch a famous family band. And Cannon believes through securing generational wealth, all his offspring receive equal love and opportunities no matter their mothers.

While Nick Cannon’s fertility levels may mystify some, he feels blessed carrying on his family name through dozen kids. And with three more babies currently on the way in 2023 with two past partners, Cannon will soon have even more little ones lovingly calling him Dad across multiple households.

Key Details on Cannon’s Kids Due in 2023:

  • Expecting twin boys (?) with Alyssa Scott, arriving sometime in 2023
  • Also having a son with Abby De La Rosa due October 2023
  • Scott carrying deceased infant son Zen’s potential siblings
  • Third baby boy for Cannon & De La Rosa who already have twins Zion & Zillion
  • Brings Cannon’s total kids to 12 spanning six mothers

Frequently Asked Questions About Nick Cannon’s Massive Family:

How many baby mamas does Nick Cannon have currently?

Nick Cannon has six baby mamas – Mariah Carey, Brittany Bell, Abby De La Rosa, Alyssa Scott and two other unnamed women. More high-profile pregnancies could still emerge in coming years too.

What does Nick Cannon do for a living?

Cannon built his wealth through decades working in entertainment – first with acting then as host/producer of hit series The Nick Cannon Show, America’s Got Talent and popular MTV improv program Wild ‘N Out since 2005.

Is Nick Cannon having more twins with Alyssa Scott?

Yes, in January 2023 model Alyssa Scott confirmed she is pregnant again with Nick Cannon’s child – exactly one year after the death of their late son Zen who had a brain tumor. Strong hints point to Scott carrying twin boys this second pregnancy.

How will Nick support and raise so many kids?

With estimated $30 million fortune and assets along with steady TV hosting & production salaries, Cannon claims he is financially and emotionally equipped to raise a large family – promising education funds and equal love for all eventual 12 children despite complicated dynamics.

Does Nick Cannon have custody of his other kids?

It varies – Cannon shares custody with Mariah Carey over 10-year old twins Moroccan and Monroe and appears bonded to older kids. Reports suggest other mothers like Brittany Bell, Abby De La Rosa and Alyssa Scott have physical custody of their younger children across multiple households outside Nick’s primary home.

In summary, entertainer Nick Cannon has three more children on the way in 2023 with past partners expanding his still-unconventional family of soon-to-be 12 kids and counting before age 45.

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