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India Royale, renowned for her influential presence on social media platforms, is quite popular for her trendy fashion choices and engaging content. Besides her public life, people also show great interest in her personal life. One common question that often arises is – how many kids does India Royale have?

India Royale: A Social Media Influencer and a Loving Mother

India Royale is the proud mother of two children. Her life as a mother adds another layer to her identity as a fashion influencer and entrepreneur.

India Royale’s First Child: A Daughter

India Royale’s first child is her beautiful daughter, whose name is not publicly disclosed. Born before Royale’s relationship with the rapper Lil Durk, the young girl is often seen on Royale’s social media platforms, where she showcases her adorable charm and strong bond with her mother.

India Royale’s Second Child: Willow Banks

Willow Banks, born on November 1, 2018, is Royale’s second child and the first with her partner, rapper Lil Durk. Willow’s birth brought immense joy to the couple, and Royale frequently shares her daughter’s growth milestones with her fans, further endearing them to her family.

India Royale: An Inspiring Journey of Motherhood

India Royale’s journey as a mother of two has been inspiring. Through the highs and lows, she has shown exceptional resilience and unconditional love for her children. Her dedication towards nurturing her children while managing her booming career sets her apart as an influential figure.


How many kids does India Royale have?

India Royale has two children.

Who is India Royale’s partner?

India Royale’s partner is rapper Lil Durk.

What are the names of India Royale’s children?

India Royale’s children are Willow Banks and an elder daughter whose name hasn’t been publicly disclosed.

Who is India Royale?

India Royale is a popular social media influencer and entrepreneur.

What does India Royale do?

India Royale is a social media influencer, sharing content related to fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She is also an entrepreneur, running her own beauty brand, India Royale Beauty.

Where can I find more information about India Royale?

More information about India Royale can be found on her Instagram and her official website.

When was India Royale’s second child born?

Willow Banks, India Royale’s second child, was born on November 1, 2018.

What is India Royale’s real name?

India Royale’s real name is India Royale.

What is the name of India Royale’s beauty brand?

India Royale’s beauty brand is called India Royale Beauty.

What are some of India Royale’s popular social media platforms?

Some of India Royale’s popular social media platforms include Instagram and Snapchat.

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