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Argentine soccer phenom Lionel Messi is considered one of the greatest footballers of all time at just 35 years old. With 10 La Liga titles, 4 Champion League wins and a record seven Ballon d’Or honors to his name, his dominance on the pitch has long been unmatched. Off the field, Messi maintains a relatively private personal life centered on his tight-knit family, including being a father to three sons.

Lionel Messi Has 3 Children

As of early 2023, global superstar Lionel Messi has three children with wife Antonela Roccuzzo:

  • Thiago Messi, born November 2, 2012 (age 10)
  • Mateo Messi, born September 11, 2015 (age 7)
  • Ciro Messi, born March 10, 2018 (age 4)

Despite rumors here and there of potential fourth or fifth kids for the pair, the soccer icon and his childhood sweetheart have remained a family of five for now.

All 3 Sons Were Born in Barcelona

Messi and Roccuzzo made Barcelona their long-time home base during his storied career tenure playing for Barça. There in the Spanish coastal city is where the couple welcomed all three of Thiago, Mateo and Ciro from 2012 to 2018.

The young family proudly repped FC Barcelona over the years, growing up cheering their superstar dad on at Camp Nou stadium. Their recent 2021 relocation to Paris has no doubt been an adjustment now with Leo Messi playing for Paris Saint-Germain. But their Catalonian roots and ‘culé’ communal identity still run deep.

Their Names Have Significance

Like many celebrity parents, Lionel and Antonela Messi put a lot of meaning behind their son’s name choices over the years:

  • Thiago translates to ‘God’s gift’ — indicating the first boy being their long-awaited blessing
  • Mateo has roots meaning ‘gift of God’ as well
  • Ciro is thought to pay homage to an influential physician named Ciro who helped treat Messi’s growth hormone deficiency in his youth

The thoughtful selections demonstrate how every child is special to soccer’s first family.

Messi Cherishes Family Life

With all his unprecedented glory achieved for club and country during his senior career since the mid-2000s, Lionel Messi has often stated no accomplishment means more to him than being a husband and dad.

He protects his family’s privacy mightily off the field. But over the years, tender moments like goal dedications to the kids, adorable post-game locker room crashes and occasional wholesome social media posts have reminded fans of what matters most to the G.O.A.T. besides soccer – fatherhood.

Regardless of team or trophies or records to still chase, Messi’s purpose will always be Antonela and the boys above all. Expect that bond only to strengthen as years go by post-retirement from play.

FAQs About Messi’s Family:

Where do Lionel Messi’s kids go to school?

The boys attend an international French academy in Paris tailored to bilingual children since their 2021 move from Spain.

How does Messi balance soccer and parenting?

He credits wife Antonela Roccuzzo entirely for holding their household together, allowing him to shine as both otherworldly player and dedicated dad simultaneously.

Does Lionel Messi still live in Barcelona?

Not since 2021 – Leo and his whole family relocated from their longtime Barcelona base to Paris, France when he signed with Paris Saint-Germain at 34.

Does Messi post photos with his sons?

Sometimes rarely candid snapshots appear on his heavily-followed Instagram account, but Messi protects the children’s privacy overall.

Will Lionel Messi retire soon to spend time with family?

Despite hitting his mid-30s, Messi still plans on continuing his record-setting career for a few more years at least, while relishing every spare moment at home.

For all of his peerless brilliance shining on soccer pitches worldwide, Lionel Messi considers Antonela and sons Thiago, Mateo and Ciro his crowning glory through it all. The GOAT parenthood journey continues blissfully in France for football’s first family.

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