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Boris Johnson’s political career as Mayor of London and later Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has been well documented. But more intriguing for some is the Tory politician’s colourful and complicated personal life, specifically when it comes to his relationships and children. So exactly how many kids has Boris Johnson got?

Johnson has been married multiple times and had several extra-marital affairs leading to various children born over the years. While he doesn’t officially acknowledge the exact number, most reports agree that he has at least 7 children with three different women.

Johnson’s Early Life and Political Rise

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson was born in New York City in 1964 to British parents. He was educated at elite schools like Eton College and Oxford University. After working as a journalist, he entered politics, serving as a Member of Parliament and eventually Mayor of London from 2008-2016.

Johnson’s larger-than-life persona and advocacy for Brexit boosted his popularity with the Conservative Party. After Theresa May’s resignation, he became Prime Minister in July 2019 despite controversies around his personal and professional life. Johnson served as UK PM until September 2022 when he resigned and was replaced by Liz Truss.

First Marriage to Allegra Mostyn-Owen

In 1987, a 23-year-old Johnson married his Oxford University girlfriend Allegra Mostyn-Owen. Their glamorous wedding was featured in UK society magazine Tatler.

The marriage was short-lived however, and the couple divorced in 1993 after Johnson had multiple affairs. Mostyn-Owen was reportedly heartbroken by the breakdown of their relationship. They had no children together.

Second Marriage and Kids with Marina Wheeler

In 1993, soon after his first divorce, Johnson married barrister Marina Wheeler. Wheeler and Johnson had actually known each other since childhood and had reconnected romantically years earlier.

Over the next 26 years, they had four children together:

  • Lara Lettice Johnson-Wheeler, born in 1993
  • Milo Arthur Johnson-Wheeler, born in 1995
  • Cassia Peaches Johnson-Wheeler, born in 1997
  • Theodore Apollo Johnson-Wheeler, born in 1999

Marina Wheeler provided much-needed stability as Johnson pursued his political ambitions. However, allegations of her husband’s continuous infidelity put strain on their marriage.

Extramarital Relationships and Additional Children

Throughout his marriage to Wheeler, Boris Johnson was accused of having several affairs that resulted in more children being born.

In 2009, it emerged he had fathered a daughter named Stephanie with art consultant Helen Macintyre in an extramarital affair. Johnson has never officially confirmed or denied Stephanie is his child.

Additionally, allegations surfaced of another affair with entrepreneur Jennifer Arcuri during his time as Mayor of London. In 2021, she stated that Johnson had fathered her child Valentino, who was born in 2017.

If accurate, this would bring Boris Johnson’s total known kids to 7 – 4 with ex-wife Marina Wheeler and 3 from extramarital affairs.

Divorce from Marina Wheeler and New Marriage

After weathering 25 years of marital problems, Marina Wheeler finally initiated divorce proceedings in 2018. Their split was finalized in 2020.

Only months later, it was confirmed that Boris Johnson had proposed to his girlfriend Carrie Symonds, who was heavily involved in his 2019 Prime Minister campaign. Johnson and Symonds married in secret in 2021.

In April 2020 they had a son together named Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas Johnson. He was the first child born to a serving UK Prime Minister in over 150 years. Wilfred joined the half-siblings from his father’s previous marriages at their family homes.

Controversies Over Johnson’s Private Life and Children

Boris Johnson does not officially confirm the exact number of his children. Though he financially supports his 4 children with Wheeler, he has declined to comment publicly on Stephanie or Valentino born from affairs.

The media has frequently criticized Johnson’s chaotic personal life, messy divorces, and unacknowledged offspring. However, as a public figure, he believes details of his children should remain private even in the face of public scrutiny.

Still, Boris Johnson’s complicated private life with multiple wives and alleged mistresses has fueled ongoing controversies throughout his time in office. His lavish divorce settlement and the costs of supporting his large family have also garnered criticism. Despite the scandals, Johnson has stated that his children are the “supreme priority” in his life.


In summary, former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has at minimum 4 children from his marriage to Marina Wheeler – Lara, Milo, Cassia, and Theodore Johnson-Wheeler. He has one confirmed child, Wilfred, with current wife Carrie Symonds. Additionally, he allegedly fathered two children – Stephanie and Valentino – in extramarital affairs. This would bring the total kids fathered by Boris Johnson to 7.

Though often scrutinized for his eventful personal life, Johnson has said his priority is to protect his family. He contends that balancing his political duties and being a father to a sizeable brood is the most meaningful part of his legacy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Boris Johnson’s Children

How many acknowledged kids does Boris Johnson have?

He acknowledges at least 5 children – the 4 with Marina Wheeler plus Wilfred with Carrie Symonds.

Who is the mother of Boris Johnson’s youngest child?

His current wife Carrie Symonds gave birth to their son Wilfred in 2020.

Does Boris Johnson have children from affairs?

He allegedly fathered two children, Stephanie and Valentino, in affairs while married to Wheeler.

What are the names of Boris Johnson’s children with Marina Wheeler?

They are Lara, Milo, Cassia, and Theodore Johnson-Wheeler.

Where do Boris Johnson’s children live?

Most of them live primarily with their mothers. Wilfred lives with Johnson and Symonds in Downing Street during his premiership.

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