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Introduction to Future’s Prolific Rap Career

Born Nayvadius Wilburn and known professionally as “Future”, the Atlanta-based hip hop artist has produced a staggering catalog of music since first emerging circa 2010. Hit albums like DS2, EVOL, and The WIZRD have made Future one of the hottest rappers on the planet.

But while crushing the Billboard charts and touring the globe, Future’s sound isn’t the only major aspect of his life producing in bulk – he has fathered at least 7 children so far with reports guessing as many as 8 to 10 kids total.

Confirmed Father to 7 Children

While many celebrity dads opt to keep baby-mama drama and children’s lives totally private, Future has been moderately more public over the years confirming he’s produced seven offspring so far with as many as 6 different women.

Future’s kids that have been publicly addressed or that he posts on social media include sons Future Zahir, Hendrix, and Legend, plus daughters Londyn, Reign, Kash, and Paris.

Actual Total Number of Kids Unknown

However, Future’s actual number of children remains somewhat murky and debated. Persistent rumors suggest the rapper may have 8 to 10 children thanks to his admittance of multiple overlapping relationships at once during the peak of his notoriety and musical output.

Representatives for Future refuse to comment on specifics. But the star has paid child support arrangements with the mothers of at least 7 kids suggesting involvement in their lives.

Recent Focus More on Fatherhood

Now nearing 40 years old, Future appears to have toned down past wild tendencies. Sources say he’s embraced monogamy finally with one girlfriend, and spending more time enjoying his role as Dad.

As he rapped reflectively on the song “All The Smoke” off album High Off Life:

“Asked the Lord, can I spend more time with my kids? Cause when I’m gone I done missed the way that they lived”

The star showing his expanding children poolside on Father’s Day and beaming with pride indicates newfound joy in his personal life.


Rap supernova Future may have welcomed even more mini-rappers just entering first grades and preschools than epic mixtapes and platinum singles at his unprecedented streaming peak over the last decade.

But having now confirmed at least 7 children and paid support to their mothers, it appears Future is relishing new focus on one job – being the best present father possible to his growing pride – despite past reputation for juggling women simultaneously at his musical prime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Future’s most famous son’s name?

A: Future’s first son who generates the most fame is Future Zahir Wilburn who was born in 2002 to singer Ciara.

Q: How many baby mommas does Future have?

A: By confirmed kids, Future has at least 6 baby mamas. But rumored total kids suggest as many as 8-10 women have birthed his children.

Q: Does Future have custody of any kids?

A: Information is scarce but it’s assumed Future at minimum pays child support and splits custody legally via multiple prior relationships.

Q: Who was the mother of Future’s first kid?

A: Future’s first known son is Sage Wilburn born in the early 2000s. His mother and circumstances have not been publicly revealed.

Q: Does Future have a child with Lori Harvey?

A: No, despite dating briefly model Lori Harvey and other women since 2020, Future has seemingly not yet produced any additional children.

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