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Eddie Murphy is one of the most popular comedic actors of all time, known for his outrageous humor and iconic roles in films like Beverly Hills Cop, Trading Places, The Nutty Professor, and many more. Off screen, Eddie Murphy has built a reputation for having a very large family after fathering 10 children with multiple women over the years. So exactly how many kids does Eddie Murphy have?

In total, Eddie Murphy is the father of 10 children – five sons and five daughters. His first child was born when Murphy was just 20 years old, and his youngest came 30 years later. Read on for more details about all of Eddie Murphy’s children in order of their birth.

An Overview of Eddie Murphy’s Relationships

To provide some context around Murphy’s family, here’s background on the key women in his life:

  • Eddie Murphy had his first child Eric with girlfriend Paulette McNeely in 1989.
  • His eldest son Christian was born in 1990 with then-girlfriend Tamara Hood.
  • Murphy dated former model Nicole Mitchell from 1988-2006. They had five children together – Bria, Myles, Shayne, Zola, and Bella.
  • He also had a child in 2006 – daughter Angel – with former Spice Girl Melanie Brown.
  • In 2016, Murphy had his ninth child, Izzy, with model Paige Butcher. They married in 2018 and had a tenth child, Max, in 2018.

Now let’s explore details on each of Eddie Murphy’s 10 kids in order:

Eric Murphy – Eldest Son

Eric Murphy, born in 1989, is Eddie Murphy’s first child with then-girlfriend Paulette McNeely. Eric was raised primarily by his mother and has stayed out of the spotlight. But it’s clear Murphy aims to have a relationship with his oldest son.

Christian Murphy – Second Son

Also born in 1989 is Eddie Murphy’s son Christian with former girlfriend Tamara Hood. Like Eric, not much is known about Christian’s private life. But Eddie seems to share a bond with the son who also bears his comedian dad’s humor.

Bria Murphy – Eldest Daughter

Bria Murphy, born November 18, 1989, is Eddie’s first child with Nicole Mitchell. Following her father’s path, Bria has forged a career as an actress, model and artist. She clearly inherited her dad’s creative talents.

Myles Murphy – Third Son

Myles Mitchell Murphy is Eddie’s second son with Nicole Mitchell, born on November 7, 1992. While not in showbiz like his sister Bria, Myles leads a more low-key life outside the spotlight.

Shayne Audra Murphy – Second Daughter

Shayne Audra Murphy was born on October 10, 1994 as the third daughter of Eddie and Nicole Mitchell Murphy. Like Myles, she opts to keep a low profile and let other siblings get the fame.

Zola Ivy Murphy – Third Daughter

Another child from Eddie Murphy and Nicole Mitchell is daughter Zola Ivy Murphy, born December 24, 1999. She is their fifth child together. Not much is known about her life as she stays out of the public eye.

Bella Zahra Murphy – Youngest with Ex-Wife

Bella Zahra Murphy, born January 29, 2002, is Eddie Murphy’s fifth and youngest child with ex-wife Nicole Mitchell before their 2006 divorce. Bella has maintained privacy as an adult. She was raised primarily by her mother after the split.

Angel Iris Murphy Brown – Daughter with Mel B

In 2007, a DNA test confirmed that Eddie Murphy fathered a child named Angel Iris Murphy Brown with former Spice Girl Melanie Brown. Born April 3, 2007, Angel spends time with both parents and split her childhood between LA and Britain.

Izzy Oona Murphy – First Child with Paige Butcher

After several years without more kids, Eddie had daughter Izzy Oona Murphy on May 3, 2016 with model Paige Butcher. Izzy was born when Murphy was 55 years old. She now has a younger brother Max as playmate.

Max Charles Murphy – Youngest Son

Max Charles Murphy, born November 30, 2018, is Eddie Murphy’s tenth and youngest child. His mother is also Paige Butcher, who married Eddie in 2018. After many kids with various women, Murphy seems content now with his wife, Izzy and little Max.

Murphy Loves Family Life Despite Unconventional Path

While Eddie Murphy fathered children with multiple women over many years, those close to the actor report he loves family life. He has matured from some youthful recklessness to value relationships with all his kids, aims to amicably co-parent apart from exes, and provide as a present, engaged dad.

Eddie Murphy Kids FAQs

Here are some key questions and answers about Eddie Murphy’s large family:

How many baby mamas does Eddie Murphy have?

Eddie Murphy has children with five different women – Paulette McNeely, Tamara Hood, Nicole Mitchell, Melanie Brown, and Paige Butcher.

Who is Eddie Murphy’s oldest child?

Eddie Murphy’s oldest son is Eric Murphy, born in 1989 to girlfriend Paulette McNeely. His eldest daughter is Bria Murphy, born later in 1989 to Nicole Mitchell.

Are any of Eddie Murphy’s kids famous?

Yes, his daughter Bria Murphy works as an actress and model. His daughter Angel’s mother is Spice Girl Mel B. And son Max’s mother is Eddie’s current wife Paige Butcher.

How many kids does Eddie have with ex-wife Nicole?

Eddie Murphy and ex-wife Nicole Mitchell share five children – daughters Bria, Shayne, Zola and son Myles, and youngest daughter Bella.

What is Eddie Murphy’s youngest child’s name?

Eddie Murphy’s tenth and youngest child is a son named Max Charles Murphy, born in 2018. His mother is Eddie’s current wife, model Paige Butcher.

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