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How Many Kids Does NBA YoungBoy Have?

Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, better known by his stage name NBA YoungBoy or YoungBoy Never Broke Again, is a prominent figure in the rap music scene. Despite his young age, he has made headlines not just for his music, but also for his personal life. One aspect that fans often ask about is his parenthood. So, exactly how many kids does YoungBoy have?

As of July 2023, NBA YoungBoy is the father of seven children. His journey into fatherhood began at a very young age, and he has since welcomed several children with different partners.

NBA YoungBoy: A Young Father

NBA YoungBoy became a father for the first time at the age of 18. He has seven children: Kayden, Kamiri, Kamron (non-biological), Taylin, Kacey, Kodi, and Armani. He maintains a close bond with all of them, and despite the challenges, he tries to be present in their lives.

NBA YoungBoy as a Father

Despite his career’s demands, NBA YoungBoy has repeatedly expressed his commitment to his children. He often posts pictures of them on social media and even references them in his songs, showcasing his love and pride for his children.

While he has faced several controversies, NBA YoungBoy’s dedication to his children seems unwavering. He aims to provide them with the guidance and support he believes every child should have.


Q: How many kids does NBA YoungBoy have?

A: As of 2023, NBA YoungBoy is the father of seven children.

Q: Who are the mothers of NBA YoungBoy’s children?

A: NBA YoungBoy has had children with several different partners, including Starr Dejanee, Jania Bania, and Drea Symone.

Q: How old was NBA YoungBoy when he became a father?

A: NBA YoungBoy became a father for the first time at the age of 18.

Q: How does NBA YoungBoy approach fatherhood?

A: NBA YoungBoy has shown dedication to his children, often sharing moments with them on his social media and expressing his love for them in his songs. Despite his busy career, he tries to be present in his children’s lives.

Q: What does NBA YoungBoy do professionally?

A: NBA YoungBoy, or YoungBoy Never Broke Again, is a successful rapper known for his intense, emotionally charged songs. He has released several successful albums and mixtapes and has amassed a dedicated fanbase.

For more information about NBA YoungBoy’s life and career, you can visit his official Instagram page or his Wikipedia page.

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