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Inside the Afrobeats Star’s Family

Chart-topping Nigerian singer Wizkid (real name Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun) is father to three young sons total from past relationships. His children conceived by three different women over the years are named Boluwatife, Ayo, and Zion Balogun.

Being an in-demand Afrobeats artist with global fame can make balancing family challenging. But Wizkid makes sure to financially support all his boys.

So in summary, Wizkid has three sons:

  • Boluwatife Balogun
  • Ayo Balogun Jr.
  • Zion Balogun

While not always physically present in their daily lives, the music icon takes his role as father seriously despite his hectic touring schedule across Africa, America and Europe.

Wizkid’s Early Life and Music Career

Wizkid grew up in Surulere, Lagos as one of 15 children raised in a middle class Muslim household. He discovered singing talent young, releasing early tracks under stage name Lil Prinz until changing to Wizkid in 2006.

After linking with manager Godwin Tom and influential Nigerian producers, Wizkid broke through by age 21 landing a record deal and dropping debut album “Superstar” in 2011. Hit singles like “Holla at Your Boy”, “Tease Me/Bad Guys”, and massive 2012 track “Ojuelegba” made him Nigeria’s fastest rising young artist.

Global collaborations with megastars like Drake then launched Wizkid to become Africa’s most-streamed and commercially successful singer worldwide. But his nonstop work schedule and fame also complicated having a family.

Becoming a Father in His Early 20s

In 2011 shortly before his solo career took off, Wizkid at only age 21 welcomed his first son Boluwatife Balogun with then-girlfriend Oluwanisola Ogudugu. Becoming a young father so suddenly proved a life changing responsibility.

Wizkid remained involved co-parenting newborn Boluwatife for some time as he adjusted to his life-altering career success. But eventually the relationship with Ogudugu dissolved.

Little Boluwatife instead grew up primarily under the care of his mother and grandparents, attending school back in Nigeria while Wizkid toured continents and broke global records. Still, the proud dad made sure to financially support and communicate with his eldest boy consistently.

In 2016 amidst travelling the world performing to millions, Wizkid had his second son Ayo Balogun Jr., named after him, with Guinean American manager and fashion entrepreneur Jada Pollock. Having another baby from a fleeting relationship complicated Wizkid’s situation further. But it did not stop his dedication as an artist and provider.

Youngest Son Born in 2020

In 2020, Wizkid reached new heights musically – his “Made in Lagos” album earned both Grammy and BRIT Awards nominations as the Afrobeats wave gripped mainstream pop. But the monumental year also brought more monumental personal news.

In October 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, Wizkid welcomed baby #3, son Zion Balogun with manager Jada Pollock. Though their working partnership turned intimate relationship again proved temporary, their second son marked a happy milestone for the globally renowned Nigerian singer.

Now just entering his 30s as his sons approach crucial formative years, the caring dad seems to better balance professional ambitions with checking in on Babylon, Ayo Jr and infant Zion whenever possible between concerts and jet setting despite residing oceans apart.

For their future, Wizkid works hard striving to pave opportunities by taking Nigerian music global. And his family only fuels his fire.

Quick Facts on Wizkid’s Kids:

  • Has 3 sons total named Boluwatife, Ayo Jr & Zion
  • Kids all have different mothers from past relationships
  • Eldest Boluwatife born circa 2011, Zion born 2020
  • Actively co-parents and financially provides for all 3
  • Nonstop career keeps him traveling away often

Frequently Asked Questions About Wizkid’s Family

Here are some common FAQs:

How many baby mamas does Wizkid have?

Wizkid has 3 baby mamas – Oluwanisola Ogudugu, Jada Pollock, and another unnamed woman. Each are mothers to one of his sons Boluwatife, Ayo Jr., and Zion respectively.

What are the names of Wizkid’s sons?

Wizkid’s three sons are named Boluwatife Balogun, Ayo Balogun Jr., and Zion Balogun in order from oldest to youngest.

Who is the mother of Wizkid’s last son Zion?

Zion Balogun born in 2020 has manager Jada Pollock as his mother, the second son Wizkid conceived with her after Ayo Jr amidst their off-and-on relationship over the years.

Where does Wizkid’s first son live?

Wizkid’s eldest son Boluwatife resides in Lagos, Nigeria with his mother and grandparents, attending school there while famous dad Wizkid tours worldwide consistently.

Does Wizkid have custody of any children?

No, Wizkid does not appear to have legal custody over any of his 3 sons. But he contributes ample financial child support to their mothers.

In summary, globally famous Nigerian musician Wizkid has three sons with different women – Boluwatife, Ayo Jr., & Zion – split across two continents, though aims to nurture all their talents as they mature.

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