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Famous for his appearance in the reality television series “Duck Dynasty,” Willie Robertson is an influential figure in popular culture. Recognized for his business acumen as CEO of Duck Commander, he’s also well known for his vibrant family life. But just how many kids does Willie Robertson have?

Willie Robertson and his wife, Korie, have six children together.

Family Life of Willie Robertson

Willie Robertson is not just a successful businessman and television personality, but also a dedicated father. His family, especially his six children, have often been at the center of his television appearances.

Willie Robertson’s Children

Willie and Korie Robertson’s family is a blend of biological and adopted children. The six children, namely John Luke, Sadie, Will, Bella, Rebecca, and Rowdy, have frequently appeared alongside their parents on “Duck Dynasty”, thus becoming familiar faces to fans worldwide.


1. How many kids does Willie Robertson have?

Willie Robertson has six children.

2. Who is Willie Robertson’s wife?

Willie Robertson’s wife is Korie Robertson.

3. What is Willie Robertson famous for?

Willie Robertson is famous for being the CEO of Duck Commander and for his appearance in the reality TV series “Duck Dynasty”.

4. Where can I find more information about Willie Robertson’s personal life and career?

You can find more about Willie Robertson’s personal life and career on his Wikipedia page.

5. Where can I watch Duck Dynasty?

“Duck Dynasty” can be streamed on various platforms such as Hulu and Amazon Prime, depending on availability.

For additional insights into Willie Robertson’s life and career, you can visit his Wikipedia page. For more updates on his work and family, refer to authoritative online resources.

The answer to “how many kids does Willie Robertson have” is accurate as of July 2023. Always look for the most recent information from reliable and authoritative sources.

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