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Introduction to Willie Robertson

With his trademark flowing locks and beard, Willie Robertson became one of the most recognizable faces on cable television thanks to “Duck Dynasty” – the A&E reality franchise documenting his family’s multi-million dollar duck call business in Louisiana.

But long before the fame that came later in life, Willie and high school sweetheart Korie Robertson began building their family together back home. So exactly how many kids does Willie from Duck Dynasty have?

Father of 5 Children

In over three decades of marriage to wife Korie, reality patriarch Willie Robertson has fathered five children – three sons and two daughters ranging in age from early teens to mid 30s now.

Willie and Korie welcomed kids gradually even amidst rapidly expanding the Duck Commander business and filming commitments once the Robertson clan grew to unlikely fame via “Duck Dynasty” in 2012.

The Names and Ages of Willie’s Kids

In birth order, Willie Robertson’s five children with wife Korie are:

  • John Luke Robertson, born in 1990
  • Sadie Robertson, born in 1997
  • Will Robertson, born in 2003
  • Rowdy Robertson, born in 2004
  • Bella Robertson, born in 2008

The Robertson kids grew up both working in and enjoying the outdoors around the Duck Commander warehouse and larger family acreage. Three adult children remain in Louisiana helping lead family ventures.

Keeping His Role as Dad First

Throughout Duck Dynasty’s decade-plus run minting money with merchandising and public appearances, Willie has said keeping life centered on Christ and family was always the priority amidst the success barrage.

He and wife Korie made protecting kids from industry pitfalls and changes a focus through consistent love and communication – keeping radiant Robertson clan bond evident to all fans who watched the kids grow up on-screen.


As the son of backwoods duck call inventor Phil Robertson, Willie Robertson took a homegrown family passion and exploded it into multi-million dollar sport brand thanks in part to unlikely reality TV celebrity in later life. But through all twists and turns, Willie considers being faithful husband to Korie for 30+ years and father to five kids his life’s deepest blessing.

Balancing drove business leadership with guiding children through spotlight struggles, Willie stays fixed on what matters most – the family faith and bond that makes the Robertsons much more than a quirky TV curiosity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does Willie Robertson’s oldest son do?

A: His firstborn John Luke Robertson is CEO of Field to Family hunting retail company launched via Duck Dynasty fame circles.

Q: How many Robertson kids acted on Duck Dynasty?

A: All 5 of Willie’s children plus cousins appeared regularly on the show – John Luke, Sadie, Will, Rowdy and Bella Robertson.

Q: Is Sadie Robertson married?

A: Yes, youngest Robertson daughter Sadie married husband Christian Huff in 2019. They had first child Honey James Huff in 2021.

Q: Who is Willie Robertson’s famous daughter?

A: From speaking engagements to acting roles, third child Sadie Robertson has remained one of the family’s most high-profile figures.

Q: Where do the Robertsons live now?

A: The extended Robertson bunch all live on the same giant family compound together in West Monroe, Louisiana running Duck Commander and extended brand projects.

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