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Wayne Gretzky is considered by many to be the greatest hockey player of all time. Nicknamed “The Great One,” Gretzky dominated the NHL for over two decades, setting records that may never be broken. However, behind his storied hockey career, Gretzky has focused on family. So how many children does Wayne Gretzky have?

Gretzky married his wife Janet Jones in 1988, and they have raised five kids together. Keep reading to learn more about Wayne Gretzky’s family life with his wife and children.

Wayne Gretzky’s Record-Breaking Hockey Career

Wayne Gretzky, born in Ontario in 1961, first gained national attention as a young teen phenom. He played for the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds in the OHL before joining the NHL’s Edmonton Oilers at age 18.

With the Oilers dynasty of the 1980s, Gretzky embarked on a legendary career. He set numerous NHL records, including most goals (892) and most points scored (2,857). Gretzky led Edmonton to four Stanley Cups before later playing for the L.A. Kings, St. Louis Blues, and N.Y. Rangers.

After his retirement in 1999, his number 99 jersey was retired league-wide. The statistics and honors cement Gretzky’s status as the greatest hockey player ever and earned him the nickname “The Great One.”

Wayne Gretzky’s Marriage to Janet Jones

In 1988 at the height of his hockey success, Wayne Gretzky married actress Janet Jones. Jones appeared in films like The Flamingo Kid before retiring from acting.

The high-profile wedding took place in Edmonton with over 500 guests. Gretzky and Jones were only engaged for 5 months before tying the knot.

Over 30 years later, the couple remains happily married. They have raised five children together despite some controversies over the years, plus Gretzky’s demanding NHL schedule.

Wayne and Janet Gretzky’s Five Children

Wayne and Janet Gretzky have five children together, their first born in 1989 and their youngest in 2003. Here is a rundown of Wayne Gretzky’s kids in order of birth:

1. Paulina Gretzky

Paulina, born in 1989, is Gretzky’s oldest child. As an adult, Paulina has become a model, singer, and influencer with a significant social media following of her own. She also generated some controversies over risque photos published early in her career.

2. Ty Robert Gretzky

Son Ty was born in 1992. He played professional baseball in the minor leagues after being drafted out of high school in 2011 by the Chicago Cubs.

3. Trevor Douglas Gretzky

Trevor, born in 1995, has followed his father’s footsteps into hockey. He was drafted by the Chicago Cubs in 2011 after a standout high school hockey career but opted to play junior hockey instead.

4. Tristan Wayne Gretzky

Tristan was born in 2000. He has played junior hockey for different teams in Canada and the US.

5. Emma Marie Gretzky

Emma, born in 2003, is Wayne and Janet’s youngest child. Like her brothers, she plays hockey. She has competed at the junior level and played for the Toronto Jr. Aeros.

So in summary, Wayne Gretzky has five children with wife Janet – Paulina, Ty, Trevor, Tristan, and Emma. Several of his kids have followed their father into athletics.

Wayne Gretzky’s Life as a Hockey Dad

Though immersed in his NHL career through 1999, Wayne Gretzky was also dedicated to his five kids. He taught them to skate at young ages and attended their hockey practices and games when his schedule allowed.

Gretzky coached Ty’s baseball team for a period but tended to let Janet handle day-to-day parenting duties. He reportedly made time for school drop-offs and family dinners each evening.

Following retirement, Gretzky became more involved in coaching his sons’ hockey teams. He was known to occasionally lose his temper with referees who made calls against his kids.

Gretzky has stated that while he cherished his hockey accomplishments, being a father was his greatest reward in life. His kids have given him immense pride and joy.


In summary, hockey legend Wayne Gretzky has five children with his wife Janet Jones – Paulina, Ty, Trevor, Tristan, and Emma. Though busy with his NHL superstardom, Gretzky has always made family his top priority. He treasures the time spent with his wife and kids.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wayne Gretzky’s Kids

Here are some common FAQs about Wayne Gretzky’s family:

How many daughters does Wayne Gretzky have?

Gretzky has one daughter named Paulina, his oldest child. His other four children are sons Ty, Trevor, Tristan, and Emma.

What number child is Emma Gretzky?

Daughter Emma is Wayne and Janet Gretzky’s fifth and youngest child. She was born in 2003.

How many of Wayne Gretzky’s kids play hockey?

Three of his five kids – Trevor, Tristan, and Emma – play or have played hockey at the junior and minor league levels.

Is Paulina Gretzky married?

Yes, Paulina married pro golfer Dustin Johnson in 2022. They had been engaged since 2013 and have two sons together.

Where do Wayne and Janet Gretzky live?

The Gretzkys have homes in California and Idaho. During Wayne’s career they lived in cities he played for like Edmonton, Los Angeles, St. Louis, and New York.

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