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Before reality shows and social media, Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil undeniably laid claim to the “rock bad boy” title throughout the 1980s sunset strip metal era. Between the former singer’s pulverizing vocals, dusty blond locks and rakish charms, fans (especially female ones) went absolutely wild for both Vince and Crüe’s music all over MTV. But off the stage, exactly what has Neil’s personal life looked like in terms of children and family? Let’s unravel how many kids metal icon Vince Neil has fathered so far amidst his longtime rock star lifestyle.

Vince Neil Has Two Children Total

Based on available media reports and Neil’s own occasional comments, the 60-something Vince Neil has parented a total of two children over the years:

  • Skylar Lynnae Neil – born March 15, 1991. Mother Sharise Ruddell.
  • Neil Jason Wharton – born November 10, 1995. Mother Heidi Mark.

While the consummate rocker has struck relationships, hookups and short-lived marriages over 40+ years in showbiz since first hitting mega-fame with 1981’s seminal Shout at the Devil album, Neil seems to have just two confirmed kids courtesy of two past partners to date.

Vince Fathered Daughter Skylar in His First Marriage

According to various reports, Mötley Crüe singer Vince Neil welcomed his first child – a daughter named Skylar Lynnae – in March 1991 during his first marriage to mud wrestler and Playboy model Sharise Ruddell. After several months of dating, Sharise and Neil tied the knot in spring 1987 soon after he left original wife Beth Lynn. Their union lasted four tumultuous years with abuse issues before finalizing divorce as Neil’s fame and fortune ballooned.

He Later Had Son Neil Wharton with Stripper Heidi Mark

Per celebrity gossip outlets, Vince’s second and most recent child arrived in 1995 – a son dubbed Neil Jason Wharton – with a Las Vegas stripper named Heidi Mark during another relationship. Sparse details exist about exact circumstances but now twenty-something Neil Jr. has lived primarily with his mother over the years.

Unlike more scandal or tell-all prone rockers, Vince Neil himself has not openly divulged much regarding his two grown children or dynamics with their mothers post-breakups over time. But the iconic rock frontman has acknowledged both kids sporadically when asked publicly.

Does He Have Custody or Relationship With Them?

Given the dearth of inside perspectives, the degree of Vince’s contact, custody privileges or even emotional bonds with now-30 something daughter Skylar and son Neil Jr. over the decades remains largely unclear and unspecified per typical Neil privacy.

One can assume that heavy touring schedules and geographic distances have likely hindered extremely close ties from fully forming as the singer ping-ponged in and out of addictions and short-term romances over the years. But during a 2016 appearance on Oprah: Where Are They Now, Vince did indicate he had regular communication with both children, suggesting some personal relationships exist behind the scenes.

Neil just has not overtly flaunted close-knit family dynamics like other rock patriarchs. Although it seems reasonable to deduce his legacy lives on through both his son and daughter based on what little he’s stated publicly regarding them on special occasions. Fans remain ever-hopeful more light shines on Vince Neil’s lesser-known role as proud pop in his waning career years.

FAQs About Vince Neil’s Kids:

Does Vince Neil have grandchildren or stepchildren?

No verified public confirmation exists thus far that 55-year old Vince Neil has any grandchildren or non-biological children through relatives or his four ex-wives. He has two known kids himself.

What was the name of Vince Neil’s daughter’s reality show?

Neil’s daughter Skylar and her ex-husband’s Las Vegas tattoo shop were featured on the short-lived 2011 Oxygen show “Drastic Plastic”. The series was canceled after one season though due to dismal ratings.

Where did Vince Neil’s kids grow up?

His son Neil Wharton Jr. was raised primarily by mother Heidi Mark in Las Vegas where Vince long resided himself. It is believed daughter Skylar Lynnae Neil spent a portion of upbringing years with her mom in California before moving to Nevada.

Has Vince Neil ever toured or worked with his kids?

As neither of Neil’s children have shown interests in the entertainment biz, no known instances exist thus far of his son or daughter joining Vince professionally. They appear to lead private personal lives away from his musical realm.

Did Vince Neil teach his kids to play instruments?

No evidence clearly suggests whether or not Vince personally taught his children musical skills like guitar or drums. But if so, neither have publicly pursued such creative leanings so far as adults.

As the legendary frontman starts eyeing retirement years with his umpteenth attempt at a Crüe farewell tour underway, Vince Neil’s hopes to bond more with now-grown son Neil and daughter Skylar remain mostly shrouded from his supporters’ prying eyes. But his rock n’ roll blood undeniably still courses through their veins.

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