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Vijayendra Kumeria’s Family: Unraveling His Off-Screen Life

Well-known for his television roles, Vijayendra Kumeria garners significant attention not only for his acting prowess but also for his personal life. One question frequently asked by fans is, “How many kids does Vijayendra Kumeria have?”

Vijayendra Kumeria: An Overview

Vijayendra Kumeria, acclaimed for his roles in television series such as “Udaan” and “Naagin: Bhagya Ka Zehreela Khel,” has a personal life that intrigues his followers just as much as his on-screen performances.

Vijayendra Kumeria’s Family: Details about His Children

As per the information available until 2021, Vijayendra Kumeria and his wife, Preeti Bhatia Kumeria, are the proud parents of one daughter, named Kimaya.

Vijayendra Kumeria: The Doting Father

Apart from being a celebrated actor, Vijayendra Kumeria is a loving father. His devotion to his family, particularly his daughter, is evident in his various social media posts.

So, to answer the question, “How many kids does Vijayendra Kumeria have?” – Vijayendra Kumeria has one daughter, with whom he shares a strong bond.


Q: How many kids does Vijayendra Kumeria have?

A: Vijayendra Kumeria has one daughter with his wife, Preeti Bhatia Kumeria.

Q: Who is Vijayendra Kumeria’s wife?

A: Vijayendra Kumeria’s wife is Preeti Bhatia Kumeria.

Q: What television series is Vijayendra Kumeria known for?

A: Vijayendra Kumeria is known for his roles in popular television series like “Udaan” and “Naagin: Bhagya Ka Zehreela Khel.”

Q: How does Vijayendra Kumeria balance his professional and personal life?

A: Vijayendra Kumeria is known to be a dedicated family man. Despite his busy acting schedule, he always ensures he spends quality time with his wife and daughter.


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