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Tyson Fury is a heavyweight boxing legend from the United Kingdom. Standing at 6’9″, he has held multiple world championship belts and remained unbeaten during his professional career. However, while Fury has big accomplishments in the ring, he also has a large, loving family at home. So just how many kids does Tyson Fury have?

Fury and his wife Paris have been together since they were teenagers. Married since 2008, the couple has welcomed six children so far. Keep reading to learn more about Tyson Fury’s big family.

Brief Background on Tyson Fury’s Boxing Career

Tyson Fury was born in 1988 in Manchester, England to a family of boxers and Traveller heritage. He began boxing as an amateur at age 10 and made his professional debut in 2008.

As a pro, Fury climbed up the heavyweight rankings while battling mental health issues. In 2015, he defeated long-reigning champ Wladimir Klitschko to become world champion and lineal champ.

After a battle with drugs, alcohol, and depression, Fury made a celebrated comeback in 2018. He has since retained his lineal champion status while capturing other heavyweight belts.

With his giant frame, aggressive style, and showmanship, Fury has become one of the most prominent and controversial figures in boxing. He remains undefeated after 34 professional fights.

Tyson Fury’s Long-Term Marriage to Wife Paris

In 2008, a then 19-year-old Tyson Fury married his girlfriend Paris Morton, who was only 17 at the time. They met at a mutual friend’s wedding when she was just 15.

Paris came from a Traveller family like Fury’s. Despite their young age, the high school sweethearts moved fast with their relationship. They tied the knot in front of over 300 guests in Paris’s hometown of Doncaster.

In the 15 years since, Tyson and Paris Fury have remained happily married through ups and downs. Paris has supported her husband through his boxing endeavors and mental health struggles.

Expanding Their Family Over the Years

Shortly after getting married in 2008, Tyson and Paris Fury welcomed their first child together. Over the next dozen years, they continued expanding their family. So exactly how many kids do Tyson and Paris Fury have?

The Fury family currently consists of two parents and six children. Here is a rundown of their kids in order of birth:

1. Venezuela Fury

Daughter Venezuela was born in 2009, making her about 14 years old now.

2. Prince Tyson Fury II

Their first son, Prince Tyson Fury II, arrived in 2011. He is now approximately 12 years old.

3. Prince Adonis Amaziah Fury

Prince Adonis, Tyson and Paris’s third child, was born in 2013. He is the couple’s middle son at around 10 years old.

4. Valencia Amber Fury

The Fury’s welcomed another daughter, Valencia Amber, in 2016. She is currently around 7 years old.

5. Prince John James Fury

In 2021, the couple had their fifth child, son Prince John James. He is the youngest boy at nearly 2 years old.

6. Athena Fury

Athena is Tyson and Paris Fury’s sixth and youngest child. She was born in 2022, making her an infant.

So in summary, Tyson Fury has six children – three daughters and three sons – with his wife Paris. Their kids range in age from newborn to mid-teens.

Tyson Fury’s Life at Home with His Kids

Though renowned for his boxing career, Tyson Fury considers being a father his most important role in life. He has stated that coming home to his wife and kids keeps him disciplined and grounded.

The Fury family resides in Morecambe, England in a modest house. Paris has shared that Tyson is an affectionate, hands-on dad who helps with school drop-offs, family meals, and bedtime routines.

Tyson’s social media often showcases sweet moments with his kids, from lavish Christmas celebrations to quiet movie nights. The boxing champ has proven family is his top priority.


In summary, world heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury has six children with his wife of 15 years, Paris Fury. Their kids are daughters Venezuela, Valencia, and Athena, along with sons Prince Tyson II, Prince Adonis, and Prince John James.

Tyson Fury may be brash and controversial in the ring, but he is also a devoted family man. The boxer treasures time spent with his wife Paris and their ever-growing brood of kids.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tyson Fury’s Kids

How many sons does Tyson Fury have?

Tyson and Paris Fury have three sons together – Prince Tyson II, Prince Adonis, and Prince John James.

How many daughters does the boxer have?

Fury has three daughters with his wife Paris named Venezuela, Valencia, and Athena.

Where does the Fury family live?

Tyson Fury, wife Paris, and their six kids reside in Morecambe, England together.

What is Tyson Fury’s baby daughter’s name?

Tyson and Paris’s youngest child born in 2022 is daughter Athena Fury.

How long has Tyson Fury been married to wife Paris?

Tyson and Paris Fury wed in 2008 when Paris was 17 and Tyson was 19. They recently celebrated 15 years of marriage.

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