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Tyler Perry is one of the most prolific creators in show business. Acting, writing, producing, directing – he does it all. The Atlanta-based filmmaker has built an entertainment empire on beloved character Madea along with numerous hit films, series, and plays.

However, while his professional life is an open book, Tyler closely guards details about his personal life. So how many children does the multi-hyphenate legend have? Let’s take a closer look!

Tyler Perry Has One Son

In November 2014, Tyler Perry publicly shared in a heartfelt Facebook post that he and girlfriend Gelila Bekele had welcomed their first child together, a baby boy named Aman Tyler Perry.

Up until then, it was not known that childless Perry was even in a serious relationship or preparing to start a family.

Gelila Bekele is an Ethiopian model, activist, and philanthropist Perry has been privately dating since 2007 or 2009 (sources vary). He gushed when announcing Aman’s arrival that his partner is “the greatest woman ever” for her composure during their intense delivery experience.

So as of 2023, 52-year-old Tyler Perry is a devoted dad to one son, Aman, now 8 years old. Co-parenting with Gelila, the tycoon is embracing fatherhood despite his demanding work schedule.

He Maintains a Private Family Life

While Perry enjoys sharing his career achievements and inspiring/helping others, he intentionally stays mute regarding certain personal matters – especially info about his son Aman.

Understandably, the protective celebrity dad tries shielding him from excessive publicity and prying eyes. Perry cultivates privacy so his boy can enjoy a normal upbringing, unlike many famous offspring battling constant paparazzi intrusions.

Therefore, fans rarely catch glimpses of cute Aman. Perry limits kid sightings to occasional family outings where it’s impossible avoiding cameras, like LAX airport trips. Even then, he ensures Aman’s face is obscured.

Moreover, Perry discussions with media outlets typically exclude kid questions. Reporters respect not overstepping boundaries with the vigilant parent.

However, during a candid 2020 interview, Perry confessed balancing protecting his child while managing fame, saying:

“It’s really hard because the baby is with his mother, and I want him to have as normal a life as he possibly can.”

So while notoriously private about his personal affairs, Perry seems to relish daddy duties – even if primarily behind closed doors.

Perry Loves Being a First-Time Dad in His 50s

When initially announcing his girlfriend was pregnant back in 2014, Tyler admitted this profound life change had:

“awakened a new depth of love in me.”

Once holding his newborn son Aman for the first time, that paternal love only intensified over the years.

In between helming his entertainment empire, Perry treasures attending important milestones like birthdays and sports games. He tries squeezing in simple joys like story time too, saying:

“I’m tickled everyday that I get to see this wonderful little boy grow up.”

Perry celebrates how fathering Aman later in life grants him patience and wisdom impossible during restless youth. Having already achieved tremendous worldly success, he can simply focus resources towards giving his child what truly matters – presence and guidance.

Becoming an older parent has been deeply meaningful. As Perry once expressed:

“For me it couldn’t have happened at a better time.”

Of course the playwright still wrestles with guilt being regularly absent handling business. But he finds reassurance knowing baby mama Gelila holds everything together on their homefront.

In the end, Tyler counts his biggest life blessing being Aman’s dad. He told a friend:

“I’ve never been happier in my life.”

FAQs About Tyler Perry’s Family

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Tyler Perry’s home life:

How old is Tyler Perry’s son Aman?

Having been born in November 2014, Aman is currently 8 years old as of 2023.

What does Aman’s name mean?

His first name, Amun, represents the ancient Egyptian god. His middle honors his famous father.

Is Gelila Bekele married to Tyler Perry?

While the ultra-private couple have been together over 15 years now and have a son, they remain unwed but are fully committed life partners.

Where do Perry and Bekele live with Aman?

They own beautiful adjacent homes in Atlanta, allowing regular family time while respecting personal space too.

When will the public see images of Aman?

Don’t count on it anytime soon. His protective dad Tyler will likely shield him from cameras throughout childhood.

So that covers the scoop on entertainment icon Tyler Perry’s family particulars – especially his 8-year-old son Aman, whom he parents with girlfriend Gelila Bekele. Although busy dominating Hollywood, being a devoted father remains Perry’s top priority.

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