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Introduction to Tina Turner’s Iconic Career

Mention the name Tina Turner and most would instantly recall one of the best-selling and most dynamic recording artists ever, with smashes like “Proud Mary”, “What’s Love Got to Do with It” and “The Best”. Turner rose from modest beginnings to worldwide fame in the 1960s and had a remarkable six decade spanning career.

But few know much about Tina Turner’s private life offstage and onscreen. Most notably – over the years, how many children has the singer often referred to as the “Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll” had?

Mother of Two Sons From Prior Relationships

In total over her lifetime, music great Tina Turner has had two children – both sons. She first gave birth back in her 20s well before global fame.

Her sons are:

  • Craig Raymond Turner
  • Ronald Renelle Turner

Read on below for more details on Turner’s experiences as a mother between touring, her tumultuous marriage to former husband Ike Turner, and eventual happier times with current husband Erwin Bach.

Oldest Son Craig Born During Ike Turner Era

Tina’s oldest son, Craig Raymond Turner, was born in August 1958 when Turner was just 18 years old. His father was saxophonist and pianist Raymond Hill, who performed alongside Tina and would-be husband Ike Turner.

Shortly after Craig’s birth, Tina embarked on an intense touring and recording period with Ike Turner and his band. As she later revealed, this made steady motherhood extremely difficult.

Tina revealed of the era and how it impacted parenting her firstborn in her 2018 memoir My Love Story:

“To depend on babysitters and my mother to help…often made me feel guilty and ashamed that I was not always available as a mother.”

Younger Son Ronnie Born Later On

A few years later in October 1960, Tina gave birth to her second son, Ronald Renelle Turner – known as “Ronnie”. His father was Ike Turner, who Tina was performing with and eventually married that same year.

Like with first son Craig, Tina felt her hectic career and volatile marriage often meant she was far from the ideal mother while Ronnie was young. Constant touring and Ike’s violent behavior created a turbulent upbringing for both her sons through their teenage years.

Repaired Relationships With Both Sons Over Time

Later on, once removed from husband Ike after divorcing him in 1978, Tina was able to have more positive relationships with Craig and Ronnie as adults.

Tragically, Craig died at age 59 in 2018, reportedly a suicide. But before his passing, Craig had developed a close bond working alongside his globally famous mother on various projects.

Meanwhile younger son Ronnie has maintained a private life working in the music industry like his parents. He continues to accompany Tina to premieres and events today with Tina considering him part of her “happily ever after.”


Despite the constant chaos surrounding fame and her stormy personal life, music legend Tina Turner has two sons she loves dearly – Craig Raymond and Ronald Renelle born in 1958 and 1960.

While less involved than she hoped to be as they grew up, Tina developed deeper loving relationships with both her sons later in life. Through all ups and downs, the iconic “Queen of Rock” considers motherhood one of her proudest lifelong roles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Who is the father of Tina Turner’s first son Craig?

A: Craig Raymond Turner’s father was musician Raymond Hill. He performed alongside Tina Turner in Ike Turner’s band when they had their relationship.

Q: What is the name of Tina Turner’s second son?

A: Tina Turner’s second son with Ike Turner is named Ronald Renelle Turner. He goes by “Ronnie.”

Q: Where are Tina Turner’s sons today?

A: Tragically oldest son Craig passed away in 2018, ruled a suicide at age 59. Younger son Ronnie works in the music industry but keeps a private life.

Q: How old were Tina Turner’s kids when she divorced Ike Turner?

A: At the time of Tina and Ike’s 1978 divorce, Craig was 20 years old and Ronnie was 18 years old.

Q: Has Tina Turner spoken about motherhood?

A: Yes, candidly in her 2018 memoir admitting failures being an absent mom early on but ultimate love for both sons later in life.

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