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In the era of social media, the LaBrant Family has become one of the most recognizable families on the Internet. Their joyful life, punctuated with dancing, pranks, and daily vlogging, leads many to wonder, “How many kids does the LaBrant Family have?” Let’s take a closer look at the vibrant LaBrant clan.

The LaBrant Family: A Household of Five

The LaBrant family is made up of parents Cole and Savannah LaBrant and their three children. Savannah entered the marriage with a daughter, Everleigh Rose, from a previous relationship. Together, Cole and Savannah have two more children: Posie Rayne and Zealand Cole.

The LaBrant Children: Living in the Spotlight

Born into the age of social media, the LaBrant children have grown up under the digital spotlight. Their parents share their lives through YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms, garnering millions of followers globally.

From dancing videos with Everleigh to adorable moments with Posie and Zealand, the LaBrant family’s life online is filled with love, laughter, and the occasional challenge of being an Internet-famous family.


How many kids does the LaBrant Family have?

The LaBrant Family has three children: Everleigh Rose, Posie Rayne, and Zealand Cole.

Who are the parents in the LaBrant Family?

The parents in the LaBrant family are Cole and Savannah LaBrant.

Who are the LaBrant children?

The LaBrant children are Everleigh Rose, Posie Rayne, and Zealand Cole.

How did the LaBrant Family become famous?

The LaBrant Family gained fame through their family vlogs on YouTube and their presence on other social media platforms, like Instagram.

What type of content does the LaBrant Family create?

The LaBrant Family creates content around their daily lives, including dancing videos, pranks, and experiences as a family.

How old are the LaBrant kids?

As of this writing, Everleigh Rose is 8, Posie Rayne is 4, and Zealand Cole is 2.

Where can I follow the LaBrant Family?

The LaBrant Family shares their life on YouTube under “The LaBrant Fam” and on Instagram @cole.labrant and @sav.labrant.

How do the LaBrants manage their children’s privacy?

While they share a lot of their lives online, the LaBrants have stated that they work to balance their children’s online presence with maintaining their privacy and childhood.

Who is Everleigh Rose’s biological father?

Everleigh Rose’s biological father is Savannah’s ex-partner, Tommy Smith.

Where can I find more information about the LaBrant Family?

More information about the LaBrant Family can be found on their YouTube channel “The LaBrant Fam” and their respective Instagram accounts.

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