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The Game is an influential rapper who has made a name for himself in the hip hop world thanks to his disses, beefs, and hit albums. But when he’s not busy making music, The Game is actually a family man with a sizeable brood of children. So exactly how many kids does The Game have?

While his public persona often centers around controversy, The Game prides himself on being a devoted father. He has fathered a total of three children so far with two different women. Keep reading to learn more about The Game’s offspring and parenting approach.

Brief Background on The Game’s Rap Career

The Game, real name Jayceon Terrell Taylor, was born in Los Angeles in 1979. His career took off in the early 2000s with the success of his debut album The Documentary featuring the hit single “How We Do.”

Since then, The Game has released 7 more studio albums, many of them reaching platinum status. Some of his most popular songs include “Hate It or Love It,” “Westside Story,” and “My Life.”

The rapper has feuded publicly with everyone from 50 Cent to Earl Hayes over the years. However, he has channeled his life as a former gang member and drug dealer into multi-platinum rap albums.

His Eldest Son Harlem Caron Taylor

In June 2003, The Game welcomed his first child Harlem Caron Taylor with then-girlfriend Tiffney Cambridge.

Harlem was born in Los Angeles shortly after The Game signed his first major label deal with Aftermath Entertainment. The new father was thrilled about his baby boy’s arrival.

From the start, The Game has credited Harlem with inspiring him to turn his life around after years in the streets. He even has his son’s name tattooed on his neck. Harlem is now in his late teens.

Becoming a Father Again with Daughter Cali Dream Taylor

In 2010, The Game had his second child and first daughter named Cali Dream Taylor, again with Tiffney Cambridge.

Cali’s unique name is a tribute to her dad’s home state of California. The Game was dedicated to being an involved father for his little girl.

When Cali was born, The Game shared his joy and wrote, “She’s a little angel and she gets ALL THIS LOVE!!!” Now 12 years old, Cali helped inspire her father’s eighth studio album called Born 2 Rap.

His Youngest Son King Justice Taylor

In 2016, The Game announced the arrival of his third child and second son, King Justice Taylor.

The mother of King Justice is a woman named Priscilla Rainey. The Game took to Instagram to celebrate the birth of his baby boy, introducing him to the world.

King Justice was born when The Game was 36 years old. He is now around 6 years old and the rapper’s youngest child so far.

The Game’s Approach to Fatherhood and Co-Parenting

Though often portrayed as controversial, The Game takes being a present father very seriously. He has shared that he keeps his sons Harlem and King and daughter Cali close, whether he is touring or at home in California.

The rapper makes regular child support payments and co-parents amicably with both Tiffney Cambridge and Priscilla Rainey. He credits his kids with maturing him and giving him purpose.

Now in his 40s, The Game is proud to be a loving dad to his trio of children while also building his prolific music career over two decades.


In summary, prominent rapper The Game has three children – his oldest son Harlem, born 2003, daughter Cali Dream, born 2010, and youngest son King Justice, born 2016. He parents his kids with former girlfriends Tiffney Cambridge and Priscilla Rainey.

For The Game, fatherhood changed his outlook and gave him stability amidst his wild public persona. The artist embraces co-parenting his large brood and keeping family his top priority.

Frequently Asked Questions about The Game’s Kids

How many biological kids does The Game have?

The Game has three children – two sons named Harlem and King Justice, and a daughter named Cali Dream.

Who is the mother of his daughter Cali?

Cali Dream’s mother is The Game’s former girlfriend Tiffney Cambridge.

What are the names and ages of The Game’s sons?

His sons are Harlem, born in 2003, making him a late teen, and King Justice born in 2016, currently around age 6.

Does The Game have full custody of his kids?

No, he co-parents with the respective mothers of his children.

Where does The Game and his family live?

They reside in Los Angeles, California where The Game was born and his rap career began.

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