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Terry Flenory, the convicted drug lord widely known for co-founding the notorious Black Mafia Family drug trafficking organization, has been somewhat private regarding his personal life over the years. However, reports indicate Flenory has at least three biological children.

While Terry has kept his kids largely out of the spotlight, a few details have emerged publicly about his family and parenting circumstances.

Terry Flenory’s Children and Family Relationships

According to his former attorney, William “Billy” Martin, Terry Flenory has fathered three children with three different women:

  • A son named Terry Flenory Jr. The identity of his mother is unknown publicly.
  • A daughter. No further official information has been reported on this child.
  • Another son named Terry Lee Flenory II. His mother is believed to be Terry’s estranged wife, Nadine Flenory.

Terry Flenory apparently had at least one child before co-founding the notorious Black Mafia Family organization. Historical reports of the drug ring’s early operations refer to Flenory needing fast money to provide for his young son.

Both Terry Flenory and his brother Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory, BMF’s other leader currently serving a prison sentence, have apparently had challenges remaining involved fathers due to their criminal lifestyles landing them in prison.

Terry Flenory’s Prison Sentence Impact on Fatherhood

In 2008, Terry Flenory was arrested by federal agents and ultimately convicted of running a continuance criminal enterprise and other charges. He received a 30-year federal prison sentence.

Flenory’s long incarceration has severely hindered his ability to participate actively as a father in his children’s daily lives. Like his brother Big Meech, Terry has lamented only being able to connect with his kids occasionally from behind bars.

However, Flenory was eventually moved to an Oregon prison allowing increased opportunities for visitation. Some supporters say Terry maintains strong loving relationships with his children within the confines of the prison system.

5 Key Questions About Terry Flenory’s Kids

There is still much unknown publicly about the exact details of Terry Flenory’s family. But here is some available information to answer commonly asked questions:

How many biological children does Terry Flenory have? Based on reports, he has fathered at least three kids with three different women.

What are his kids named? His known children are Terry Flenory Jr., another son named Terry Lee Flenory II, and a daughter whose identity remains private.

Is Terry still married? No, Terry Flenory and wife Nadine did officially divorce, but appear to still share a son named Terry Lee Flenory II.

Where are Flenory’s kids now? Very little is known about their current whereabouts or lives outside of rare interview comments.

Does Terry have custody of his kids? No, Flenory has been incarcerated since 2008, which prevents him from custody as a father.

Final Thoughts on Terry Flenory’s Family Circumstances

In the early years building the formidable Black Mafia Family into one of the top criminal organizations in the U.S., Terry Flenory achieved staggering power and wealth as a drug kingpin in the shadows. However, his incarceration stripped away not just his empire, but also the ability to directly raise his children.

Still, from occasional comments, Terry seemingly continues doing his best to remain an active, caring father to his kids within the confines of prison. Supporters say he has great remorse over the negative impact his criminal choices inadvertently brought upon his family.

Hopefully in the future when Terry completes his sentence, he will get to reestablish fuller relationships with his now grown children and any grandchildren who may eventually emerge as part of his legacy.

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