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Taye Diggs first captured hearts as the charming love interest in Brown Sugar and then brought Broadway to the big screen alongside Idina Menzel in Rent. And while fans fell for the talented pair as an iconic on-screen couple, Diggs and Menzel also began a real-life romance. The duo tied the knot in 2003, but ultimately ended up divorcing just a decade later. However, they share one beloved son together from their marriage. So how many kids does actor Taye Diggs have?

Taye Diggs Has One Son

Taye Diggs has a single child named Walker Nathaniel Diggs. Walker’s mother is Idina Menzel, Taye’s now ex-wife. The former couple welcomed son Walker in September 2009 during happier times in their relationship.

Co-parenting Walker following their divorce, Taye and Idina have both shared that while the marriage crumbled, their primary focus is working together to raise their son in a loving environment across two households.

Falling in Love on Broadway

Taye Diggs first met his future wife Tony-winning actress and singer Idina Menzel when they starred as love interests Mimi and Roger in the original 1996 Broadway production of iconic musical Rent.

Their natural chemistry as performers carried off the stage, and Diggs and Menzel began seriously dating shortly after Rent’s launch. While dealing with loss during Rent’s early run, including the death of creator Jonathan Larson, their real-life romance provided light during dark times before growing into a 10-year marriage.

Settling Down and Starting a Family

Following nearly a decade living and performing on Broadway together, Diggs and Menzel tied the knot in January 2003.

Soon after getting married, the interracial couple decided to start a family. When talking about expanding their family, Taye shared hopes for a baby to arrive when the timing was right.

In September 2009, Taye and Idina welcomed their first child, a son named Walker Nathaniel Diggs. Though divorced in 2014, Walker remains the beloved son at the center of the amicable exes’ lives over a decade later.

Embracing Co-Parenting Post-Split

Taye Diggs has been quite candid over the years about the challenges he and Idina Menzel have faced co-parenting Walker following their separation after nearly 11 years of marriage.

As divorcing parents balancing busy acting careers, they’ve discovered finding a new harmony across two loving households. Diggs has admitted:

“It’s not a natural sort of thing, you know – raising a child with someone you’re no longer with. But she’s been very gracious. I think the whole divorce process is a traumatic experience in itself.

While no longer romantically involved, Diggs and Menzel remain fully committed to co-parenting son Walker together in a healthy, happy way despite the challenges of their split.


Behind the spotlight and his leading man charisma, talented thespian Taye Diggs is focused on raising son Walker as co-parents with ex Idina Menzel. Though the road of divorce proved difficult after falling in love as Broadway co-stars, Diggs and Menzel have built an amicable bridge rooted in their shared love for 12-year-old Walker.

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