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As the legendary frontman of rock icons Aerosmith for over 50 wildly successful years and counting, Steven Tyler has lived one of music’s most dramatic lives filled with fame, fortune, and an abundance of familial twists and turns. In total, Tyler has parented four children across multiple relationships through the decades.

While his eldest daughter Liv Tyler has achieved fame in her own right as an accomplished actress, Tyler’s other three kids have intentionally maintained lower profiles while developing their individual pursuits mostly removed from their father’s limelight. Now let’s take a deeper look into Steven Tyler’s eventful journey through fatherhood:

Overview of Steven Tyler’s Relationship History

Before the age of 30, Steven Tyler had already become an iconic rock frontman with Aerosmith thanks to big 1970s hits like “Dream On” and “Walk This Way”. But the nonstop touring and recording schedule wreaked havoc on maintaining stable relationships early on.

Tyler notably had multiple relationships with groupies during Aerosmith’s late 70s/early 80s heyday. This casual romantic chaos unsurprisingly resulted in three unplanned pregnancies in short succession. Tyler welcomed two daughters just one year apart with two different partners. Let’s take a look at each of Steven Tyler’s four kids over the years:

Steven Tyler’s Four Children

Liv Tyler

Born 1977, daughter Liv Tyler came first, after daughter Mia Tyler arrives in 1978. Both girls were born while Tyler casually dated two different women on the road. Liv would grow up thinking another man was her real father only learning the shocking paternal truth at age 8. Luckily Liv and Steven later formed a strong lifelong bond highlighted in her own recent memoir.

Mia Tyler

Second daughter Mia Tyler was born just one year after Liv to mother Cyrinda Foxe while Aerosmith feverishly toured and Tyler heavily using drugs. Mia has faced serious health issues like her father, suffering from anorexia in early adulthood.

Chelsea Tyler

Over a decade later in 1989, daughter Chelsea Tyler entered Tyler’s world born from his relationship with fashion model Teresa Barrick during the latter years of his drug use and rehabilitation. Chelsea has become a talented artist and social worker.

Taj Monroe Tallarico

Finally, in 1991 Tyler welcomed son Taj Monroe Tallarico with current wife Janie Liszewski, whom he married in 2006. Now in his early 30s, Taj oversees social media for Aerosmith and co-manages a boutique LA hotel while avoiding fame’s darker tendencies plaguing famous progeny.

Frequently Asked Questions About Steven Tyler’s Kids and Relationships

How many times has Steven Tyler been married?

Despite countless relationships with groupies and models over 50 years, Steven Tyler has only legally married twice – to wives Teresa Barrick from 1988 to 2006, and current longtime spouse Janie Liszewski tying the knot in 2006.

What band was Steven Tyler’s daughter Liv in?

Early in her acting career, Liv Tyler formed alternative rock group “The Lemonheads” in the 1990s, starring in music videos and releasing some minor hits, before focusing full time on acting by the mid 1990s as her fame exploded.

Where did Steven Tyler go to high school?

Surprisingly, Steven Tyler never graduated high school. He attended regional powerhouse Bronx Regional High School in New York but was expelled his senior year in 1965 for drug possession before later earning his GED.

How old was Steven Tyler when Aerosmith got big?

Steven Tyler co-formed Aerosmith in Boston in 1970 at age 22. The group achieved their big breakthrough by 1976 when Tyler was 28 after years of local shows followed by relentless touring and partying.

What college did Liv Tyler attend?

Steven Tyler’s daughter Liv never actually attended college either, getting her first acting role shortly after turning 17 years old and continuing a busy movie career since.

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