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As the legendary host of shows like Family Feud, Little Big Shots, Celebrity Family Feud, and the Steve Harvey Morning Show, 65-year-old Steve Harvey has entertained millions of devoted fans for over 30 years with his comedy and intellect.

However, the iconic media mogul also nurtures a very robust personal family of his own away from TV cameras – including seven children from previous relationships and marriages over the years.

So exactly how many kids make up Harvey’s large blended family? Who are their mothers? Let’s explore details on the star’s fruitful fatherhood journey!

Steve Harvey Has 7 Kids Total

As confirmed in various interviews throughout his career, Steve Harvey shares a combined seven children between two committed partners – four biological children with his first wife Marcia, and three stepchildren via second wife Marjorie:

Kids with Ex-Wife Marcia Harvey:

  • Twin daughters Brandi and Karli Harvey (born 1982)
  • Son Broderick Harvey Jr. (born 1991)
  • Daughter Wynton Harvey (born 1998)

Stepchildren with Wife Marjorie Bridges:

  • Daughter Lori Harvey (born 1997)
  • Son Jason Harvey (born 1991)
  • Son Morgan Harvey (born 1987)

Though now a blended brood between the two women, Harvey still embraces all seven mature kids warmly. He maintains close bonds with their offspring, especially enjoying precious grandkids from eldest daughters Brandi and Karli nowadays.

While juggling many professional endeavors in entertainment, one constant driving Steve Harvey remains dedicated family time nurturing his special personal village.

He Co-Parents His Biological Kids from First Marriage

Steve Harvey met ex-wife Marcia in the 1980s while still honing his early comedy career. After marrying in 1980, they parented twin daughter Brandi and Karli in 1982 along with son Broderick “Broderick Steve Harvey Jr.” Harvey Jr. in 1991. Their youngest daughter Wynton arrived later in 1998.

However, the couple’s relationship declined over time and a painful divorce finalized in 1994 when Harvey was just gaining fame.

But to his credit, the principled star committed further raising his four shared children with Marcia amicably. Brandi, Karli, Broderick Jr., and Wynton grew up dividing time between both parents’ households.

Now all grown adults, his biological kids still consider Steve fiercely devoted despite the failed Marcia marriage. He guided them into maturity and career success with much pride.

He Later Embraced Step-Parenting Marjorie’s Kids

In classic love-at-second-sight fashion, Steve crossed paths with second wife Marjorie Bridges by chance in 1990 before reconnecting in 2005 and marrying a year later in 2007.

Marjorie herself also had three children from her previous marriage – son Morgan, daughter Lori, and son Jason. So merging lives meant Harvey inheriting three instant stepchildren as well.

Much like his graceful co-parenting dynamic with ex Marcia, Harvey wholly embraced partner Marjorie’s kids too. He developed specially nurturing bonds over family vacations, career mentoring, and more – keeping the role model tradition alive.

These days, Marjorie’s children even fondly refer to their stepdad as just “Pops” out of admiration despite no biological relation. The affection seems very mutual both ways within their nontraditional yet cohesive blended family.

FAQs About Steve Harvey’s Large Family:

Here are some key frequently asked questions covering more details on Steve Harvey’s fruitful fatherhood journey over the decades:

How many baby mothers does Steve Harvey have children with?

Steve Harvey has kids with two women – four biological children from first wife Marcia, and three stepchildren via second/current wife Marjorie Bridges.

Is Steve Harvey still close with ex-wife Marcia?

They focus interactions solely on co-parenting their now adult twins Brandi/Karli and younger kids Broderick/Wynton. The exes keep relationship communication simple regarding shared family only.

Did Steve Harvey adopt Marjorie’s kids?

No, but Harvey remains a loving authority/guiding figure in their lives reminiscent of adoption. He pays college tuition and walks daughter Lori down aisles instead of their biological dad.

What Steve Harvey kid is the most famous now?

Stepdaughter Lori Harvey has become a high-profile model and influencer in her own right with 8.4 million Instagram followers. She dates famous rappers and athletes.

How many grandchildren does Steve Harvey have so far?

As of 2023, Steve Harvey has five grandchildren and counting from eldest daughters Brandi and Karli who both have multiple young kids of their own now.

So there you have it – the complete scoop on legendary icon Steve Harvey’s robust blended family situation across seven cherished children from his two marriages! The funnyman has skillfully balanced parenthood amid amazing entertainment success.

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