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Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, best known as one of the original cast members of MTV’s hit reality show Jersey Shore, is now a mother of three children with her husband Jionni LaValle. Snooki has a son named Lorenzo, a daughter named Giovanna, and another son named Angelo.

Meet Snooki’s Children

Snooki’s first child, Lorenzo Dominic LaValle, was born on August 26, 2012. He goes by the nickname Enzo. As the oldest child, Lorenzo occasionally makes cameo appearances on his mother’s reality shows and media projects.

On September 26, 2014, Snooki gave birth to Giovanna Marie LaValle, nicknamed Gia. The little girl has been a frequent guest at red carpet events with her mom from a young age.

The latest addition to the family is Angelo James LaValle, born May 30, 2019. Snooki announced she was expecting again on Thanksgiving 2018.

So with Lorenzo, Giovanna, and new baby Angelo, the total LaValle kid count comes to three children for Snooki and husband Jionni!

Snooki’s Life as a Mom

Even during her early Jersey Shore days known for wild partying, Snooki dreamed of eventually settling down with a good Italian man and having children. Now, the reformed party girl is living her dream as a family-focused mother of three.

However, that doesn’t mean Snooki has slowed down! In addition to being a mom, she runs a successful online boutique called The Snooki Shop, hosts popular podcasts, and stars in various reality shows like Jersey Shore Family Vacation as cameras continue to document her life as both a celebrity and mother.

Snooki often showers affection publicly on her children – her social media channels are full of cute photos featuring Lorenzo, Giovanna, and Angelo! She says being a mom is the most fulfilling job in the world.

Inside Snooki’s Marriage to Jionni LaValle

Not many people were aware at first that Jionni LaValle was Snooki’s boyfriend when she first blew onto the reality TV scene in 2009. The couple started dating before her time on Jersey Shore.

After a few breakups and reconciliations through ups and downs over the years, Snooki and Jionni got engaged in 2012. They tied the knot in November 2014. Their relationship has only grown stronger through raising three children together.

5 Frequently Asked Questions About Snooki’s Kids

Here are answers to some common FAQs about Snooki’s family:

How old are Snooki’s kids?

Lorenzo is 10 years old, Giovanna is 8, and Angelo is almost 4.

What are Snooki’s kids named?

Lorenzo Dominic (Enzo), Giovanna Marie (Gia), and Angelo James.

Is Snooki still married?

Yes, Snooki and husband Jionni LaValle are still happily married as of 2023.

Where does Snooki live with her family?

The LaValles reside in Florham Park, New Jersey to be close to extended family.

What does Jionni LaValle do for a living?

Jionni co-owns an ATM business called Fast Cash ATM Services.

Snooki Embraces Life as a Devoted Mom of Three

Though her days as a hard-partying guidette on Jersey Shore may now be behind her, the now domestic Snooki seems perfectly content as both a celebrity and full-time mom.

With the support of husband Jionni, Snooki devotes her energy into raising three healthy, happy children. Her social media presence makes it clear she cherishes every moment with kids Lorenzo, Giovanna, and Angelo as much as her TV fame and business ventures!

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