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As a renowned singer-songwriter, record producer, and former record executive, Smokey Robinson has made a lasting impact on the music industry. But beyond his celebrated career, Robinson is also a dedicated family man. The question is, how many kids does Smokey Robinson have? Let’s delve into his family life to find out.

Smokey Robinson: Father of Two

Smokey Robinson, born on February 19, 1940, is the proud father of two children: a son and a daughter. His journey into parenthood began with his marriage to Claudette Rogers Robinson.

Berry William Borope Robinson: The Firstborn

Smokey’s first child, Berry William Borope Robinson, named after Berry Gordy, the founder of Motown Records, was born in 1968. Berry Robinson has mostly led a private life away from the media’s spotlight.

Tamla Claudette Robinson: The Youngest Child

Smokey and Claudette welcomed their second child, Tamla Claudette Robinson, in 1971. Named after Tamla Records, the original company name of Motown Records, Tamla Robinson followed her father’s footsteps into the world of music, working as a singer.

Despite their parents’ divorce, Berry and Tamla remain close to both Smokey and Claudette. Smokey Robinson’s dedication to his children, despite the demands of his successful career, paints a picture of a doting father devoted to his family.


How many kids does Smokey Robinson have?

Smokey Robinson has two children: Berry William Borope Robinson and Tamla Claudette Robinson.

Who is Smokey Robinson?

Smokey Robinson is a renowned American singer-songwriter, record producer, and former record executive who was one of the major figures associated with Motown Records.

Who was Smokey Robinson married to?

Smokey Robinson was married to Claudette Rogers Robinson. The couple divorced in 1986.

What are some popular songs by Smokey Robinson?

Some of Smokey Robinson’s popular songs include “Tracks of My Tears,” “Cruisin’,” “Being With You,” and “Just to See Her.”

When were Smokey Robinson’s children born?

Berry Robinson was born in 1968, and Tamla Robinson was born in 1971.

What is Smokey Robinson’s real name?

Smokey Robinson’s real name is William Robinson Jr.

Does Smokey Robinson have any siblings?

Yes, Smokey Robinson had an older sister named Geraldine.

Where can I listen to Smokey Robinson’s music?

Smokey Robinson’s music can be streamed on popular platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal.

Who are Smokey Robinson’s parents?

Smokey Robinson’s parents are Flossie Robinson and William Robinson Sr.

Has Smokey Robinson won any Grammy Awards?

Yes, Smokey Robinson has won multiple Grammy Awards throughout his music career.

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