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Television producer and personality Shaunie O’Neal has made a major name for herself on VH1’s hit reality series “Basketball Wives”. But long before the fame, she spent over a decade married to NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal while raising their family together out of the spotlight.

In total, Shaunie O’Neal has five children spanning her past relationship and subsequent marriage to Shaq. Now lets dive into the details of each of Shaunie’s kids over the years:

Shaunie and Shaq: A Decade Together

Shaunie and Shaquille O’Neal first connected in 1998 while Shaq played for the Los Angeles Lakers early in his Hall of Fame career. The two dated for several years before tying the knot in 2002.

Shaunie and Shaq ultimately had four children together over the ensuing decade: Shareef Rashaun, Amirah Sanaa, Shaqir Rashaune, and Me’arah Sanaa. The high-profile couple unfortunately separated in 2009, finalizing contentious divorce proceedings in 2011 ending their nine years of marriage.

Breakdown of Shaunie O’Neal’s 5 Kids

Aside from the four children birthed with ex-husband Shaq, Shaunie also had a son named Myles from a previous relationship before meeting the NBA great.

Here is a quick glance at all five of Shaunie O’Neal’s children over the years:

  • Myles: Born in 1997, Shaunie’s eldest son from prior relationship
  • Shareef: Born in 2000, first son with Shaq
  • Amirah: Born in 2001, eldest daughter with Shaq
  • Shaqir: Born in 2003, second son with Shaq
  • Me’arah: Born in 2006, youngest daughter with Shaq

All five O’Neal kids are now young adults, ranging from ages 19 to 26 years old. While parents Shaunie and Shaq have moved on after divorce, they’ve both remained very involved in all their children’s lives co-parenting over the years.

Post-NBA Lives of Shaunie’s Kids

After enjoying privilege growing up thanks to Shaq’s pro basketball riches, all five children have wisely avoided falling into typical celebrity kid troubles, developing into disciplined and family-oriented young adults.

While the younger kids continue progressing through university, eldest son Shareef O’Neal has notably followed his father’s footsteps chasing basketball dreams. Shareef played for the legendary UCLA Bruins in college and recently went pro – surely making Dad Shaq very proud!

Frequently Asked Questions About Shaunie O’Neal’s Family

Where did Shaunie O’Neal go to college?

Shaunie briefly attended and played basketball for University of Southern California in the early 1990’s before transferring to Odessa Junior College in Texas for one year.

What does Shaunie O’Neal do for a living?

In addition to reality television projects, Shaunie runs her own production company S.O. Entertainment that creates unscripted film/TV content around sports and family dynamics.

Who has custody of Shaunie and Shaq’s kids?

Shaunie and Shaquille O’Neal share joint legal and physical custody of their four children from marriage. Their kids divide time living with both parents in L.A.

Where does Shaunie O’Neal’s eldest son Myles play basketball?

Son Myles most recently played college basketball for University of California Irvine from 2017-2021, named Big West All-Freshman Team his first year on campus.

Is Shaunie O’Neal remarried?

No, Shaunie has remained unmarried in the decade-plus since her split from Shaquille O’Neal. She has occasionally dated but focused her energy on family and growing her entertainment production career.

Despite the ups and downs of marriage and divorce in limelight, Shaunie O’Neal has raised five impressive kids and continues inspiring other single working moms to find their own brands of success in life after hardship.

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