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The Music Icon Expands Her Family

As of May 2022, music and fashion icon Rihanna has one child – a son she welcomed with rapper partner A$AP Rocky. After spending recent years intensely dedicated to various business ventures like her Fenty brands and music, Rihanna is now joyfully shifting priorities to raise her first baby.

So to answer – Rihanna has:

  • 1 son (Name undisclosed, born May 2022)

While the fiercely private couple have not released specifics on their new arrival, reports celebrated the baby’s birth as a happy turning point for Rihanna’s always-hectic life.

Rihanna’s Massive Career Success

It almost seems an understatement now to label global superstar Rihanna merely as a world-renowned musician and performer. Her prolific output and visionary penchant for trends built her powerhouse Fenty brands spanning makeup, skincare, lingerie and high fashion worth billions alongside continued record-breaking music.

Since pivoting to entrepreneurship in recent years Rihanna earned “youngest self-made female billionaire” status with jaw-dropping net worth estimates ranging $1.4 billion. Even rarer – she achieved this financial peak in her 30s while deliberately pausing albums to construct business empires. All seemingly paved the way for embracing motherhood on her own terms when ready.

Rihanna’s Relationship with A$AP Rocky

Rihanna first sparked dating rumors with longtime friend A$AP Rocky in early 2020 following her split from billionaire Saudi businessman Hassan Jameel after three years. But the private music stars kept any budding romance vague initially.

By 2021, Rihanna and Rocky confirmed their relationship through more public affection displays and collaborations like appearing together in her Fenty Skin campaign. In typical nonconformist fashion, the stylish duo casually discussed starting their unconventional family in various interviews when both felt established enough someday.

So when Rihanna debuted an undeniable baby bump clad in a bright vintage Chanel puffer during a Harlem photo shoot with Rocky in January 2022, fans knew an exciting musical power couple was on the way.

Welcoming Her First Child in May 2022

On May 13, 2022 Rihanna gave birth to her and A$AP Rocky’s first child – a baby boy in Los Angeles. But the famously spotlight-avoidant musicians have yet to reveal their newborn son’s name or first photo publicly.

Reports indicated Rihanna safely delivered after a smooth, healthy pregnancy. Insider sources claimed both superstar parents were absolutely elated over their expanding family, with dad Rocky fully embracing fatherhood duties from the start.

Over recent months Rihanna also expressed excitement to nurture all facets of her infant son’s growth in various 2023 interviews – not just hiring help but attending to needs herself as schedule permits between career obligations.

After achieving astronomical success spearheading several companies, witnessing her cherished baby son smile holds Rihanna’s main focus now while fans anxiously await her music return someday.

Key Facts About Rihanna’s New Mom Status:

  • Gave birth to first baby, a son, on May 13, 2022 in Los Angeles
  • Child’s father is rapper/partner A$AP Rocky
  • Both artists extremely private about sharing newborn’s details
  • Rihanna eager to play very hands-on parenting role
  • Put music projects temporarily on hold to raise her son

Frequently Asked Questions About Rihanna’s Family:

Who is the father of Rihanna’s baby?

Grammy-nominated rapper A$AP Rocky, Rihanna’s longtime friend turned romantic partner, has been confirmed as the father of her newborn May 2022 son.

Was Rihanna’s baby born early?

No. By all reports Rihanna carried her first child to full term, having a smooth pregnancy until delivering him sometime around her May due date.

How old was Rihanna when she had her first baby?

At age 34, Rihanna gave birth to her son in May 2022, her very first child with boyfriend A$AP Rocky.

Has Rihanna shared baby pictures yet?

No. Both Rihanna and Rocky have disclosed very few details about their son so far, declining to publicly announce his name or show his face as new parents.

Will Rihanna marry A$AP Rocky?

Potentially! Though they remain unmarried currently, Rihanna and longtime friend turned partner Rocky appear committed to raising their son together long-term and may wed eventually.

In summary, iconic pop artist Rihanna just welcomed her first child – a son in 2022 – with rapper A$AP Rocky, marking a joyful new personal chapter as she slows her hectic career pace.

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