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Known for his groundbreaking contributions to soul music, Ray Charles Robinson, better known as Ray Charles, had an extensive musical career that spanned several decades. But when it comes to his personal life, a commonly asked question is, “how many kids does Ray Charles have?” Ray Charles fathered twelve children.

Ray Charles’ Offspring

Ray Charles was the father of twelve children, born to ten different women. His family life was as colorful as his musical career. The children of Ray Charles have carried on his legacy in various fields, from music to entrepreneurship.

The Children of Ray Charles

Over the years, Ray Charles’ children have each taken their unique paths, but all have been influenced by their father’s legacy in one way or another. His children include Evelyn Robinson, Ray Charles Robinson Jr., David Robinson, Charles Wayne Hendricks, Robert Robinson, Raenee Robinson, Alexandra Robinson, Vincent Kotchounian, Robyn Moffett, Reatha Butler, Sheila Raye Charles Robinson, and Ryan Corey Robinson.


1. How many kids does Ray Charles have?

Ray Charles fathered twelve children.

2. Who are the mothers of Ray Charles’ children?

Ray Charles’ children were born to ten different women.

3. What is Ray Charles known for?

Ray Charles was a pioneering musician in soul music and an accomplished pianist and singer.

4. Where can I find more information about Ray Charles?

More detailed information about Ray Charles and his life can be found on his Wikipedia page.

To delve deeper into Ray Charles’ life, his illustrious career, and his large family, please visit his official Wikipedia page. This article was crafted based on the most recent and reliable resources available at the time. Always refer to official and credible sources for the most accurate information.

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