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R Kelly, a name synonymous with R&B music and controversy, has undoubtedly left a mark on the entertainment industry. Beyond his public life, however, there are aspects of his personal life, such as his children, which often prompt the question, “How many kids does R Kelly have?” Let’s delve into the details.

R Kelly: Father of Three

R Kelly is the father of three children: Joann, Jay (previously known as Jaya), and Robert Jr. These children were born from his marriage to his former wife, Andrea Lee, a professional dancer.

R Kelly’s Children: Living Out of the Spotlight

Despite their father’s fame, R Kelly’s children have largely lived their lives away from the public eye. The eldest, Joann, is a talented singer-songwriter who performs under the name Buku Abi. Jay, R Kelly’s second child, publicly came out as transgender in 2014. Robert Jr., the youngest, maintains the most private profile among the three.

Each of R Kelly’s children has faced the challenge of balancing their personal lives with the controversies surrounding their father. Yet, they’ve managed to cultivate their own identities, independent of their father’s public image.


How many kids does R Kelly have?

R Kelly has three children: Joann, Jay, and Robert Jr.

Who is R Kelly?

R Kelly is an American singer and songwriter known for his contributions to R&B music. He has also been involved in numerous legal and ethical controversies.

Who are R Kelly’s children?

R Kelly’s children are Joann, Jay, and Robert Jr.

What are the professions of R Kelly’s children?

Joann is a singer-songwriter performing under the name Buku Abi. Jay and Robert Jr. lead private lives away from the public eye.

Who is the mother of R Kelly’s children?

The mother of R Kelly’s children is his ex-wife, Andrea Lee, a professional dancer.

What is R Kelly known for?

R Kelly is known for his R&B music, including hits like “I Believe I Can Fly.” He’s also known for his legal and ethical controversies.

Where can I find more information about R Kelly?

More information about R Kelly can be found in various documentaries, news reports, and his official biography.

Have R Kelly’s children commented on their father’s controversies?

Yes, notably Joann, who performs as Buku Abi, has publicly commented on her father’s legal issues, expressing her sympathy for the victims and distancing herself from her father’s actions.

What is the current status of R Kelly’s legal issues?

As of this writing, R Kelly has been found guilty on numerous charges related to sexual abuse. For the latest updates, refer to trusted news sources.

What is R Kelly’s real name?

R Kelly’s real name is Robert Sylvester Kelly.

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