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As one-third of multi-platinum hip hop group Migos, Quavo has helped define trap music over the past decade with hits like “Bad and Boujee,” “Walk It Talk It,” and “Stir Fry.”

However, there is more to the Atlanta rhymer’s identity than his flamboyant rap persona. In recent years, the superstar added a new title – first-time father.

So how many kids does Quavo have as of 2023? How has embracing parenthood impacted his life and career? Let’s delve into those answers and more!

Quavo Has One Daughter

In March 2022, TMZ first broke the news that Quavo had welcomed a baby girl named Royalty with then-girlfriend, rapper Saweetie. Reps for both musicians later confirmed her arrival.

The former power couple had reportedly been secretly expecting for months until rumors started swirling that Saweetie was pregnant. She sported oversized clothes and avoided being photographed to conceal the pregnancy during winter 2021.

By early 2022, they had quietly prepared a nursery in Saweetie’s Los Angeles mansion. However, the pair suffered a messy public breakup shortly before Royalty’s birth.

Thankfully Quavo and Saweetie have set aside post-romance bitterness to peacefully co-parent their infant daughter, now over 1 year old. Their priority is ensuring little Royalty is happy and loved, supported fully by both parents.

So as of 2023, 31-year-old Quavo is a proud dad to his baby girl Royalty, embracing first-time fatherhood amidst his busy music career.

He Maintains an Active Role in Royalty’s Life

Since Royalty lives primarily with mama Saweetie, Quavo makes sure getting regular daddy-daughter time whether in LA or other tour stops.

His social media frequently features adorable moments like holding Royalty or letting her playfully strum his guitars. One birthday tribute post for his “beautiful baby” gushed she’s “changed my life in many ways.” Aw!

The protective rap star even got Royalty’s name tattooed in honor of her arrival. During interviews he can’t help but fawn over how much she teaches him too about patience, selflessness and unconditional affection.

Despite Quavo and Saweetie’s split, they put aside differences to prioritize co-parenting Royalty the healthiest way possible. Their daughter deserves both parents fully involved without issues bleeding into her childhood.

Becoming a First-Time Father Changed His Outlook

Long ambition-driven towards virality and chart success with Migos, Quavo’s mental shift into daddy mode has granted a wider perspective. He realizes family legacy now surpasses fame.

During their relationship, Saweetie effused that seeing Quavo with Royalty melted her heart – especially witnessing him become a doting, responsible father firsthand. She described a new glow and maturity.

Quavo himself has stated that Royalty inspires constantly improving himself, evolving past youthful recklessness into wise adulthood for her benefit. He feels more centered embracing fatherly responsibility.

The rap mogul still hustles hard on music projects, even launching solo work sans Migos.

But he brings Royalty and a nanny touring so daddy-daughter bonding continues. Nothing beats cherishing those precious moments watching his tiny princess grow.

FAQs About Quavo’s Fatherhood Journey

Here are answers to some common questions about the rapper’s inaugural parenting experience:

What is Quavo’s daughter’s full name?

Royalty Oyinmika Ifeoluwa Odusanya is her full moniker. Royalty honors her dad’s musical royalty status. Oyinmika and Ifeoluwa are Nigerian names nodding to her African heritage via Saweetie’s mom.

When/Where was Quavo’s baby born?

Royalty arrived either late February or early March 2022 in Los Angeles where her mom Saweetie resides.

How old is Saweetie?

Saweetie’s birthday is July 2, making her currently 29 years old. This places a two year age difference between the co-parents.

What ended Quavo and Saweetie’s relationship?

Rumors of cheating and possessiveness circulated after their sudden March 2021 split. Yet focusing on successfully raising daughter Royalty remains their top priority now.

Does Quavo share updates about Royalty often?

No, while clearly enamored with his daughter, Quavo refrains from overposting to protect her privacy. Only occasional pics are shared to provide fleeting fan glimpses into his fatherhood.

In summary, global rap icon Quavo is now a devoted first-time dad to baby girl Royalty. Though no longer with her mom Saweetie romantically, they still prioritize co-parenting their pride and joy. Little Royalty will certainly inherit the best of both musician parents!

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