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In the world of hip-hop and rap music, Quavo is a name that resounds far and wide. As one-third of the famous hip hop group Migos, Quavo has made an indelible impact on the genre with his distinct style and undeniable talent. But while his professional life is well-documented and followed, his personal life, including his journey into fatherhood, is less public. So, how many kids does Quavo have?

Quavo: The Man Beyond the Music

Quavious Keyate Marshall, known professionally as Quavo, has built a successful career in the music industry, making waves as a rapper, singer, and songwriter. His personal life, however, has remained relatively under wraps compared to his flourishing career.

How Many Kids Does Quavo Have?

Despite the numerous rumors and speculations that often swirl around celebrities, as of the current information available, Quavo does not have any children.


  1. Who is Quavo?

Quavo is a well-known American rapper, singer, and songwriter. He is a member of the popular hip hop group Migos, which also includes fellow rappers Offset and Takeoff.

  1. How many kids does Quavo have?

As of the latest information available, Quavo does not have any children.

  1. Who are the members of Migos?

Migos is a hip-hop group from Lawrenceville, Georgia, formed in 2008. The group consists of three rappers known by their stage names: Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff.


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In conclusion, while Quavo’s music continues to make headlines, his personal life remains relatively private. As of now, Quavo does not have any children. This serves as a reminder that while public figures may live their careers in the spotlight, they also maintain aspects of their lives that are personal and private. In the case of Quavo, his music continues to speak for him, solidifying his place in the annals of hip-hop history.

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