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Russian president Vladimir Putin is known as a private person who keeps most details about his personal life out of the public eye. This had led to much speculation and rumors about various aspects of his life, including questions around how many kids Putin has.

While unconfirmed reports suggest Putin may have up to four children, only two have been officially verified over the years. Keep reading to learn everything we know from credible sources about Vladimir Putin’s family and children.

Confirmed: Putin Has At Least Two Daughters

Based on statements Putin himself has made over the years, it has been confirmed that he has at least two children:

  • Maria: Putin’s younger daughter Maria was born in 1985 before Putin was married. Her identity was kept secret for many years until Putin acknowledged her as his daughter in 2015. Some reports suggest Maria studied biology at St. Petersburg University and medicine at Moscow State University.
  • Katerina: Putin’s second daughter Katerina was born in 1986 in Dresden, East Germany during Putin’s time as a KGB spy. She studied at Moscow State University and is a professional dancer.

Katerina, widely known by the German version of her name Katja, was married for eight years to Russian businessman Kirill Shamalov. There were reports Putin was grooming Shamalov as his possible successor before their divorce in 2017.

So while the specifics on his daughters’ lives are scarce, we know Putin has publicly acknowledged two daughters named Maria and Katerina Tikhonova (Putin’s actual last name).

Rumored: Speculation of Up to 4 Children

Beyond his two verified daughters, over the years there has been speculation in the media that Putin may have two additional children:

  • Some reports claim Putin has a son named Dmitry who was born in the 1990s.
  • Additionally, there have been rumors of another daughter named Elizaveta.

However, Putin has never publicly acknowledged having four children. Reporting on other possible children tends to originate from less credible tabloid sources.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated regarding the rumors: “I do not have such information at my disposal, and I do not know if it corresponds with reality.”

So while not impossible, reports of Putin having more children lack real evidence or confirmation at this time. The only verified reporting relates to daughters Maria and Katerina.

Putin’s Stance on Privacy Around His Family

Putin has intentionally kept details about his daughters out of the public sphere for most of his political career.

In 2015, when acknowledging Maria publicly, Putin stated:

“I have a private life in which I do not permit interference. It must be respected.”

Putin explained that his daughter Maria studied only in Russia and has not lived abroad so should not be “a target for gossip”.

This desire for privacy seems to explain why Putin has never clearly confirmed or denied other rumors about children – he wants his family kept separate from his political leadership role on the world stage.

Public Details on Putin’s Ex-Wife & Romantic Partners

While Putin keeps his children’s lives private, a few confirmed details are known about his past marriage and romantic relationships:

  • Ex-Wife Lyudmila: Putin was married to former airline stewardess Lyudmila Shkrebneva from 1983-2014. While they broke up years earlier, their divorce was not finalized until 2014.
  • Romantic Partner Alina Kabaeva? In 2008, Russian newspaper Moskovsky Korrespondent reported Putin had a relationship with rhythmic gymnast Alina Kabaeva. Putin vehemently denied the rumors and the paper shut down shortly after. Rumors persisted for years but were never confirmed.

Again in 2015, there were new rumors when Kabaeva was spotted wearing what appeared to be a wedding ring, but no marriage has been verified.

Like with his potential other children, Putin does not comment directly on such personal rumors or relationships. Overall, he values keeping his family and romantic relationships out of the political spotlight.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many biological kids does Putin officially have?

Based on Putin’s public statements, he officially has two biological children – daughters Maria (born 1985) and Katerina (born 1986).

Could Putin have more than 2 children?

It’s possible Putin may have more children that he chooses not to speak about publicly. Some unverified rumors over the year have claimed Putin may have up to 4 children total. However, without confirmation from Putin himself, these other children remain rumors that lack evidence.

Is Putin married?

No, Putin has not been married since divorcing Lyudmila Shkrebneva in 2014. They had been separated for years before the divorce was finalized.

Who was Putin married to?

Putin’s only wife was Lyudmila Shkrebneva. They were married from 1983 until their divorce in 2014.

Does Putin have grandchildren through his daughters?

As both of Putin’s daughters are in their 30s, it’s possible he has grandchildren. However, no confirmed reports exist of Putin having grandchildren yet. As he keeps his family private, it’s unlikely such information would be public unless stated by Putin himself.


In summary, Vladimir Putin has confirmed two daughters with his ex-wife – Maria and Katerina, born in the 1980s. While tabloid rumors suggest he may have up to four children, there is no verified evidence for any children beyond Maria and Katerina.

Putin has actively chosen to keep his family out of the limelight throughout his time as a political leader. Though public curiosity exists, Putin staunchly guards aspects of his personal life like children and relationships. As such, the only reliable facts are those Putin himself confirms regarding his private family circumstances and children.

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