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Introduction to the Many Love Children of Peter Gunz

As an original fixture on VH1’s hit reality show Love & Hip Hop: New York during its explosive early seasons, rapper Peter Gunz became as instantly infamous for both his addictive old-school beats and notoriously seedy love life.

Amid relapsing into serial infidelity, Peter saw his sham marriage to co-star Amina Buddafly implode catastrophically on camera after revelations emerged of him concealing a secret second family from a mistress across town. Further salt on still open wounds, additional baby mamas and offspring unexpectedly crawled out seeking both closure and child support from the Bad Boy Records alum.

So exactly how many miniature Peter Gunz clones did the undeniably prolific MC spread across New York’s five boroughs and beyond? Let’s untangle this messy web ofVB paternity scandals!

How Many Confirmed Baby Mamas Does Gunz Have?

As of reports filed around season 6 of Love & Hip Hop in 2016 and various interviews since, Peter is confirmed through DNA evidence and records to have at least 13 baby mamas ranging from casual flings to longtime lovers who bore his children then raised them largely abandoned.

Among the baker’s dozen, primary babymamas emotionally accosting Gunz on screen include legal wife Amina and mistresses like Tara Wallace and Cora Smith.

How Many Biological Kids Does Peter Gunz Have?

Factoring in underreported offspring among his laundry list of babymamas, plus kids catching even Gunz by surprise over the years contacting him for paternity pay – estimates stand at Peter Gunz having at least 15 children in total.

Among his heap of confirmed kids, the loudest and proudest discussed on L&HH remain teen daughter Whitney Gunz with ex Tara, plus sons Gunner and Kaz with unfaithful second family partner Cora.

Does Peter Gunz Pay Child Support for Any of His Kids?

After dodging formal payments for years despite assets that enabled lavish spending documented on VH1, Peter found himself dragged into various child support disputes – especially with Tara for their daughter Whitney after a season 3 paternity test confirmed Gunz as the deadbeat father.

While protesting initially that payments should factor costs associated with giving Whitney and by extension Tara reality TV exposure, court records confirm Peter begrudgingly began issuing child support checks after threats of wage garnishments jeopardizing his lucrative recording and touring income streams.

But as further offspring emerge seeking their own piece of the fiscal pie, it remains an ongoing financial balancing circus for Gunz determining exactly where funds get dispersed monthly across his bulging stable of babies and their frustrated mothers. Even with music royalties and appearances checks still rolling in during the 2020s, this chronically non-committal Capricorn may never fully quit robbing Peter to pay… Peter!

What College or Career Paths Have Peter Gunz’s Kids Pursued?

As his first daughter entering adulthood with an inside view of the entertainment industry that made her absentee dad both famous and infamous – Whitney Gunz has spoken out in interviews about one day pursuing broadcast journalism.

While most of Gunz’s youngest children remain preoccupied with childhood, expect more stories of frustrated offspring denied sufficient financial support to further education or business ideas abandoned by their unreliable father.

With few good modeling examples for fatherhood or honest work ethic obeying the law, only time will tell whether more of Peter’s brood blossom into honorable leaders informed by his fatal missteps or repeat an all too familiar deadbeat daddy demeanor leaving their own seeds stranded solo like the notorious Gunz legacy within Love & Hip Hop reality TV lore.

Frequently Asked Questions About Peter Gunz’s Complicated Paternity History

Here are some additional answers to top questions surrounding Peter’s tangled baby mama drama:

Does Peter actually know/remember all his kids’ names?

Almost certainly not – during L&HH confessionals, Gunz repeatedly stumbled struggling to account for his total kid count begotten across reckless decades hopping bed to bed. Don’t expect holdings hands in a family circle singing kumbaya anytime soon!

What celeb pal does Peter have his own kids with?

In a twisted case of mutual backstabbing betrayal, Gunz actually secretly slept with – and possibly sired – kids with the cousin of his sworn music partner and fellow L&HH icon Cara Mafia! It spawned awkward lyrics and financial feuding for the former creative and commercial comrades.

Has Peter married or provided a stable home life for ANY of his baby mamas and kids?

Tragically no – the closest Gunz came was his doomed fraudulent marriage to ex-wife Amina Buddafly solely intended to spark viewer interest for reality TV drama. None of Peter’s actual mistresses report him offering substantial emotional or physical support for the array of youth left fatherless in his destructive wake.

How much combined would Gunz owe annually in child support without TV income?

One estimate tallied Peter owing up to $400k yearly to provide a modest $2600 monthly to each of the 15 kids reported! And that ONLY if all claims could be verified beyond questionable anecdotes – meanwhile Peter continues living comfortably at their expense.

So while Peter Gunz undeniably earned icon status through both a killer catalog of hip hop hits and as a hall-of-fame villain across 10+ ruthless seasons of VH1’s messy mayhem… can anything ever truly atone for such an astonishing degree of fraudulence failing so many offspring?

For their sake, many faithful fans still hold out hope for a reconciliation and reform destined to arrive better incredibly late than criminally never. But the bombino beats bang on as the circus rages on!

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