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For nearly 40 years, Pat Sajak has been the familiar face that viewers across America see when they tune in to watch the popular game show Wheel of Fortune. While audiences feel like they know the congenial host from his TV presence, fewer details are publicly known about Sajak’s personal life offline. This includes how many children the longtime host has.

Father of Two Kids

In his private family life off-camera, Pat Sajak has two children – a son and daughter – with wife Lesly Brown Sajak. His kids were born in the early 1990s, now being young adults in their 20s and 30s.

Sajak has consciously made efforts to keep his children largely out of the spotlight and maintain their privacy while still mentioning them occasionally in interviews. But some details are known about his son Patrick and daughter Maggie:

Son Patrick Sajak

Pat Sajak’s son Patrick was born in 1993. Sources report that he studied at Princeton University, his father’s alma mater. He has since pursued his passion for music as a singer and songwriter based in Nashville.

Little is known about Patrick’s private life. But he has occasionally been spotted at public events supporting his famous dad, including Pat Sajak’s induction into the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame in 2013.

Daughter Maggie Sajak

Margaret “Maggie” Sajak, Pat’s daughter, came along three years after his son. Born in 1995, Maggie is currently in her late 20s.

For several years Maggie has been a country music radio personality based out of Nashville. She has hosted shows on Nashville’s WSM-FM station since graduating college. Occasionally she fills in as a guest letter-turner on Wheel of Fortune during her visits to Los Angeles.

Both Kids Follow Parents Into Entertainment Industry

While details on his children are scant, Pat Sajak has expressed being extremely proud of both his son and daughter. It seems that the “entertainment bug” ran in the family, with both kids pursuing careers in music and broadcasting like their famous dad.

Sajak has also mentioned that he made an effort not to push his kids into following his career path, but supported their ambitions once they independently showed interest. “I’m not one of those people who say this is what you must do with your life,” he said. “I let my kids makes their own decisions.”

Maintaining Work-Life Balance

In interviews over the years, Pat Sajak has emphasized the importance he places on family time – making sure his television schedule accommodates school drop-offs, sports matches, and other special family moments.

Sajak credits his wife Lesly, who has largely foregone her own broadcast journalism career to raise their children, in helping him maintain this balance. “[My wife] made it possible for me to do both jobs,” Pat once said. “She was a full-time mom and didn’t have much time for herself.”

Now with both kids grown up and working in their 20s, the Sajaks enjoy a slower pace spending lots of quality time together traveling and with friends.


So in answer to the question – prolific television host Pat Sajak has two children with wife Lesly Brown Sajak: son Patrick Sajak born in 1993 and daughter Maggie Sajak born in 1995. Now young adults, his kids have pursued their own entertainment industry passions in Nashville. Sajak has emphasized protecting their privacy, but also feels proud of the individuals they have grown into.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About How Many Kids Pat Sajak Has:

Q: How old is Pat Sajak?
A: As of 2023, Pat Sajak is 76 years old. He was born in 1946 in Chicago, Illinois.

Q: What are the names of Pat Sajak’s children? A: Sajak has a son named Patrick Sajak and a daughter named Maggie Sajak. Both are now adults living in Nashville and working in broadcasting and music.

Q: Who is Pat Sajak’s wife? A: Pat Sajak has been married to wife Lesly Brown Sajak since 1989. She is a former Playboy model and media personality who left her career to focus on raising their family.

Q: Where did Pat Sajak’s kids go to college? A: While details are scarce, it’s reported his son Patrick graduated from Princeton University where Pat had attended. No information is available on Maggie’s education.

Q: What jobs and careers do Pat Sajak’s children have? A: His son Patrick Sajak is a musician and singer/songwriter in Nashville. Daughter Maggie Sajak is a radio host in Nashville as well, having followed her parents into broadcasting.

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