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P!nk’s Off-stage Role: How Many Kids Does P!nk Have?

Renowned for her powerful voice and edgy style, P!nk is more than just a global music icon. But do you know how many kids does P!nk have? Let’s explore the family side of this versatile artist.

The Loving Family of P!nk

Alecia Beth Moore, better known by her stage name P!nk, is not only a remarkable singer and songwriter but also a dedicated mother. P!nk and her husband, Carey Hart, a professional freestyle motocross competitor, have two children.


Who is P!nk?

P!nk, born Alecia Beth Moore, is an American singer and songwriter acclaimed for her distinctive voice, rebellious style, and emotionally driven songs.

How many kids does P!nk have?

P!nk and her husband Carey Hart have two children together.

Who is Carey Hart?

Carey Hart is a former professional freestyle motocross competitor, off-road truck racer, and business owner. He is best known for being the first motorcyclist to perform a back flip on a 250cc motorcycle during a competition.

For more in-depth information about P!nk’s life and career, refer to her detailed biography on Wikipedia or check out her interviews available at the Berklee College of Music and other reputable sources.

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